Tuesday, November 30, 2004


indeed. finally. after years of waiting and suffering. i've finally bought a new comp. 3.0ghz. 512mb ram. ati radeon x300se. woo~ not bad i suppose. it better be. haha. oh well. now can start playing games like fifa and half-life 2. yes!

nothing much happened really. went swimming on like saturday. as usual went church on sun. then watched liverpool own arsenal.. im eternally grateful to neil mellor. arsenal, have a taste of ur own medicine. but now, i want arsenal to beat chelsea. chelsea is a bloody good team. tho i hate to say it, they may be the best in the premiership now -shuddup darren-. but i hate mourinho's moronic face. his face literally says:" HIT ME. IM A MORON."

yupp. nothing else really. halo's quite fun. ben's right. after the "flood" mission, it becomes more interesting. uh-huh. well, nothing else to say. new comp coming in exactly 1 week. yupp. nothing more. ppl, enjoy ur hols. and pls pls pls TAG.

Thursday, November 25, 2004


lol. the most outta point song that actually sounds nice. beats fatboy slim's "slash dot dash" song FLAT. i mean like wad the hell? slash dot dash dot slash dot COMMMMM. lol. ultimate gayness. i nvr understand how fatboy slim ever made it big. oh well. things happen eh?
went to play football at west coast today. that dumb andrew was a slacker. din wanna run la. zzz. UR FAULT LA. lol. ok nvm. err, scored like 1, maybe 2. cos the second one donno in or not. the 1st one dribbled past ben and loong before scoring. then another one is the long range shot but that one cannot tell so probably not in.
i got studs in my foot during the game. lee, being the tenacious defensive midfielder that he is, kinda just stepped in when i did a step over and pushed it to my right. yupp, he caught my left foot and like ouch. it hurt. i was on the ground for close to 2 mins. but it ain't his fault. yupp. tried his best din he. =P kudos to him for trying tho. yupp. din up my game much. only highlight was that solo effort which i had mentioned. first PROPER run i've had in like weeks. phew. glad i managed to pull it off.
then we ate the macs at west coast. that dumb guy CONNED ME. i told him i wanted the mcspicy meal budden he go charge me separately. zzz. that sucks man. then we din noe how to go back to civilisation frm west coast. lol. so we walked to ginza plaza. yupp. ben then decided he was hungry n we ended up at macs AGAIN. lol. we mixed coke with lemon lime. hahaha. yupp. then i went to collect my IC frm school. HAH. IM 15 NOW!
went to ben's house after that. touched drums for the first time in like more than a month. oh my goodness. i totally lost my touch. now, im having trouble with the independent right leg. ben said he took 2 weeks of like hours of practices a day to get that thingy rite. i tink i'll take forever.
then went to meet the church guy at city hall. oh well. he talked to us bout the youth band thingamajig. phew, they are gonna upgrade the rubber pad thingy to a proper drumset next year apparently unless i got my facts wrong. that's like lucky man. hahaha. then we let him in on see-hou's secrets. yupp.
then stayed home after that. pretty much stoned. halo's quite fun but not that addictive to me yet. oh well.

Sunday, November 21, 2004

oh doh. i guess so. hahahaha. great football results so far. man utd 2-0 charlton. that's like PHEW.. thank u scholes. haha. chelsea 2-2 bolton. thank you Jaidi. arsenal 1-1 west brom. thank you earnshaw. hahahahaha. and the best result of all. the result which allows me to tease ben siow and dom for the entire week. BORO 2-0 liverpool. THANK YOU ZENDEN. hahahahaha. oh well. i bet ben's gonna start commenting that liverpool's got no strikers. but.. TOO BAD.. hahahahahha. ok im bad.. sorry. nothing else to say bout. sylvester cannot be SINGAPORE IDOL.. CANNOT.. its a travesty that he even entered the Finals. i bet that scandal was exposed so he can get more sympathy votes.. not working for me PAL.. GO TAUFIK GO!
sigh. gonna have soccer on thurs. then gotta meet some church guy after that. quite sian la. aiyooo. oh well. nothing much. hahahaha. i love eminem's new song. heh.

Friday, November 19, 2004

hahahahaha.. that show is damn funny.. "oh no!" "come on! go go go!" sigh.. quite stone this week.. nvr go anywhere dis entire week..
went to visit kuhfi at raffles hospital today.. that stoner was there for like 6 days already.. i mean its like so damn boring but he somehow survived 6 DAYS in a hospital.. well at least he has HBO.. he's ward is like super nice and grand... looks like a hotel room.. oh well..
den went to bugis to have lunch.. ate some crappy tom yam seafood noodle.. it wasn't even spicy or sour enough.. bleh.. tomyam my butt.. lol..
ahhh.. i haven't touch drums for months.. OH NO.. hahahaha.. no choice.. chen.. ur fault la.. nvr buy drums then buy wat lousy warp pedal.. UR FAULT LA..
sigh.. another week has passed.. another week gone.. another week closer to sec 4.. that kinda sucks.. oh well..
man utd vs charlton.. c'mon man.. we can do it.. P.S oi rooney. u want to push ppl then go become boxer la. ur job is to put the ball in the net not KO the opponent..
gotta go now.. hope there will be more to write bout next time.

Saturday, November 13, 2004

that is the one word that summed up my entire week. i din do anything for the whole week except for soccer yesterday and swimming today. zzz.
went to play soccer at clementi. it was kinda stone so not very enjoyable. played with those outsiders. bloody hell. they kicked my foot and just carried on. idiots. at least i managed to put 1 past them.
slept for the entire day after that. was so damn shacked. den woke up today for swimming. din wanna go actually but was forced to go by my father. like wat the heck. lol.
newcastle's gonna own man utd's ass tmrw man. i mean it. utd's going thru a super rough patch now and it ain't gonna go off anytime soon. newcastle will OWN man utd. tho i hate to say it.
sigh. hope the 60 million pounds of strikers can PUT THE BALL IN THE NET which somehow they find as an impossible task. oh well.

Monday, November 08, 2004

ok.. ppl.. think straight.. sigh.. is it DAT difficult to put the ball in the net? apparently it is man.. man utd's in deep deep waters.. they got at least 50 million pounds of strikers up dere but they can't even poke the ball into the net.. wat is so difficult about putting the ball in the net?! especially when they have done it 4 times against sparta which is a better team than man city.. sigh.. this is so damn crappy.. they OWNED man city but could not put the ball in the net..

sigh.. going a lil rough patch now.. mum's feeling sick.. dad's having trouble at work.. sigh.. wish i could help..

Sunday, November 07, 2004

You Held the World In Your Arms
by idlewild
Every face
Even the one you saw yesterday
It looks different today
Cos everything's changed since yesterday
In every possible way
Things seem different today
Not like yesterday
Is consideration More like an exception - of consideration?
Cos you have the world in your arms tonight
And what if you held the world in your arms?
When you're secure, do you feel much safer?
As days never change, and it's three years later
It's like your life hasn't changed,
And it's three years late
So how does it feel, to be three years late?
And watching your youth drift away
What seems different, seems different today
And what seems different, seems different today
Is consideration More like an exception - of consideration?
Cos you have the world in your arms tonight
And what if you held the world in your arms?
You have the world in your arms tonight
And what if you held the world in your arms? (tonight...) (tonight...)
Cos you have the world in your arms tonight
And what if you held the world in your arms?
Cos you have the world in your arms tonight
And what if you held the world in your arms?

hahaha.. i love this song.. even tho its abit outta point.. err.. had a rather uneventful few days..
went to watch shark tale on fri.. quite funny i must say but not as gd as other ones like finding nemo and shrek 2.. so may be a lil letdown..
walked to cine to see xbox games with ben and daniel after that.. then andrew n jerome went back.. i almost went back but i realised i needed to have dinner first so i just followed them..
then yesterday went to macritchie for some stupid dumbass hike.. sigh.. wassup with the treetop trail? we passed 2 groups of ppl wanting to go to that dumb place but i tink they din wanna go cos that trail is so damn far away..
we hiked like 11km la.. the air was so damn humid.. then mikhail, ivan, kenneth n i ran the last 1 to 2km.. woo~
nothing else happened besides that.. yepp.. looking forward to a LIVELIER holiday.. zzz.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

boredom leads to brain retardation

not really actually. haha. im contradicting myself. sigh. im so bored now. im starting to read books. gee. anyway michael critchton is damn gd.

nothing much to blog about nowadays. life is very very routine and boring. gotta go for some stupid camp during hols. gonna get screwed by them for the last time before its time for me to screw other ppl. HAHAHA. ok. im evil.

im stuck at lvl 5 of ninja gaiden! ahh! ben u cheapskate. use trainers to help u get thru it. cheapskate cheapskate. now i get raped by A LOT of ninjas when i play. boo.

reading timeline now. damn interesting. n DARYL, I AM INTELLECTUAL. i READ. haha.
n of cos im not DAO. im a NICE person. so stop accusing me of being DAO. don call me dao la. zzz. oh well. chen, u caused this. grrr. haha.

im gonna give up on man utd. they are USELESS. portsmouth is hopeless but they lost to them so they are even MORE USELESS.

anyway. gtg now.




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