Sunday, May 29, 2005

i liked the way i played yesterday. a lot. my passing range was good. my accuracy was good. it looked good. my dribbling was not bad. scored 2 goals. i guess.

been a long while since i could play with so much fire in me and without any worries.

motivation y'all. its all bout motivation. sometimes, there's a limit to our tolerance and all the nonsense life throws at us. and when people cross that limit, it either fires you up or hits you real hard. it has fired me up.

watch this space people. you haven't seen the last of me yet.

you are the centre of it all
the universe declares in awe
your majesty,
i surrender all

i need help in surrendering all to Him though. any tips? haha. i know daryl will have some.

oh yeah. i love my new phone! woo!

Saturday, May 28, 2005

The Keys to Your Heart

You are attracted to those who are unbridled, untrammeled, and free.
In love, you feel the most alive when things are straight-forward, and you're told that you're loved.
You'd like to your lover to think you are loyal and faithful... that you'll never change.
You would be forced to break up with someone who was emotional, moody, and difficult to please.
Your ideal relationship is open. Both of you can talk about everything... no secrets.
Your risk of cheating is zero. You care about society and morality. You would never break a commitment.
You think of marriage as something precious. You'll treasure marriage and treat it as sacred.
In this moment, you think of love as commitment. Love only works when both people are totally devoted.

What Are The Keys To Your Heart?

Friday, May 27, 2005


all you have to do. believe. and work at it. i have found my motivation to work. i have found my motivation to push myself.

i am going to work hard to prove to MYSELF that i can do it. and when drong comes and invites me to his IB programme, i will reject him in his face.

gotta work hard man. gotta work hard. i will do it this time. i promise. i will.

stevie g believed that his team had a shot when no one did. the bookies put a 100/1 odd on liverpool winning after half-time. he dared to believe, and he came out triumphant. kings of europe.

maybe that's one lesson we can all learn. failures are part and parcel of life. sometimes, its your fault, sometimes things jus cock up. but we can either dwell on our failures or move on, learning the lesson.

i believe. watch me.

i will prove everyone wrong.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

first, its the lehmann final. now, the dudek final. a tale of two keepers widely criticized. they finally prove their critics wrong. despite of the criticism, they hit back at them.

guess that's a lesson i can learn from these two. to take criticisms and downfalls in your stride. eventually, opportunities will come for you to hit back at your critics.

i realised, im one who doesn't like to be proven wrong. to be beaten. but who is? ah well.

ben's helped me in a way. though i ain't very happy with the way he spoke to me. maybe i should try to grab the opportunity to prove my critics wrong. to prove myself, my biggest critic, wrong.

NJC HERE I COME. despite my 26 points for midyears, i promise, i will make it there. i promise. this is my promise to each and everyone out there.

djimi traore has something players 5 times his quality can only dream of. the champs league medal.

the worst is yet to come, the best is yet to be. beware, the real, fired-up mk is gonna be unleashed.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

i am not happy at the moment. i haven't been a happy person since yesterday. pls don step on my tail these few days. i mean metaphorically speaking.

yes. con camp beckons. i jus realised, if i had gotten the A1 for chinese, which i usually do, i would have escaped con camp! im pissed. very pissed.

tell me wad i can do, to make me feel better? sometimes, life's bittersweet. when life gets too comfy, i enjoy it, but deep down, i know something is stirring up. the calm before the storm. so they say.

i don see why i can't be pessimistic. at least, i'll be happy when things do actually go right for me. if things go wrong, i've got nothing to be unhappy about. its jus another of those unfortunate events that happen to me.

and i can't go for church camp if i go con camp. at least for the first day.

i guess i deserved my downfall. complacency. thinking i could do a lot in a limited space of time. stupid. i never do learn from my mistakes. never. its always the same mistakes i commit in life over and over again. mk is a lazy bugger.

life is a 4-letter word.

i am disappointed. with my results. horrible.

english -65
chinese -62 (HORRIBLE SHIT!)
e math -49
a math -50
physics -54
chem -53
bio - 48
lit -61
combined humans - 66

MY HIGHEST GRADE WAS B3! MY HIGHEST SCORE WAS 66! im so disappointed. but to be fair, i must say, i did not put in much effort in this examination. therefore, i think i deserve the results i got.


con camp con camp. im coming. days of chicken swimmin in stale oil. 10 of those.

at least this exam has given me the spur to do well for my prelims. i'm feeling the adreline starting to kick in.

and so the saga ends. apparently. the shield is still wonderfully intact, with no hint of any damage. my attempt has been futile. you say you know what you want. im speechless. confusion swirls around me. maybe things were not meant to be.

ah well. but im ok. i think. i jus look ok. but no one knows wad's inside. master of concealment. i think i've got a shield too. haha.

confucius say:"you go to jail, bad boy." -Russell Peters

so long and good night.

Monday, May 23, 2005

ok. its some public holiday today. but its a shitty day. a very shitty day.

lets start off with the day. i was supposed to go play xbox. and own the people with ben. but my mum told me im not allowed to. why? cause apparently i've gone out too often. so i woke up at 11.30am. 8 hours of sleep. too damn little for me. i need a little more than that on weekends.

played DOTA. hey, its my second day at the game ok? owned ivan. wahahaha. as in the ri dude from punggol soccer. i thought i was going to get owned. but it was the contrary. lightning revenant. damn pro. ok. but i got owned by daniel later in the night.

went to play soccer. played like crap. din manage to pull off as many successful runs and passes as i did yesterday. really adding salt into the wound. made me even more frustrated. some gary dude two-footed tackled me. i was bare-footed ok?! dat got me seriously worked up. i mean, he had boots. there was no need for a two-footed. i was so damn pissed. i could have really lost control there and then.

ok. its freaking results day tmr. im a goner. i donno how many i'm gonna fail. i donno whether ive gotta wear a skirt or not. please do not ask why i gotta wear one. con camp con camp. i beckon. prepare for your worst nightmare. ok. i have no idea what i jus said.

i was jus thinking, wad if some dude decides to like have a genocide, he can inject some poison into the air con vent in my school and everyone will die together during chapel service. ouch. scary.

i need a teleporter to teleport me to and fro from school. then i can wake up at 7.30am every morning and slack in school till 4+.

the saga continues...

Sunday, May 22, 2005

its 1.46am. sunday may 22 2005. arsenal 5-4 man utd. on penalties. what can i say? man utd owned arsenal from start to finish. we lost cause scholesy missed his penalty. they didn't deserve it. we did. but they won. what can i say?

its jus the case with life. sometimes, the best don win. sometimes, the better team or the better person lose out. that's life for you. that's what makes life so interesting. its so unpredictable.

get on with it, and carry on. next season, we will kick some serious butt.

its a long weekend! its public holiday on monday! vesak day!

my results are coming out on tuesday. that day will decide my fate. and whether i will have to wear a skirt or not. haha.

pool! halo 2! im addicted to these two. and that drum machine thingy. its quite fun. but it gobbles up money faster than a lawn mower cutting grass. super expensive.

c'mon liverpool. beat ac milan and bring home the trophy.

im being nice so all you liverpool fans better be nice to me too.

impossible is nothing. nothing is impossible.

Friday, May 20, 2005

what did i say. life cannot get too comfy. it jus hits you harder and harder. something new hits you everytime.

im hooked onto halo 2. ben and i can own the rest. 4v2 we beat them 50-15. hahaha. try harder.

why can't i be more observant? i could sense it but i jus couldn't pinpoint it. and now im in deep shit.

i donno what to say. i donno what to do. im looking to You. to guide me Through. You have plans only to prosper me. but why don't our plans coincide. maybe its cause i donno what's best for me but You do.

You know the desires of my heart. grant it to me. but everything will be done according to Your will, whether i like it or not.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

ok. once again. i feel life is getting too comfortable. and that's not good. cos when life is too comfortable, things will start to happen all over again. i can see some potential sticky situations already. im jus not destined to be able to sit down, enjoy life, without ever worrying or thinking bout stuff. why can't everything be settled once and for all? haha. but wad can i say? im supposed to be feeling comfortable now.
some things are difficult to let go. i suppose. haha. maybe if we try to let go, things will become more simple, less complicated? i don see the point of telling myself i want to let go and not go and do it. a shield. a barrier. no no no. i know im powerless, beating at it all day long, hoping one day, it will show some sign of a small hair-line crack. but until that day, i'll continue beating at the "shield", hoping, wondering when it will finally fall.
this always happens. nothing ever works out for me. u ask me why im so pessimistic. i say why not? if u were me, u would be pessimistic. maybe its cause if im pessimistic, when things actually do go my way, i feel happy and it gives me hope that things will start going my way.
i will and am going to break that shield. you have my word.
you could do me a big favour by not shunning.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

its over!
i donno how i survived. i have absolutely no clue. those 16 days. one word to describe it. torture. haha. i feel like a caged bird who's jus been set free. but i know someday, one day, i'll be back in that darned cage again.

well at least we had fun yesterday. kind of. after we finished our paper, we stayed in school. ate. YES. I ATE CHAWANMUSHI! for the first time in 16 days! yes! then those buggers went to play tennis. we were supposed to jam la. then they go play tennis. damn pissing off. tell them 3 mus go they ask us go first. do things damn half-hearted. then expect us to find the studio den guide them there. damn irritating. stupid andrew. stupid dom.

well, we walked the whole perimeter of clarke quay. whoa. the reverse bungy thingy is like 10m away for singapore river. and there's only one reason for it. so people don have to walk so far to vomit. ok. that was stupid.

garage studio was in some ULU ULU place. omg. but the drums were solid. like damn nice. and i haven't lost my touch. thank goodness. i haven't drummed in ages. the guitars. oh my. next time tune together la.

ok. i gotta admit i was pretty darn frustrated yesterday. pohseng planned everything then the guitars jus cocked up. drums can never go wrong. even if they do, its got nothing to do with the drummer! haha. that's according to ben siow.

i suggest we all do our parts before we get together and jam again. it was really disappointing.

okok. then we went dhoby ghaut to play xbox! we played halo 2. me and ben were owning the rest la. WAHHAHAHA. ownage. there was once he was top frag and i was second. he got 40 kills i got 10. the difference. the gulf in the standard. stupid ben. fifa street looks like a nice game.

then went to eat the indon thingy at the kopitiam. damn nice. woo! went to carrefour. RICHARD ! ASK U BUY BARCADI DON BUY. U BUGGER. hahaa. in the end bought nescafe. ben din manage to sleep till like 4am. hahaha.

im going out later i think.

u say its not love. i beg to differ.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

bio bio bio. i don like bio. so much info to absorb. i don like.

went to church today. haha. sheryl's birthday. oh well. then went home and slacked. =)

started studying at like 510? haha. but nvm. slacking was nice. =D

i haven't started twelfth night! ahh!

nvm. i will and can do it! woo!

Saturday, May 14, 2005

i don feel like studying bio.

screw it. i realised i've written a lot of rubbish in my bio textbook. here are some examples.

Chpt 11. Excretion pg 185

Bio is the worst subject to study when you are troubled/frustrated.

Chpt 13 Co-ordination and Response: I The nervous System in Mammals

-many math equations-

Chpt 16. Drugs

Hi! My Name is Tan Ming Kiat!

as u can see, bio drives us nuts.

self- explanatory really. i feel like whacking it. jus like all my other sciences. and pass at the same time.


a pile of unwanted info.

Friday, May 13, 2005

this man, he has served a jail term of 16 years. monday will be the day when he finally can breath in the fresh air of freedom. ever wondered how he feels like? i know exactly how. oh dear. wad's with all the analogies? i have no idea.

1 more day till i breathe in the air of freedom. as in 1 exam day.

today a math was ok. i think i can pass. lit was so cocked up. they gave us wrong paper. and i know wad's gonna come out. jus study sebastian and antonio. the two gays in twelfth night. i think antonio is a gay name and he's gay. he's falling in love with sebastian. poor ol' sebastian.

alright, my koc paper was quite screwed. i donno whether i did all right or i screwed it up. but it doesnt matter. cos all i care about now is for monday to come so i can finish my last 2 papers and PLAY PLAY PLAY. for a few days la.

im a spurs fan and im gay. believe it.

incomplete is such a nice song. woohoo. backstreet boys.

and yes, im a barren rascal. =D

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

im close. really close.

the runner's close. he's past the most arduous part of the race. the finishing line is in sight. he's low on energy, running on pure . he knows he must fight on for the remainder of the race. but can he? his body is screaming out for fluid, energy. so close. so close yet so far. how's he gonna fair? no one knows. not even him. is he gonna collapse on the ground? is he gonna pass the finish line victorious? watch this space.

chem and history are over. im gonna pass both. looking forward to post-exam.

im a spurs fan. =)

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

this will be a super quick one.

monday. chinese. i'm so gonna lose my bet to wanzhen. die la. neo sock hoon set the darn paper. it was so tough. the dumb compre was life's philosophy. and we had to write bout wad inspiration it gave us. like omg. and the worst part. u have to write it in chinese! oh well. die la. i lose the bet already. haha.

today. physics and e math. the first of 2 days of hell.

i screwed up e math big time. im so gonna fail it. without a shadow of a doubt. its ok. i got chen for company in con camp. oh well.
physics wasn't as bad as it was supposed to be. i remembered trying to study it from bout 8+. i couldn't absorb at all and i gave up and slept at 11 yesterday night. but im so gonna PASS my physics. woo! yay. at least no physics con camp.

tmr is the hellish day. chemistry and history.
i realised i have not started for any of the 2. im so dead. i jus want tomorrow to pass so i'll have an easier time? oh my. at least by the weekend, i'll have some time off to go punggol and play footie. i know richard is so scared i'll lose my form and screw his "chelsea" up. hahaha. oh yeah. i saw him today. that stupid guy was walking outta school and so was i. i walked up to him and gave him a shock.

wad the hell? it was not supposed to shock you. its acsi. i study in acsi. it shouldn't surprise you to see me walking up to you. dumbo richard. i promise to play soccer this coming sat. don worry. but i'll be super off.

i can't wait for exams to be over. can't wait.

tong hua is a super nice song.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

this will be a quick one cos im rushing physics and i need to revise for my chinese tmr. I DO STUDY FOR MY CHINESE OK. haha. and cos i want my lollipop!

sigh. i feel so bad. i pissed my mum off on mother's day. i feel so unfilial and stuff u know? but its like at the same time, i feel that she doesn't give me enough freedom compared to others. sigh. i feel super bad for pissing her off today. i mean its mother's day. without her, i won't even exist. i feel so so so bad now.

following in dom's footsteps, i shall dedicate this post to my mum. haha. though she will not read it cos she uses the com once every few months.

thanks mum for bringing me into the world.
thank you for all those nights you had to stay up when i fall ill just to make sure i was ok.
thank you for everything small thing u've done for me.
things like waking me up in the morning, cooking for me at unearthly hours when i feel hungry. im sorry for not appreciating the things you have done for me these years and in fact, taking everything for granted. happy mothers' day.

sigh. i feel downright rotten now. how could i piss her off? its like of all days. today.

ok. i need to get on with my physics now. im so gonna die for this midyear. hope i learn from the mistakes i made and start earlier next time.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

ok. this will be a very random post bout random stuff and random thoughts that are running thru my mind.

first off. im super stressed. i've got a maths tmr. i am SOOO destined for con camp. i think im gonna fail both my maths and waste 12 days of my oh so precious holidays.

liverpool vs milan. great. and i wanted psv to win. curses. wadeva. doesn't bother me. but i think milan will win. makes no diff to me.

then. today. chem prac. it was quite ok. this week is like the slackier week of the exams. come next week. i'll look like a zombie. and to think a math 2 is on friday the 13th! n yes, im superstitious bout this. i need all the luck i can get for my math papers.

e math and physics on the same day will kill me off. i'll be so demoralised after next tuesday.

ahh well. that's life. sometimes it goes your way. sometimes it doesn't. who cares. im on vacation on this earth anyway. my real destination is *points up*

ehhh. everything is within God's plan. the future is unpredictable.

does liking lead to loving? if u like someone, does it mean u love someone? -shrugs- i guess its like it leads. why am i answering my own question?

i sound confused. i got a math tmr!

why make life so complicated. go with ur heart! go with your soul! ok. im officially confused.

i don want another pretty face
i don want jus anyone to hold
i don want my love to go to waste,
i want you and your beautiful soul.

jesse mccartney looks like aaron carter.

i told you this was a random post bout random stuff and random thoughts running thru my head.




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