Monday, December 27, 2004

time to start blogging again..

its been a hectic 2 weeks or so for me. been in and out of church more times than i've ever had for the past few months. literally. we've been practicing for omega night or last night. 25th december. ok. let me backtrack to Christmas Eve.

24th december
went to uncle bob's house. it was really nothing out of the ordinary. the usual Christmas gathering. met the same ppl there. din really enjoyed myself as much. and i missed the countdown with the church ppl. zzz. i would have gone to the countdown if not for my mother who kept saying no.
ended up eating too much.

25th december
YAY! christmas day! had the performance like on this day. early in the morning, daniel and i went for the service. it was quite an eye-opener for me. hahahaha.
then went to eat nasi lemak. woO~ it was nice man. and we had nasi lemak again for dinner.
then it was performance. i donno i did well or not but the youth leaders like keith and the host weizhong said it was very very well done. yeah. pleasure to work with the music team man. then i manage to get quite familiar with samuel, gabrielle, weiliang. yeah. then we got to know alot more stuff. then weiliang shared with us a few things and all. had so much fun really. i donno. im like enjoying church a lot nowadays. =P

ok. lets talk bout today. went to church in the morn. hahaha. combined with the children. the games were like how cool lor. and i burst daniel's pathetic small balloon. hahaha. then jammed for awhile. like A WHILE then go compass point eat. some went to KFC, well actually a lot went to KFC and some went to Burger King. ahahahaha. BK is better than KFC. ok. im feeling nutty. anyway, went to kuhfi's thingy. we're like the first to get there. budden we felt really outta place when more came. yeah. so we left early. yupp. cya again PAL. visit us if u can. oh well. there were like so many types of alcohol. and keith was really high. he drank like 2 shots of tequila and 1 cup of barcadi + coke. omg, that stupid thingy tasted like petrol. yuck.

that's bout it. yeah. TAG PPL. deborah, do ur job of livening up my tagboard. i'll pay u 20cents. =D. ok im kidding.
p.s samuel, gabrielle and weiliang, u all shld be very pleased i bolded their names. =D
deb: DERE!! i bolded ur name. and in a different color too. as for the 20 cents. errrr. lets just forget bout it. NOW GET TO UR JOB. WAHAHAAHAHA.

Monday, December 20, 2004

mourinho should learn to shut up

like seriously man. wad's wrong with this guy? his ego is as big as the United States X10. he really should learn to shut up and quit bragging. so wad if Chelsea's a big team? i doubt he's ever heard of the word modesty. and im gonna stick to wad i say. money cannot buy success so Barca's gonna give mourinho a reality check. he really should learn to shut up and be humble. at the rate his mouth is blabbering, the entire world (minus chelsea fans) is gonna like resent him, throw eggs at his pictures and not buy total club manager 2005. cos of his stupid face.

oh well. nothing much happened. went to church ytd. mum was a lil displeased when i din wanna join her catholic church. like wad the hell? why can't she respect my decision for this one? she can make me do anything except make me join her church and be baptized as a catholic. (crap, i hope my mum doesn't read this)

nothing else. gtg. and ppl, like TAG. anybody and everybody can tag. just like tag. the tagboard's for u to tag. not me. yupp. ok. do tag do tag do tag. hahahaha. okok. that's bout it. TAG.

Saturday, December 18, 2004


ok. i haven't blogged for days. that must be the reason for the lacklustre tag-board. haha. oh well. been kept rather busy this week.

on thurs and fri, went down to church to practice for omega night a.k.a christmas night. but omega night sounds cooler. i hope samuel gets his hands on the REAL acoustic drumset. i can't do no nuts with the small thingy. and the church ppl are in for a real treat on that day.

anyway, i spent the rest of the time at home playing. my new comp's finally proving that its worth the money my dad spent on it. hahaha. going to get HL2 frm Joel. sort of a Christmas present for myself. -hah. i getting it for $24!-

oh well. things have been going RATHER well. starting to be able to mix with the ppl at church. yepp. ok. signing out. will blog soon.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

prince & equatorial

hah. just came back frm malaysia. oh well. din really buy a lot of stuff. in fact, i din even go shopping. my mum bought everything for me. haha.

oh well. on the first day, we dropped by KL. nothing much to do there. Prince Hotel is GRAND!
the room is fantastically well decorated. the toilet looks grand. everything looks so damn NICE. -including the girls-

then went to malacca the next day for an uncle's wedding dinner. was quite close to him at one stage when he was working in singapore but then he went back to malaysia n we sorta lost contact. haha. i found out he actually plays NEOPETS!

oh well. bwah. watched the arsenal chelsea game. went to the lounge at the hotel lobby. great atmosphere. yupp. all ARSENAL fans. haha. but there was one pathetic female chelsea fan. -sorry darren-

anyway. that's bout it. kinda enjoyed myself cos it was relaxing and stuff. yuppp. gotta go now. man utd match is on.

Saturday, December 04, 2004

im absolutely utterly pissed off with myself. oh well. today was a rather ordinary day. i skipped swimming cos i din feel well.
went to church to "practice" drums. but well, i kinda screwed up pretty badly. i just played a very very very ordinary beat. oh well. i din dare to do any fill-in at all for fear of screwing up.
utterly disappointed with myself man. i guess i gotta try harder next time. oh well.

Without A Paddle

that has got to be the most outta point title for a show. its totally inappriopriate. hahaha. but it was quite funny. funny but not memorable.
woke up at like 10am today. earliest in days. oh well. went to PS. those chalet ppl started telling me bout their chalet trip. sounded fun. suddenly, i regretted my decision to stay home. omg. they got xbox in chalets now. that's so not fair.
watched "without a paddle". it was quite funny overall. but only some scenes worth remembering. oh well. nothing much. cya.




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