Sunday, April 30, 2006

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the only decent thing we got out of going to chijmes. a photo with mr andy penders. other than that, we din have a decent view of the screen the whole time around and man utd got raped 3-0 by chelsea. went to kiliney kopitiam for dinner. i think the stupid waitress spat on my horfun or maybe they stepped on our prawn paste chicken because i had to run to the toilet 3 times the entire night.

went to church today. i felt service was good. 'in christ alone' is such a touching song. and the message was clear. learned quite a lot. anyways, after that, we went to do some form of survey around sengkang. was suppose to go to the street soccer court opposite my house to do survey with the people playing there, but it was under construction. went around sengkang trying to look for people. in the end, we had to do our survey at rivervale plaza.

went for soccer after that. it was quite a good game.

ok. i'm tired of typing. never try blogging and doing gp commentary at the same time.

in Christ alone,
Will i glory
Though i could pride myself in battles won
For i've been blessed beyond measure
and by His strength alone i overcome
oh, i could stop and count successes
like diamonds in my hands
by those trophies could not equal
to the grace
by which i stand
in Christ alone
i place my trust
and find my glory in the power of the cross
in every victory,
let it be said of me
my source of strength
my source of hope
is Christ alone
In Christ alone,
will i glory
for only by His grace i am redeemed
and only His tender mercy
could reach beyond my weakness to my need
and now, i seek no greater honour
than jus to know Him more
and to count my gains and losses,
to the glory my Lord
in Christ alone,
i place my trust
and find my glory in the power of the cross
in every victory,
let it be said of me
my source of strength,
my source of hope,
is Christ alone

Saturday, April 29, 2006

i'm starting to think my class kinda rocks.

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yeah. acting retarded. hahahaha.

i guess its about time i updated my blog. before everyone classifies this as 'dead'. i know wz's gonna kill me if i don update soon. so here it is!

life's been a drag recently. school's taking up a large chunk of my life. there's so much work to do and so much studying to be done, i can hardly catch a breather. and when i do catch a breather, i realise i'd be better off sleeping.

went for band concert today. well, it wasn't too bad. i'm not a fan of band music and i don really know nuts about it but i was quite sure it was nice. yeah. it was. hahaha. besides the fact that there were plenty to see.

and yes, well, math test today. i think i would have flunked it if our teacher had not been so kind to us. (yes mrlim our math teacher is the best in the whole wide world) and my econs teacher actually gave me the test paper and asked me to do it on my own! hahah! she told me not to check the notes though. and being the innocent and rule-abiding person that i am, i most certainly did not check the notes. =/

ok. i think i should update more often. i'm lazy to say everything that has happened in the past week.

oh yes, one more thing. francis flowers. i jus realised that simple football works best against francis flowers and so thou shall play simple game this sunday, pass back and pass forward. be like stupid alan smith.

and finally. hahahaha. i'm experiencing some form of revival/breakthrough. well, not entirely, but at least i'm climbing up the spiritual ladder.

more pics coming up.....

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top 3 slackers of 06s01!

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the whole of 06s01! minus waifang who was away at netball!

Saturday, April 22, 2006

i'm glad i went for ffw today.

it was a refreshing experience. and myths of the da vinci code has been dispelled.

time with the Lord is time well spent indeed.
time spent with church mates is time well spent indeed.

have fun at tekong for the remaining 2 months or so! hahahaha.

go and make disciples of all nations......

yes Lord.

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but its gonna be a busy weekend.

sat- tpjc carnival. waste of time. but ronin's coming down. hahaha. scheduled for duty AFTER the carnival. how shit is that? hahaa. oh well.

gonna miss church on sunday. there's some flag day thingamajig at plaza sing. hahaha. breakfast at cafe cartel!

so you see, the weekend isn't a rest period. nonono, that is the reason why i'm in a bad mood.

i need balls. (ok. i'm certainly not gay. 100% straight. linear, 180 degrees, not bent)

soccer ball lah deh. stop thinking of sick things. (i know ok.)

anyways, bigbadbobbingbeagleboboben is damn bloody sneaky. sneakily thrashed someone in pool. and i know ok, teach girls how to play pool. I KNOW OK. definitely. hahahahaha.

and dom, sneaky also. friday night jaunt what nonsense. i bet you will jump into the arms of some hot girl.

"ooo. i'm scared of that transvestite over that."

definitely i know ok. hahaha.

i need more people like you in my life. =)

Thursday, April 20, 2006

oh dear. i think im depressed.

hurry, go buy a pump and pump me up.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

right. so, i've been stressed out lately. loads of work to complete. projectwork is irritating the shit out of me, how can anyone keep their word limit of PI? its just crazy. all the person can give will be the bare minimum!

sometimes i think the education system is contradicting itself. first, they want us to be able to elaborate but they are restricting us. i know, word limits are meant to be guidelines. but 500 words will only give the bare minimum! its jus so contradictory, wanting us to elaborate but setting a rule that only enables us to give the bare minimum.

chem bonding rarely makes sense as well. i never knew elements could have more than 8 valence electrons (expanded octet) and all that nonsensical stuff that they are teaching. jc work is like totally independent from secondary school work. well, more or less. at least for this topic, it is the case.

the stress is getting to me. i'm falling sick ever so often nowadays. and i always wake up in the middle of the night thinking of work.

i need a break.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

i like holidays.
don't you as well?

good friday was good. pool, xbox, pool and dinner. pool with ben siow is fun. haha. pool with richard was also fun. but i prefer pool with ben siow. pool with daniel tay is fun too! but i only played him once. =(

dinner was great. plaza sing is the place to be. hahaha

there's pool nearby, xbox nearby, great food in it. and there's a cinema that overcharges its movie tickets.

soccer at punggol yesterday was fulfilling. two goals, one disallowed. that was heartening. i felt i played well. in the hole in front of the defence. not my usual position. but what the heck. haha.

and here comes quote(s) of the day.
football is like sex. -dalmation dominic neo sockhoon.

He(God)carefully analysed all the stats and put enough stat points into our different stats, making us the world-class footballers we are. -maltese mk.

ego trip.

amazing love, how can it be?
that You my King would die for me?

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Thursday, April 13, 2006

it was like coming home.

everything felt so right.
it was so comfortable.

the oh-so familiar faces
the cheers (although it sucked this year cos the PB sucks)

somehow i wished time would rewind once more. the happy times. the memorable times. the fun times. all gone.

oh well. lets come back to reality.

we lost to the not so holy saints again. 12-7. if i'm not wrong, in all the 3 finals they've played in, they have NEVER scored a try. but they still won all 3 finals. (ok i'm jus waiting for some swearing saint to step in and say they scored one). doglike.

good friday tmr. well, its good for one reason or another to everyone. for christians, it represents the day Christ was nailed to the cross and died for our sins. (but being the dogs we are, we still treat Him like dirt. humans are idiots.) for non-christians, it jus means more time to catch up with long overdue work. and i think there's the indian new year tmr as well. (im not kidding. its really true.)

work's been horrible lately. loads of them to complete. and i jus realised my june hols is gone. i've gotta study for bio, chem and math and at the same time complete my econs and gp project and work on my PW project. GOSH.

and i jus remembered i haven't done my research for my econs project which is due next tuesday.

my econs teacher is crazy.

Monday, April 10, 2006

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and so, arsene wenger looks more like a seng bui ( dried sour prune) now than those prunes you eat or squash into prune juice.

soccer on saturday morning. really had no stamina. hahaha. it was proved after i clocked more than 12 mins for my 2.4km run today. GOSH. i was terribly upset with myself. anyways, din play that well on saturday although managed to score one or two goals. richard was being his usual retriever self kaobei-ing us the whole way through cos we were playing like dogs.

err, well, back to school today. saw tpjc play rjc. rjc played dirty the whole way through. stupid dogs. go home and study your physics, bio, chem, indian studies and whatnot and go serve the nation lah as mr lee hsien loong said. hahaha.

wednesday. ITS ON MAN ITS ON.


ok. to the "fren" out there, i really think ACS will win. its a gut feeling. hahahaha. anyways, if we lose to those prisoners, we can jus unleash the beast within us (reminder of boyao) and bite a chunk out of them.

talking about the biting incident, i think the stupid sports editor was wayyyyy overboard with his article in the Sunday Times. that stupid dog slammed the boy, the school and the teachers. its fine to talk about how rash the boy is and maybe make some CONSTRUCTIVE comments about how to take away these unsportsmanlike behaviour. like dom said, the boy is feeling like SHIT already with the 2 year ban and now, you want to expose him and make him as infamous as NYP's very own tammy.

doglike sports editor. dom and i intend to write into forum. well, ok. we intend to. but it depends on how much energy we have.

i saw the acjc team today in tpjc. i must say everytime i see them, i jus have this uncomfortable feeling within me. deep inside me, (ok maybe not so deep inside) i'm still dying to go back to acjc. i still keep wishing that i was still part of the acs family. i keep wishing that every morning when i wake up, i would realise what has happened was jus one hell of a nightmare.

but it is not to be.

ah well.

life goes on.

and i don see the point of going there anymore.

Friday, April 07, 2006

and the end of the week arrives. somehow, the arrival of this godsent brief respite is somewhat bittersweet. (no. not soursalty.)


ok. it doesn't seem much. but the PI draft is killer already. i currently have an idea about singapore's war on terrorism. but i need to think of a few more good ideas. my stupid CME idea got written off by mr NEW (yeah that's my gp's teacher surname. his cousin's mr old.). i thought of writing about gays *cough*linus*cough* and aids. but i couldn't further develop the idea. hahaha.

anyways, i scored 15/20 for my first math test! =) hahaha. happy happy. but math is getting tougher and tougher. and so are all the other subjects. bio, chem, econs etc etc.

watched ac vs sa at mjc on thursday. a very good game i must say. end to end action. hahaha. ac came back from 2-0 down to draw 2-2! it was pure grit and determination. and like the royal dogness(richard) highlighted,"ac has probably the toughest chinese team in a div." which is true. their ah beng of a captain tackled like mad and scored the equaliser and the ever graceful taiwanese gangster dazzled past 2 defenders before piledriving the ball home.

tpjc beat tjc 1-0! hahaha. used sneaky dog arsenal method. quick free kick and then goal. HAHAHA.

probably going for bedok soccer tmr. hahaha. that's if the royal dogness calls me lah. oh well. i think i'll go at 9.30am tmr. THAT DOG ASKED ME TO MEET HIM AT 8.30AM AND HE WAS AN HOUR LATE. what a dog.

and i think wenger will dry up even more on sunday after he realises man utd had bulldozed his fancypants arsenal team.

then he'll look like a sour plum. those things you buy from the 1.99 shop.

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what's the difference between arsene wenger and a tub of sourprunes?

ans: the tub!

haahaha. ok. not funny.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

4x400m is no joke.

leaves you panting even after 20 mins of resting.
leaves you lethargic for bio lecture. (the only thing i got out of the lecture was something about globular and fibrous)
leaves you aching like mad.

the race was real weird. i was first runner. and BANG, the race started. i was relegated to 4th. damn funny. hahaha. i was wondering how those fellows could keep their pace.

after 200m, one of them petered(?) out. voom. i was third.

after 300m, the other two petered(?) out. i managed to catch up with them. hahaha. i think i managed to get to 2nd before i pass the baton.

and then, i realised my heart was beating at a phenomenal rate (used in bad context), my legs were aching and i could see a few georges here, a few johns there. thankfully, i recovered after about 5 mins.

i ran like a ben siow. (no dom. not dog. ben's a sprinter ya know. =P)

soccer training got cancelled. it was raining cats and dogs. and S08 is a rather interesting class.

i forgot what i wanna say.

in other news, pw is a pain in the ARSE.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

ok. i shan't comment on wednesday, thursday and friday. since i can't really remember much about anything that went on during those three days. OH. besides the fact that i left school early on thursday cos i was ill.

i must say tpjc goes to rather extreme measures to make sure we don take the 'pink form' and skip school. hahahaha. upon filling in two sheets of the pink form, i must go and see the VP/HOD english/Principal and let the person sign the form. gosh. and upon return, i must let the teachers whose lessons i missed to sign the form too. and i must come back with a MC!

compare that to acsi. i can take the green form, tell the teacher i need to go off, let the admin person sign it, walk out of school and go back the next day feeling extremely happy for skipping an extremely boring lesson or test.

talk about liberation.

i couldn't get to use my NIKE FIRST TOUCH FS on saturday for a very very stupid reason.

mum:"don wear the new shoes to play tmr. its not seasoned yet. what if it breaks?"

ya right. i'm gonna blast the ball so hard the shoe is gonna snap into half. maybe they should have a warranty for shoes as well.

anyways, richard the dog was late, as usual. took him 1 hour to reach tampines mall when his house was like 15 mins away. in the end, he was ONE HOUR LATE. basket. make me sit at the bench like an idiot. well at least i saw one hot girl. ohmyson. hahah. ok. nvm.

soccer at bedok court. it was quite a good day for me. 3 goals. hahaha. something something. but i really need to work on my fitness. wasn't quite up to it the whole time. and my team wasn't that fantastic either.

came home, slacked. watched football. well, thats about it. i'm not really in a blogging mood. no stupid punchlines.





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