Monday, August 29, 2005

rumour has it that the actress that was supposed to act as cho chang looked like this.

Image hosted by


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and this is wad mr. daniel radcliffe things of it.

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yes. i second that.

ok. im back with another post.

well, day one of prelims has jus concluded. and since tmr is physics prac and there is no way i can prepare for it since i have no idea where i put my physics file, i shall blog.

first things first, man utd owned newcastle yesterday. 3Rs. ronaldo, rooney and ruud. wee!~ anyway, they stand for reformation, rejuvenation and rebirth as well. watch us this season.

ok. today i had english paper. i think i did pretty ok for it. wrote bout some fake occasion where i thought that my neighbour was a nice dude. then i saw him cheating money from a blind man. then yeah. that's bout it.

then ss paper. i think i was pretty prepared although i admit i screwed up a bit. i spent too much time on SBQ. about 55 mins on it. and i wrote so much without being sure about what i wrote and whether it was relevant to the questions at all. haha. lets jus hope it does pertain to the questions.

SEQ was ok? i only had half an hour cos of my slow writing speed and poor time management. i hope i did enough to secure my grade.

well, on a heavier note. my time in acs is going to conclude. i have to say, i've met very important people in my life in acs. i think they are called friends. i have met very different kinds of people. really, i can't think of any other secondary school that can compare to acs. the people are really fun to be with. and hey, we make every kind of situation, no matter how dire the circumstances are, seem like a piece of cake.

i think these 4 years that i've spent have been the best. i doubt i will ever forget what this school has done to me albeit all the negative stuff like countless donations and super duper long lectures from a certain teacher. we all know who he is don we?

acs teachers are the best as well. slack as they may be, they are extremely responsible? haha. and they know how to make the lesson interesting. except for a handful and we also know who they are.

well, that's bout it. i'll blog when im free.

time flies.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

oh poo. the exams are in like less than 48 hours. AHHH. HELP!! im seriously freaking out now. really freaking out. ohmyson.

anyway, i've got the quote of the day/week/year. from mr. kelvin chen. here goes.

"maybe in acjc, i'll sit with the girls and we'll stare the guys." go figure.

ok. back to freaking out. i haven't finished studying ss yet. and thank God for the sept hols. if not confirm first 3 months stay at home, sleep and eat. and within 48 hours, i have to sit for it. OHMYSON. i think i'll die or something. better help myself so God can help me.


i doubt i'll be blogging for a long time now. maybe during the sept hols. but well, i donno. hahaha.
i think im on the verge of a breakdown. but well. i won't.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

modelling. never did cross my mind. the lady must have been cock-eyed to ask me. anyway, 5 chawanmushis and 10 over plates of sushi made my day! ^^ salmon sushi! OHMYSON.

thanks richard for the treat. you rich boy. can pay by cash and get discount price then lazy to take cash so pay by card, then no discount. rich boy.

AHH. prelims in like 5 days! im so gonna die. i made SS notes today. i think i learn better when i make my own notes? no idea. perhaps.

SCHOOL TMR AGAIN! doh. oh well. and there's tuition in the night. at least there's no school on thursday! again! -yes brenda. life is unfair- cos of cross-country! haha. oh well. better take this opportunity to mug, mug and still mug. maybe go someone's house to mug.

oh well. anyway, liverpool are without stevie G so they are gonna lose all their matches until he comes back.

Image hosted by
"liverpool cannot win without me. so sad. now i injured, confirm lose many many matches. i think better jus join better teams like man united."

i'm never gonna leave your side.

Image hosted by
better than any liverpool player.

Image hosted by
better than all the liverpool players + birmingham players combined.

anyway, had o level oral today. i think i did pretty ok. haha. they asked bout grandparents so i gave them all that i could remember bout my granddad. took a train home after that. came home had a game of dota! haha. ok crap. i think i better do some work now. wee! sushi tmr!

Thursday, August 18, 2005

fierce female hamster that killed both its mates.


screwed up chem prac.

half an hour discussion on whether to stay back for mock lit exam.

super nice ban mian after mock exam.

ghost stories from mr andrew tan.

things that made the day it was today.

a tribute to 47job2005.

47job2005 - the only class to have strips and taupoks everyday.

- the only class that had their water pipe leak and to report it half an hour later so
that the class will be flooded and lessons will be delayed

- the only class that has 6 episodes of 1 guy being stripped.

- the only class that considers ponning anything. including after school mock exams to remedials to rugby finals to even a full day at school.

- the only class to have chased 3 teachers out of class in 1 year.

we're the infamous 47job2005 and we'll pwn your ass.

g'day mates. we're going down into acs history. =D

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

im back. and i ain't very happy at the moment.

for one, i've got prelim exams in less than two weeks. and i feel very very inadequate. i had my a math test today. and im sure i'll fail it. i knew that i could do those questions but my mind jus drew a blank. i was pretty much panicking and in a state of shock. and it was then that realised how serious the problem is. the urgency that i should be having because the damn exams are so near.

i can say i have been having mood swings lately. jus yesterday, for the first 3 lessons, i was ignoring everyone. i spoke less than 10 lines during that period of time. things got better after recess. food can do wonders. haha. anyway, i became slightly light-hearted after recess and by the end of the day, i was on a high. as in too high.

im feeling sick at the moment. i've got a headache for the past two days already. and i would pon tmr if not for a very important chemistry practical tomorrow. its unfair. why must we get a temperature change question this here?! now hang on, my teacher din tell us it would come out, but according to records, she's speculating temperature change because it hasn't been tested since the 2001 paper. but why can't we get the easier one! like titration! sigh.

i really don know what to feel now. im pretty much in a state of confusion. its jus a whole mess of emotions inside me now. i really need to sort things out. and quickly. i've got expectations to meet. mostly my own expectations for myself.

therefore, i shall not dota during weekdays. therefore, i can only limit myself 1 hour on the phone on weeknights. therefore, i will have to start studying. but i know i won't be able to do all these. i need God.

ahh. now we've come to the topic of Christianity. great. im excited. well, im not the Christian i want to be. i know for sure bout one thing though. i have faith. i always know that what ever happens God made it happen for a better good. Jeremiah 29:11.

however, i am not a good Christian. i am not. i don practice wad i preach. yes, i try. but i realise that my willpower is so weak. i give up trying to be a good Christian after jus weeks. i know that its the wrong thing to do. but im not doing anything to change it. one clear example was during FOP. i felt God for the first time after such a long dry spell. at that moment in time, i was really guilty for all the things that i've done. putting so many other things ahead of Him, giving the least importance when He should be at the forefront of everything. i remember praying for forgiveness. for the first time, it actually hit me that someone much more superior to me was willing to sacrifice His life so that i could be by His child when He could have left me to rot in hell.

BUT. what did i do after that? i did nothing. i din make any amendments. i lived the way i lived. i want to change. but how? a Godless life is a terrible life. i've seen it by myself. i've experienced it. but now, God seems farther away than i thought He was. i need Him back to guide me. and yet i know, with faith, that He is always there for me. i jus need to see Him. i need to open my eyes.

well, that's quite a lot. time to get on with the studying. i've got tons to do. first of all, logic gates worksheet.

darling of heaven crucified.
worthy is the lamb.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

its been a relatively good day. im tired and all. so i think i better make this a quick one. but, i have so many things to talk about and since i've delayed my blogging for a few days already. i shall take a while longer to share with the people who read this bout my life this few days.

anyway, school started again on thursday. it was a hectic start to the week. even though it was already thursday. we had 3 tests in one day. i will pass my a math test. without a doubt. i know i did pretty well for the test. confirm won't fail. then there was ss test. well, the problem with tests for the humanities, you never know what you get. after the paper, you jus shrug it off cause there is no fixed answer to anything. its jus presenting your argument. but i jus have this bad feeling i won't do well for this test. not because i din study or anything, but i think i present my argument well enough. but wat the heck, its freaking propaganda anyway.

well, sort of sneaked out of class at the end of the day. we were supposed to have some lit thingy after school but it was jus a hoax anyway. went home, and well, proud to say, i studied! and i also did not play dota for one whole day on thursday! weee! haha.

well, friday came. and it was the weekend already. it was a tiring day and all. it was a pretty bad day as well. chinese o's results came back. i got a B3. for those who din know yet. many may say, that's not bad. but i beg to differ. pardon me, because i expected an A. i thought i had it in the bag. but sad to say, it sprang out of the bag. and now, im left thinking and pondering on whether i should retake or not. i know that if i retake, i can get at least an A2, but if i actually use the time i have now without chinese, i can actually work on my weaker subjects and pull them up to a higher grade.

anyway, saturday came along. i woke up pretty late. bout 11 plus. i actually studied. i was doing chem and ss before going for footie. well, it was a good game. we had some serious fun. we could have scored so many goals but well, we had poor finishing. but it was great fun nevertheless. the team we had today rocked. i won't say solid in defence. but our build up was excellent. without a doubt.

well, i can't go to church. mum's got something and i've gotta play babysitter again. but for crying out loud, my bro's 11 years old already. he can take care of himself and is capable of staying at home for a few hours. besides, my dad will be back by about 11. oh well. what can i say? my mum will never take a NO for an answer. guess i've gotta live with that. the nagging has become routine already. im starting to become immune to it but i still feel irritated nonetheless. lets jus hope the nagging stops.

alright, its pretty late. i think i better go sleep. i know i don want to. because i know weekends are oh so precious now. i want to savour it to the very last bit.

oh yes, i forgot to mention. UNITED ARE OFF TO A FLYING START. 2-0 WINNERS AGAINST EVERTON. eat that liverpudlians. i meant the blue side of liverpool. not the red side although you guys still cannot make it. draw with boro 0-0. oh well. hahaha.

confused. sometimes, you never know what goes on inside people's heads. oh well. -shrugs-

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

i wanted to type happy national day singapore. but i realised its 12.39am already. so its august 10 2005 not august 9 2005.

well lets see, the "long weekend" passed really quickly. amazing how time flies when you're at home, lazing around, doing work occasionally, playing dota most of the time.

i've been basically slacking off these few days. but i did manage to do some work. i completed my vectors worksheet, did till question 10 of relative velocity worksheet which is serious bullshit, studied ss and revised a bit for a math test. its quite a lot actually. im planning to do a bit more work tmr. haha.

EPL in 3 days! finally! manchester united vs everton! first game of the season! wee! haha. oh well. im getting excited.

well, i went to play footie today again at punggol park. this time, it was rather enjoyable. but the ground was a bit too wet. and i can't play with my boots. i jus cannot feel the ball as i usually do when i play barefoot. but if i play barefooted, i don have the traction! oh well. anyway, i played keeper for quite awhile today! and i did pretty well. haha. i like playing keeper!

lets take a more serious note now shall we? prelims are in 3 weeks. i know 3 weeks isn't a very long time. it will come in no time. but my body jus does not want to register that fact. its behaving as if the prelims are 3 years away. i panic at the thought that its so close and yet im not doing anything about it. its freaking me out.

but 3 and a half months from now, i'll be free. i can burn my textbooks and make a bonfire out of my notes. and get sued by environmental agency. but heck. i can deal with anything after the o's.

i think its bout time to rally and start studying. if only i can do what i say. things would be a hell lot simpler.

and to ben, relax. everyone is feeling as down as you are. and yeah, i agree we've been bitching you for the past month also. but don worry, i think its bout time we stopped. perhaps we're all feeling a bit more irritable than usual. a little give and take is required. and bout FOP, i beg to differ. even though, the musicians were amazing and that one can argue it was a bloody good performance and that's all to it, i personally feel that God touched me.

draw your swords,
and get ready for battle.
be vigilant and prepared,
for everything that the enemy can throw at you.
and at the end of day,
we'll punch the air in triumph,

Monday, August 08, 2005

new blogskin. therefore, i shall blog. haha.

went for FOP again yesterday.

before that, went to save ben foo's butt in the morning. he was in charge of icebreakers but he couldn't finish doing the thing so we(meaning me and daniel) rushed down to help him so now he owes us a treat to sakae sushi.

im in sally's class for sunday school! how! haha. oh well. at least i've got company. if not, i think i will die. 1 year. wow. its gonna be a long 1 year.

anyway, had jamming after that. we did pretty well considering we played together for the 2nd time only. i'm still having trouble with one way. haha. its one of those songs. i played all right in all day. so yeah.

anyway, rushed to FOP. it was awesome. met samuel there. he was queueing. i din have to queue! hahaha. richard had like VIP passes and we were like 5 metres away from HILLSONGs AND DELIRIOUS! ohmyson.

it was an awesome experience. i experienced God. which is great. amazing.

well, that's bout it.

worthy is the lamb.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

FOP was not bad. we queued for pretty long. ended up sitting at the back, watching the thingy from a screen. then we jus went up to the balcony. haha. we din really care. then something funny happened up there.

security: are you all looking for seats?

mk:sort of. but its ok. we can stand.

security: -ponders- err. you know you are not allowed to stand?

mk: aiyah. nvm la.

security: -walks away-

hahaha. wad kind of security is that? but anyway, the songs were pretty good. not the top ones but it was really great. and i could feel God's presence. the two drummers were awesome as well. i might be going again tmr!

Over all the earth,
You reign on high,
Every mountain stream,
Every Sunset Sky,
But my one request,
You Lord my only aim,
Is that you'd reign in me again.
Lord Reign in me,
Reign in your power,
Over all my dreams,
In my darkest hour,
YOu are the Lord,
Of all I am,
So won't you reign in me again
Over every thought,
Over every word,
May my life reflect,
The beauty of my Lord,
Cause you mean more to me,
than any earthly thing,
So won't you reign in me again

my one request.

Monday, August 01, 2005

life's so uncertain.
you don know what others think about you.
the very person you sit with in class may be the biggest two-face in the world.
the people whom are friendly with you, might be mocking you the moment your back is turned.

i think the first one bothers me the most.
so much uncertainty shrouds my life. each step i take, i wonder if it will take me down to deeper shit.

and yet the only person i have to turn to is God. for He is faithful. and He is the only person who loves each and everyone of us. with equality.

im amazed at my sudden spirituality. =/

and yet, im still so uncertain bout everything. maybe things would be better if i let go.

and yeah. sorry jerome for all that bitching and shit that i've thrown at you for the past year. if it were me, i would have hoot everyone already. so yeah im sorry. cheers.

i think its time to start studying.

when can i finally let go?




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