Monday, March 28, 2005

im addicted to jokes. hahaha.

"God, what is a million years to you?"
God answered, "A million years to me is only a second."
The man asked, "God, what is a million dollars worth to you?"
God replied, "A million dollars to me is worth only a penny."
The man lifted his eyebrows and asked his final question.
"God, can I have a penny?"
God answered, "Sure, give me a second."

A blonde and a brunette are sitting in a bar and watching the 11:00 P.M. news. A man is standing on the ledge of a high-rise building, contemplating suicide.
The brunette says to the blonde: "I'll bet you $20.00 that the man jumps off that building and commits suicide."
The blonde thinks for a moment then replies: "OK, you're on!"
They watch for a few minutes and sure enough, the man jumps off the ledge. The blonde sighs and reaches for her wallet, but the brunette stops her, saying: "I can't take your money - I feel too guilty. I have to confess that I watched the 6:00 P.M. news this evening and I knew that the man would jump.
The blonde replied: "Oh! I watched the 6:00 P.M. news too, but I didn't think he'd jump off again!"

Sunday, March 27, 2005

its raining cats, dogs and mice now. so i can't go play footie. thus, i blog.

anyway. its easter sunday! cool. maybe i am really growing spiritually. hopefully. i want to though.

sigh. i need to start studying soon. focus focus focus. i can't seem to deactivate from vacation mode. anyway, first thing to do before i study is win the interclass! c'mon lets do it.

im gonna play like a boy inspired on wednesday. hopefully. i really really wanna win something with this class. this class is like super good. i like my class. haha. 4.7 rocks!

and i also gotta start training for nafta test. my fitness now is like bullcrap. how to get silver much less to say gold?! train train train.

well, thats bout it.

from the mountains, to the valleys
hear our praises, rise to You!

Saturday, March 26, 2005

okok. im bored. so im gonna blog.

well, good friday was yesterday. really struck me hard when i realise someone actually died for me? and the best part of all, i was happy. cos i noe i matter. and that he cares for me.

hmmm. interclass interclass interclass. c'mon guys. beat 4.2 and we've got 1 and a half legs into the semis. lets go for it. i am so so coveting for the trophy. eluded me for so long. haha. at least i've got bronze for sec 2 interclass and gold for sec 2 interhouse. lets do it guys.

well, i finished my trigo differentiation ws! yes! midyears in 4 weeks. im still slacking and playing. sigh. gonna play soccer later. mus practice for wed.

anyway, im feeling happy. haha. well, i really really truly believe that i have mood swings. watch me, i'm gonna be upset and frustrated tmr.

wad is it to burn by finch is such a nice song.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

hectic week. tho it was only a 4-day week. well ok. firstly, monday. it was a bloody sleepy day. err. we had 2.4 run for the first time in like 4 weeks. 11.40. like $!@#$@!$#@!. and to think i wanna try to hit below 10. that's like a super high target to hit in 3 weeks.
bought boots in the night. wee. i like my boots. haha.
well on tuesday, another stone day. damn sleepy. slept during kenneth seah's physics lesson and in the end i embarrassed myself. ahah. ok shutup beng. stop talking bout my hand being magnetized. played soccer after school and chem lecture. ah well. at the rate we're going i'll be happy if we just qualify for semis.
then wednesday, interclass. the only highlight on a boring day. haha. won 4.1 2-1. haha. my cross. mat's goal. drew with 4.6 0-0. should have won la. dammit.
anyway, the teachers are like pmsing more than ever. i mean its just homework, wads the big deal for crying out loud.

if u're heading in the wrong direction, God allows u-turns.

Sunday, March 20, 2005

i haven't completed 20% of my homework.

i have sunburn.

i am tired.

my fitness level has detiorated. and i can't spell detiorated.

i haven't studied for chem test.

but why am i happy?

conclusion: i have mood swings.

Friday, March 18, 2005

swollen tonsils and all.
ok. my life is screwed upside down inside out left right centre. first off. my tonsils are swollen. it hurts so damn bad whenever i try to swallow my saliva. forget bout swallowing my food man. added to the fact that all the food provided during the camp was soo oily and heaty. im surprised my throat din just die or something.
stupid cruise to pedra branca. waste 6 hours of my life. in the end only see one war ship and one dumb light house. waste my life. summore the sea was so choppy i almost threw up and felt so sick after the cruise. and all the while, my throat hurt like HELL.
came back from camp. wow. and guess wad greeted me? 4 math papers which up till now i can't do. 1 hist essay which i can't do cos i din bring back my text. 1 bio paper which i can't do cos i din bring back my text. 1 whole bunch of chinese questions which i can't be bothered to do. 1 english essay to do.
the mid year math papers are like signed sealed and delivered by satan himself. its just too difficult. i can't do like so so so many questions. i think im gonna just flunk my maths. both.
din go planet shakers. dumb tonsils.
my life's just so screwed up. i don see how it can be any more screwed up. but well, im always wrong.
sometimes i wish someone can be there to listen and comfort me. apparently its impossible. friends can only take you so far. and God doesn't seem to want to listen to me. frankly, i feel no one's actually WANTS to listen. they are just obliged to.
sigh never mind. i guess its just me. go ahead and complain that's its untrue and stuff.

Sunday, March 13, 2005

band name is officially "De-phunk'd". my moment of inspiration.

might jam tmr. still donno yet. SOCCER LATER. wee.

by the blood of Christ we stand.

woo hoo!

planet shakers concert on thurs.

Friday, March 11, 2005

haha. the holidays are here. but still rather busy. got camp. got a lot a lot of homework. then im going away for holidays next weekend.
took green form yesterday. went to skool when i had like fever. 38.5. doh. went home before bio test. damn sad. stupid toh thought i went home on purpose so i can don take her bio test. which is very very stupid of her. dumbo. oh well. sad case. i always knew she was prejudiced against me.
haha. well, i think im gonna fail today's lit assignment. i barely wrote a page. and daryl chia was like scribbling three times the speed i was writing at. oh well. fail then fail. like i care. haha.
i'll probably pass bio. i hope. ben and anjan were like helping me. ss test probably will scrape a pass. din have enough time to write. sigh. one of the rare occasions where i actually have things to write.
WOO~ my form has been like on a high so far. scored a few goals. one was like super nice la. im so happy. puts me in good stead for inter-class. watch me.
well, i better start studying. i have been slacking the entire term. time to start catching up.

Bon Jovi - All About Loving You

Looking at the pages of my life
Faded memories of me and you
Mistakes you know I've made a fewI
took some shots and fell from time to time
Baby, you were there to pull me through
We've been around the block a time or two
I'm gonna lay it on the line
Ask me how we've come this far
The answer's written in my eyes
[Chorus:]Every time I look at you, baby, I see something new
That takes me higher than before and makes me want you more
I don't wanna sleep tonight,
dreamin's just a waste of time
When I look at what my life's been comin' to
I'm all about lovin' you
I've lived, I've loved, I've lost, I've paid some dues,
babyWe've been to hell and back again
Through it all you're always my best friend
For all the words I didn't say and all the things I didn't do
Tonight I'm gonna find a way
Every time I look at you, baby, I see something new
That takes me higher than before and makes me want you more
I don't wanna sleep tonight, dreamin's just a waste of time
When I look at what my life's been comin' toI
'm all about lovin' you
You can take this world away
You're everything I am
Just read the lines upon my face
I'm all about lovin' you
Every time I look at you, baby,
I see something new
That takes me higher than before
and makes me want you more
I don't wanna sleep tonight, dreamin's just a waste of time
When I look at what my life's been comin' to
I'm all about lovin' you
All about lovin' you

this song is like super nice.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

better than yesterday.
argh. i can't believe my "work" on TCM. i made ac milan a relegation threatened side even though i bought john terry and some sychev guy who's supposed to be super duper good.
oh well. languishing in 10th position in the serie A now. doh.
went to church today. couldn't get xin in the morning. that dumb twert. haha. service was super inspiring i must say. super duper whooper good. then sunday school was like game all the way. hahaha. we played some game involving chick, egg, chicken and human. donno wad la. anyway, daryl would have flipped on the spot if he was there. and the NS guys threw our egg on the ground. doh. we were confident it would not break. it proved the contrary.
den went to eat. chicken rice was gd. the uncle puts some kind of addictive drug in there. heh. oh well. came home. and i haven't studied for my tests yet. im so dead. thank goodness for the holiday tmr. praise the drong.
IM GONNA MUG ON A FREE HOLIDAY DRONG GAVE US. something's not right. oh well. its no life all study year. heh. have to la. hope something comes out of the studying. and all the tests. and all the examinations.
and i still don see how a math is gonna be crucial to my life. maybe calculating the gradient of a hill. maybe impress people with binomial but still useless. waste my precious time.

still searching for something good..

moody. pissed. frustrated.
its a screwed up world we live in. life IS really a roller coaster i guess. maybe im just moody. sometimes u're on a high. everything goes your way. people treat u nice. tests are easy.
but when u're down n rock bottom, it really sucks. u get ignored. even on msn. tests just seem to be at the hardest. teachers pass sarcastic remarks that sting like bees.
life is just so hard. its so complicated. maybe daryl's right. maybe its cos im living a Godless life. sadly. maybe its the lack of love. maybe its just a combination of everything that's screwed up.
have to conduct PT, drill and MOI lecture during camp. like that's so bullshit. i have to study for history and bio tests next week. its just so full of crap man.
well i guess things can't always go your way. but the more i look at it, the more it seems like things never did go my way. oh well. i guess im just a pessimist.
hope that it will be better. hope. tho wadeva i hoped never did happen. haha. see im a pessimist. well i hope. really hope things will be better.

looking into the horizon..

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Jam. Physics. A Math.
alright then. lets start re-capping bout this horrendous week.

founders day celebration in school. got award for chinese. hehe. stupid studio we booked told us we had to cancel our booking. so dumb. wadtheheck. ended up finding some ulu studio INSIDE a fruit store at commonwealth.
the drums were off. the crash was weird. they used cheapskate double pedal. they have a cracked hi-hat. conclusion: it sucked.
dom must be exposed to more songs. he hardly knows enough. haha.
went to chen's house after that. stayed till like 6 plus when my mum fetched me back.

actual founder's day. suppose to meet ben siow at tampines at 10.40am. chen missed 2 163s so we ended up meeting ben 40 mins late. dom was the champion. he was late for an hour and20 minutes. CRAP. i want to mod my xbox. my heart ached and longed for the pirated games at tampines. tampines. hub of piracy.
made our way to indoor stadium. it was screwed up. the primary school children acted soooo uncute. they were disrupting the service and were desperately trying to seek attention. wasted 4 hours of my life.

physics test. it was rather okay i guess. din fail. 18/25. yay. then there was chinese test which i studied for in the morning. and yes. we din do PE.

5 free periods. 3 cheers to ranjee. she din come again. she has officially ponned school more times than me. 3-2. she's leading. went to play soccer. for like the first period only. haha. it was a top-class game. everyone raised their level to the optimum during the game. clement made 2 great saves that would have made schmeichel proud. and a blunder that barthez would have laughed about. oh it rhymed. hahahaha. scored a hat-trick! the first was a tap in thanks to dom's great cross. second i managed to hit it far post thru a crowd of people. i just saw the dustbin and empty space so i knew it was the goal so just shoot. and it went in. third one was well, just whack la. and it went in. wee~ but we still lost. doh. great game. ashok and andrew oled me tho. argh.

i don like dalwindar kaur.




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