Saturday, December 31, 2005

what a day it was yesterday. i seriously enjoy every single minute i spend with my mates. probably because times like these will be a rarity once 2006 arrives. which is in about 2 hours time or so.

my dad wouldn't allow me to leave the house unless i cleared my table, which i admit is in a total mess. if richard's room looked like a refuge shelter from hurricane katrina, mine probably looked like a shelter after a mini earthquake or smth. i had sweet wrappers, bibles, the front cover of my bio textbook and all kinds of nonsense on it and i practically threw everything away. well, almost.

managed to get to plaza sing at about 4. played some pool. lost to daniel like 3 times. hahaha. i need to get my touch back. played till about 6 before ben siow the dog arrived so we made him wait for a while before meeting him for dinner at ps. had the usual. the grilled stuff. jus that i ate squid instead.

went to xbox after that. it was a really bad experience. not because i got owned again in halo. but because the freaking cashiers were being idiots/morons or whatever you wanna call that. ok. i found the perfect word. DOGS. firstly, they give me a screwed up xbox machine, i go to them and wanted a change and they showed me attitude. i shrugged that aside but for the next few times i saw him, he gave me the very same attitude. my gosh. im never going there again as long as those two are working.

it was like, we din pay for one counter and he asked ben whether he was paying for 2 counters. but we thought that we paid for all so i asked him what for? i mean, we paid for all. then he gave me that "don ask so many questions i'm gonna kick your ass" look and told me that he din receive it. so i gave him the "go -censored- yourself" look and went off to check. it turns out he was right, but his attitude really puts people off.

went off to some war memorial thing to drink. had like vodka and barcadi. HAHAHA. ben was high after a while. i actually drank quite a bit. more than i've ever drunk before and i felt abit lightheaded after that. that was settled after supper at glutton's bay at esplanade.

Image hosted by

my gosh. the brits can't drink to save their lives. =/ jus barcadi and then a baby pops out?

Image hosted by

wee. vodka! =)

as i was saying, ben was totally high. he had no idea what he said and all and he was sooooo high he told andrew stuff he normally doesn't tell anyone. hahaha. yes. err. well, ben lets jus said you said a lot after drinking like a fish, i mean dog. HAHAHA. okok. enough with the dog thing.

reached home real late. about 2am. and then woke up early again for meeting this morning.

that's about it. the year's coming to an end. i've enjoyed this year. for the joys, the pains, the sufferings and the fun of it all. memorable year it will be. thank you 2005 for the memories.

oh wait, i forgot to mention about the weird dream i had last night. in my dream, earth was gonna explode/self-destruct in the year 2014 and we were most probably somewhere around dec 30 2013 so everyone was scrambling around trying to save their arse by migrating to mars. and soo everyone went to nasa to climb aboard a space shuttle to go to mars. and ben siow had to travel in a different shuttle cos he was classified as a dangerous man as he had killed someone.

warped. =/

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

very belated merry x'mas everyone. haven't been updating.

saturday was carolling and timeout. carolling was quite fun although there was an element that was contrasting. there was a wake at the ground floor! and we were like singing about the birth of our Lord while they are mourning the loss of their loved one. quite contrasting.

it ended pretty early so we went back to church to play and waited for timeout to begin.

we went to fort canning for timeout and it really was quite enjoyable. with the spray cans, the game and the skit. it was quite interesting. and supper was good. had prata and stuff. ended up with about 2 hours of sleep only. but surprisingly, i was quite awake the next morning for christmas service. it was nice to see sebastian getting baptised and daniel, wanzhen and anthony getting confirmed. ah well.

went for daniel's lunch thingy at his place later on. thanks for your gift mans! haha. then we jus basically chilled at his place till about 4 before going to my uncle's house for christmas celebration. hahaha. oh well. had pizza and fried chicken. it was really quite enjoyable. hohoho. i received this really nice watch from my uncles and aunt. hahaha. nice christmas present.

boxing day was spent at home. supposed to go soccer but i was too damn tired to go for soccer. hahaa. oh well. then went to sakae yesterday after meeting. mhmm. yummy! hahaha.

i shall be a good boy and fulfill all my responsibilities next year.

my new year resolution is to fulfill all my responsibilities and duties and be a good boy. HAHAHA.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

a splendid day. thats what it was. football in the morning. chilling out in the afternoon and a bbq in the night.

woke up at 8 in the morning feeling a bit conked up after the previous night's incident and also cos i was still a bit sick. i took up own sweet time to prepare. and i took my own sweet time to travel to clementi where richard was supposed to meet me at 930 and i took my own sweet time to wait in the end cos that idiot came at 950 again! what a dog. no wonder you're a dog. can tell me you're at city hall when you were probably at like bugis or smth. DOG.

ok. played like shit. i shot so many times but they either hit the invulnerable keeper aka tommy aka thomas or flew wide. it was like that for 3 games before it started raining and we had to call it a day.

went to dom's house after that to shower. i was feeling quite bad then. thank goodness for dom's panadols if not i would have collapsed or smth. my migraine was killing me. went to have something more than a bite but not enough for lunch at bukit timah market. had like some pasta. it was not bad considering it was $4 and it was at a hawker centre. shared some fried carrot cake and fish soup. nice. then went to mambo billiards to play pool. played till bout 6 plus before rushing down to jerome's house with qian li they all. had some bbq. it was really very nice to sit down as a group and have dinner and enjoy a meal together as good frens. it really was. all the food stealing, all the name callings, all the laughter.

ah well. ok. i'm signing off. bye!

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

im like hot. both literally and figuratively. i shan't touch on the figuratively one today but i'm really literally hot today. and yesterday. and maybe on monday as well.


my body temperature has been hovering between 38 degrees to around 38.8 degrees. its quite scary. sometimes i feel so hot -pardon the pun- i felt i could like fry an egg on my arms, heat up soup with my breath, and barbecue sweet potatoes under my arm pits.

despite this, i actually went to play soccer yesterday. surprisingly, i actually played well although i felt like dying after the game. i thought i couldn't make it home alive. it was really very scary. and yesterday night, i was feeling so darn terrible that i actually thought i might fall asleep and never wake up the next morning.

hahahaha. oh well. im feeling better now but im still very hot. 38.1 degrees. i hope i can recover in time for our clique's bbq and timeout!

united beat b'ham yesterday night with park and saha on the score sheet. another convincing victory. haha. oh well.

i think that's all i have to say.

oh ya, to whoever it may apply to, remember the promise! X)

Thursday, December 15, 2005

woke up at an unprecedented 1.20pm today. was awakened at around 12pm by daniel tay who asked me to go have lunch with him. was too tired to answer him legibly. jus told him that my dad was buying back food. and he did! hahaha.

watched united's 4-0 rout of wigan. it was a fantastic game. flowing football by manchester united. alan smith putting in good tackles, scholes putting in great passes, giggs running at defenders, rio defending like a rock (a 29 million pound rock to be exact), Image hosted by Photobucket.comnooo. not this kind of rock.van der sar back to his best and rooney scoring. it was almost like a fairytale.

last carrolling session today. it was quite fun. no stress, no pressure. probably because of the presence of weichong on the stage with us. so we enjoyed ourselves and ended our last session in about 30 mins. weichong treated us to dinner at delifrance after that.

Image hosted by

the delifrance we went to was pathetic. ok, beyond pathetic. there were like pasta, potato gratin and other stuff on their menu but everytime we tried to order them, they would say its out of stock, or they don make it. and their service totally sucks. the entire crew has to serve 1 customer. and they take soo long to make the sandwich for the customer. totally not organized.

went to arcade after that to play. wz got hooked on the ddr machine. it was crazy. and i totally can't coordinate.

meeting at tcc tmr! haha. so weird. meeting at tcc. oh well. then have to rush back to church for cell! hahaha. oh well.

going for bedok soccer on sat! haha. hooked to it. it provides some kind of challenge and i wanna prove myself there. prove that i'm an able player. prove i can stick with the best. get back my self confidence, so i can start terrorizing defences once more.

then going for capt's ball after that! =) hahaha.

i like being busy. i've been slacking my entire life away. having a packed schedule is something refreshing. time to let loose of all the energy.

if life was a bed of roses, where everything is the way you want it to, then you might as well be God.
the unfairness of life is the beauty of it as well.

i may be affected over recent events.

but nothing can keep me down for too long.

upset and disappointed, yes.
but its time to get on with it.

when life doesn't throw you the queens, kings or aces, make do with the 3 of diamonds or 2 of spades.

there's a lesson to be learnt.
learn it mk.

"yes. im learning."
i think im going mad. im talking to myself!

anyway, united ran out 4-0 winners against wigan. finally, a game which put a smile to my face. and the gaffer's face.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

sentosa. sun, sand and sea.
a whole load of fun.

now i've got sunburn.
red cheeks, red shoulders.

and i'm lazy to type anymore. i'm lazy to BLOG. oh crap.

the higher your hopes,
the harder your fall.

Monday, December 12, 2005

happy birthday daniel tay! hahahaha.

so we went out after church. ben siow din join us. dom did. he had no choice. he was my dog for the day. HOHOHO. oh well. it was pretty fun. we went like arcade roaming, going to almost 4 different arcades in one day. suppose to watch movies, but there weren't any nice shows so we jus decided to go to arcades and play pool at paradiz. haha.

overall, it was a very fun, expensive and tiring day.

wow. i cut short everything. maybe its cos im in no mood to blog. =/ perhaps. there are like soo many things to type. thinking about them is like a turn off to blog. HAHAHA. jus like dom's singing upsets your stomach. something like that.

i donno why i feel the way i do,
i have no explanation for it.
its funny, cos i've never felt like this before.
i might jus pick up the rope and start a tug of war again.
even if i do lose, at least i go down fighting, knowing i've tried.
cos i know, i might never have this kind of feeling again.

lets jus hope that at the end both tuggers will still be very good friends. hahahaha.

Friday, December 09, 2005

i shall not talk about football on my blog anymore.

on my previous post, i said that manchester united will own benfica and ronaldo will own. and look at what happened.

blah. i shall not visit for the next five days. i shall not read the sports section for the next five days. and i'll refrain from watching espn and star sports till sunday night when united play.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

stupid liverpool.
stupid chelsea.

they made football become a freaking chess game.

benitez:"i move crouch onto E10."
mourinho:"i move terry to E10."

oh. terry "makan-ed" crouch.

nvm. united will own benfica. ronaldo will own.

why am i blogging? i forgot my motive on blogging. ahh ok. nvm. a wasted 200th post.

if you say so. =)

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

hohoho. what a fun day today.

i woke up from my slumber at 11.30am today. the earliest in about a few days. i promised my mum to mop the floor for her and i regretted my decision in the morning. nevertheless, i fulfilled my promise.

went to yio chu kang to meet dom and richard after that. DOM WAS FREAKING ONE HOUR FIFTEEN MINUTES LATE. and he was the one with the screwed up ipod. idiot fellow, get an ipod video. 30 gb. and well, we played a prank on him. or rather, richard did. he pretended to call apple and he bluffed dom that they could not and would not replace his ipod video. dom's facial expression was worth millions. not millions of dollars, maybe millions of people laughing.

we got there and well, his ipod decided to work. so we kind of wasted our life. went to dhoby ghaut after that. dom agreed to treat us lunch cos we fixed his ipod with our magic fingers and so we ate kwey chap. it was not bad but the stupid vegetable thingy spoiled everything.

WE PLAYED DAYTONA! and i can drift very well with auto. HOHOHO. it was soooo fun. but the X zone daytona machines are seriously screwed up. 2 of them cannot be used, 1 of them cannot change to 4th gear (you should have seen the guy who chose expert and realised he couldn't shift to 4th gear. HAHAHA.) and another that could not accelerate past 171km/h.

i think im hooked on daytona.

i must start playing pool. gosh, i kind of suck at it. but it was fun. 3 of us taking turns to play against each other.

i wish everyday was like that.

you insist, i persist.
its like a mini tug of war. =) oh well.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

and so, im probably back to my usual mood now. maybe not as jovial. maybe not as tolerant, but i guess im probably on the way back to my usual self.

on a lighter note, i attribute my "moody-ness" to my bloody toe. you see, my bloody toe looks really disgusting. 3/4 of my toenail is dark purple now cos it bled and the front part of my toe scrapped off. not to the extent of seeing the bone of course, but it scrapped off and so it bled. and it really is a disgusting sight. everytime i look down at my feet(which is when i get scolded by my mum or jus waiting for my hero to revive after being killed for the umpteenth time), the bloody toe urks me. and so it contributes to my bad mood. also, it made me wonder whether i could ever kick a soccer ball without grimacing again. my footballing career was on the line, so i was worried AND so, i felt moody. but im ok now, partly because im quite convinced that i can kick a ball without grimacing AS LONG AS I WEAR MY BOOTS. but im not one that wears boots. i prefer to play barefooted. maybe God is forcing the issue upon me, not wanting me to get hurt.

GOD:"OK mingkiat, its about time you stop playing football without shoes. you might get seriously hurt one day so I'll make you fall, suffer a minor injury, oh no, don worry, it'll heal, and yes, you'll have to start wearing boots to play soccer. a win-win situation."

and omg, i dreamt that peter crouch scored 2 goals on friday night and it really happened! (notice the game was on saturday night). if only all my dreams could come true. ok. most.

and yes, i've been thinking about ACL. apparently, there's been some talk that i have already accepted the post. but no, i haven't. and i really do not know whether i should or not. there's the usual excuse, "sorry God, i don have enough time." and the favourite,"no i can't cope."

but when i actually come to think about it, these are invalid excuses. God is ruler of all and the Alpha and the Omega. with such power, surely He'll make time for me. He'll surely expand my time and prosper me. and God surely must have seen some form of quality in me so that i'll be approached to take up acl-ship.

i hope to make a right decision. i know 3/4 of mingkiat says that i should take up acl. but there's the undecided 1/4 of mingkiat, still hanging in between. sitting on the fence as they say.

i'll see where it takes me then.

back to the world of footie, i'm pretty glad that united beat portsmouth 3-0 at old trafford. their home form is torrid by united's high standards and with such an emphatic victory, i hope we have the consistency to carry us through the season. what really pleased me was that i could see the hunger, determination and drive in the players now. which team in the country, perhaps in the world, has their left winger and striker come back to defend? and im not talking about set-pieces.

ronaldo was a constant danger during the period of time he was on the pitch. for once, his dazzling footwork brought about some form of result, with perfectly-weighted crosses and pot shots at goal. something which is rarity considering that ronaldo seems to have lost his ability to produce after he dazzles.

it was an ok performance but i wished we had ripped apart portsmouth. that would have been a true fitting tribute for georgie best.

time to go off now. not feeling very well.

God bless.

Friday, December 02, 2005

i think its quite sad when you suddenly realise, or suddenly feel, void of happiness. when nothing in this world seem to be able to bring a smile to your face. when you're jus giving and giving to others and everyone else seems to be taking and taking from you, sooner or later, you're gonna become an empty vessel.

maybe i need a recharge. maybe i need to stop giving and giving to others and start receiving. but receive from who?

i feel extremely distant from the one i call my heavenly Father. it seems, the one thing that i've been holding onto, the belief that He will always be there for me and that He will take care of me seems to be slipping away.

i am one confused fellow now. i think i need a break. i think i need some time alone. to recharge. a break. jus maybe. i donno. that's how confused i am. i have no idea what i want to do.

i jus feel that nothing is worth it anymore. i jus feel that nothing/nobody can provide the happiness that can sustain me. nonono. i won't jump off the 16th floor. im not stupid or dumb or both.

pray for me if you can.

peace, out.

rarh. i think i can be like mad eye moody or something already. every morning when i wake up, i'll feel exceptionally moody. whoever tries to converse with me will seriously get the brunt of my "moody-ness".

like all my dad's colleagues who called.

they will probably complain to my dad about how rude i was, ok maybe not rude but loud, when he gets back to office. but what the heck. it doesn't really matter.

and yes, i din go for cell today due to undisclosed reasons. i don wanna talk about it. i think i'll start bitching and scolding and pmsing if i do.

so yesterday's carrolling wasn't that bad. there was less pressure cos that guy with the screwed up face aka paying master aka weizhong's boss wasn't there. no cynical laughter, no screwed up face to scare the living daylights out of us. so we performed. we sang pretty ok. the flow of the songs were jus right. now we have to fine tune the minor details like moving and all.

after carrolling, joe, ben and i went to the arcade and dhoby ghaut mrt. hahaha. there were many new machines which i have never seen before. =/joe was really good at the initial d racing thingamajig. quite amazing. hahaha. and then we played 3 rounds of daytona! wee! managed to win 1 round out of the 3. HAHAHA.

had dinner with them at the food court at ps. had the grilled chicken set from the riverside indonesian stall. no matter how many times i eat it, it still tastes the same. damn freaking good. hahhaha. then we went home.

i was jus thinking after a short time of self-reflecting, or maybe it was jus a random thought that came to my mind. i'm not that kind who should be involved in relationships or anything. maybe im that kind that prefers the carefree lifestyle. where i don have to care about anything. jus chill, enjoy life.

"and so mk starts to daydream. its 5.45am. he wakes up, looks out of his balcony and a magnificent view awaits him. the sun in the backdrop, with the ocean covering the foreground. like a portrait. he puts on his trainers and goes for his routine morning jog along the coast of the beach." yada yada. you know the rest. chill for the entire day. play dota, play beach soccer, sun tan, drinks and then party at night. wow. what a life that would be.

ok time to stop daydreaming.

back to reality. its december. OH NO.

and i jus realised i can never become an author.

lalalala. back to reality.




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