Sunday, July 29, 2007

yesterday's workshop by adamkhoo's company benefitted me no matter what people say. nevermind the fact that they charge a lot and in some cases (as dom and richard puts it), cheat school's money.

nevertheless, it was fruitful.

ladies and gentlemen, i have a grim announcement to make.
you will not see me prance around punggol park, making a fool out of the mats and the uncles on weekends anymore. well, not more than once anyway.

because, i've imposed a ban on soccer on myself. no soccer till end of a's. occasionally, maybe once a week. but never more than once.

all for the greater good.


Saturday, July 28, 2007

hello world revision has been a bitch i woke up one morning feeling extremely worried about my a levels. its close to 90 days left between now and then and i feel so under prepared. frankly speaking, i don't think i've ever felt prepared for any exam in a long while, not since primary school at least. therefore, i'm sorry if i'm very quiet in school or whatnot cos i'm either just in a terribly awful mood or i'm just feeling stressed out, most of the time a mixture of both.

anyhoo, in between studying and school, i still try to give myself an hour or two to keep myself sane and connected to this world. msn and championship manager.

lets hope i own the a levels as well as i owned roma.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

this is me currently. sans the crew cut.

i woke up this morning, standing in front of the mirror and i freaked out when i realized it was about 5 more weeks to the start of prelims (although some might argue i get freaked out everytime i look in the mirror). time is indeed running out and God bless our souls, if we don't make it for the A'levels, we're all gonna burn in a hot fiery pool of 'failures'.

that said, its time to attempt to revisit micro economics.

see you all in the fluffy clouds of success.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

607 pages.
and it was all over.

it was a satisfying read. j.k rowling (aka samuel see's ex-fantasy) has done it. again. now, i shan't spoil anything for those who haven't read or completed that book. all in all, there were both expected and unexpected stuff.

as with most posts recently, every post has been filled with a bit of emo moments. as i flipped page after page in a 12-hour journey from page 1 to page607, i had wondered what it would be like if the magical world of harry potter actually existed a few times, wondered what it would be like if magic existed and i knew magic more than several times.

maybe things would be less mundane?
but then again, if magic truly existed, the current lifestyle we have would be the ones we crave. the sad sad truth of human nature. we always want what we can have. and when we get what we want, its worthless.

and so even as the story of harry potter concludes, many, including me, silently wish that the fictional world of harry potter, magic and of course hermoine granger, truly exists.

however, as an anti-climax, i must warn everyone not to get carried away and start fantasizing about hot witches (positive innuendo) in flowy robes or hunky wizards in flowy robes as well for too long because ladies and gentlemen...

the a levels are in 100 days.

so unless you want to appear to have been kissed by a dementor when the results come out, i suggest everyone start mugging.

simply because harry and gang mug too (even though they didn't in this book) and hermione granger is very smart (proves smart girls are hot girls).

Friday, July 20, 2007

i tried updating a few nights ago but i realized i had nothing to say.

school has been monotonous. another week has passed. mothercow fast. at least i've somewhat started on revision. but i decided to take a break today.

i shall update again when i've something to update.

for now, its championship manager 07.

Monday, July 16, 2007

he crushes a piece of paper for the umpteenth time. fiddling with his pen, he wonders if he'll ever attain the answers or for that matter, the answer. scribbling mathematical equations on a brand new sheet of paper, he starts on plan C. after several minutes of hard concentration, harbouring the hope that he has finally got the answer, he realizes the pieces don't fit together for the umpteenth time. inferiority, rage, anger, envy started welling inside him all at the same time.
and for the umpteenth time, he swears under his breath and puts it off to another day, wishing he had better analytical abilities, wishing he could manipulate data better, wishing he could just...... be better.

i got really worked up after realizing i couldn't complete my vectors tutorial. i hate hate hate the feeling where i don't know how to do something. it just feeds on my mood. yet, there's nothing i can do. math is such a bitch.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

if friday the 13th is a cursed and unlucky day, saturday the 14th must have been created to balance out the effects. cos it was all-in-all a great day on saturday.

well, okay, i didn't manage to study but still, it was a great day nevertheless.
the most important thing of all, i played my best game in a long on sat. operated as a striker alongside dom, i managed to score one although i should have gotten a hat-trick if not for poor finishing. anyhoo, it was a great game although it turned ugly toward the end. final score 5-0. no chance. dom and i on the scoresheet. next game, ivan's first goal.

after that, headed down to tampines mall. where i spent a lot of money. retail therapy is fantastic. especially if it isnt' your money you're using. HAHA. okay so i bought a pair of berms and converse chucks.


so saturday the 14th is quite a good day. well sunday the 15th has been off to a bad start. i'm not feeling too good.

Friday, July 13, 2007

so my first collage can be considered a minor success. despite having one or two pictures that appear to be pixelated.

this week passed very quickly. it seemed only yesterday (ok maybe 2 days ago) that i got bitten by those sandflies over at punggol park. haha.

school has been pretty much like this.

be safe, stay in school. SOCCER DURING THE WEEKEND! :D

Sunday, July 08, 2007

.Dominatrix says:
cos the englis hare too fuckign iwtty

yes pardon my friend for his poor typing and coarse language and yes, for his suggestive nickname. however, i do agree with him. the english are very witty people. now, hot fuzz may not be the most attractive of titles. but the very witty english who of course, probably created the english language has an old saying. "don't judge a book by its cover" or in this case, "don't judge a movie by its title".

it was very entertaining without hot chicks like jessica alba and eva mendes (this is an incredible achievement), riveting plot coupled with toilet humour. well sort of.

go catch it don't waste your money on other shows. unless of course its harry potter and the order of the phoenix. speaking of which, emma watson is just delightful. a few entries ago i complained about not being able to find a decent pic of her on the net and now i've got two!

nevermind the gingerkid, or the bad actor (i'm sorry daniel radcliffe fans but he's being paid for doing what he sucks in) or the not-so-pretty cho chang. THIS PICTURE IS ALL ABOUT EMMA WATSON.

i digress.

anyhoo, hearts outing part 2 was held on friday! we went to newyork newyork for dinner and omg they ripped me off so bad. we played saumya's favourite game of "I have NEVER" and well, lets just say RESPECT to hock for his honesty.

moved on to arab street with people dropping out along the way. manu the no-i-am-not-the-expert-but-i-know-there-is-an-air-conditioned-room-on-the-2nd-floor guy led us to this place where we had drinks ( milkshakes not alcohol. people its arab street.) and well some had sheesha.

anyhoo, we left around 1 and loitered till about 1 plus before george, saffie and i went home.

quotes of the day:
"i should not have played the game" - from hock after realizing he was down 9 fingers after the first round.
"it was great" - manu's vivid description of well, something.
"i want to take another picture of the smoke" - radhi's and george's excuse for more sheesha

anyhoo, the pics.

self-discovery (which according to srijith is fantastic) today. i have discovered that i cannot bowl to save my life. okay it has been an interesting time of blogging.

g'night everyone.
be safe, stay in school unless its the weekends which is like now and its about to end omg i'm starting to digress again.


Wednesday, July 04, 2007

okay i was rather emo after receiving my math paper. i did horribly for pure math. i guessed i kind of panicked after seeing the cylinder question. so i screwed up my pure math. and well, in addition to the fact that i was probably not as prepared as i wished i was.

and yes, dom's latest introduction has been good. craig ferguson, ladies and gentlemen, is very funny.

a scottish (sexiest accent in the world) in LA. that's funny enough.

anyway, i feel like a mountain tortoise. i haven't watched a lot of movies. spiderman 3, transformers, shrek 3. omg i might as well live in a mountain on tibet (no offence tibetians). but i am definitely going to watch harry potter for the sake of emma watson. she's not the prettiest. but she's pretty darn cute. :)

you can bewitch me anyday.

HEARTS outing on friday! again! :)

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

okay i've failed my first subject. MATH.

100 students out of the whole cohort passed math. so either we suck really really bad or we just suck really bad. okay maybe the paper was tough. BUT WE STILL SUCK REALLY BAD.

i'm super freaked out i think i need to study more and more but you know how procrastination's such a bitch.

okay lah, i'll start tomorrow. HAHA.




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