Friday, February 23, 2007

hello! its the weekend yet again! =)

been a good week collecting angbaos. haha. although i don really know how much money is in those red packets. oh blackjack's real fun! i won $19! =)


this week felt like a holiday week because it was only 3 days of sch. first day of sch was alright i guess. thank goodness it was a short day or i might not have survived it.
thursday was a particularly long day. loads of lessons but managed to survive through! woohoo!
had training today. it was quite a good session. at least i didn't cock up.
well that's about it. i don really know what else to say! hahaha.

Monday, February 19, 2007

right, people have said i don have enough pics when i blog. so i hope i'll get a chance to put some pics. ok, i'm not really seething about the sheer lack of disrespect shown toward me on tues anymore. but that's not to say i've forgotten or forgiven.
anyways, v day was spent with church people. we went to watch ghost rider at bishan. it was not a bad movie and eva mendes was, as usual, damn hot.


headed for sakura at toa payoh after that. it was fully booked and yes, we had to wait for awhile but after that, we ate and ate and ate. we took loads of salmon, probably enough to feed a bear.
my class chairman came up with a crappy idea of tossing raw fish with coloured thingys and crackers in class on thurs and so we did.

yes i know, we are narcisstic.
went to sentosa on sat with ac people. it was quite crappy and it was really hot. left after about 2 hours. went to ps to watch epic movie. it was crap. i mean, it was soo darn lame i didn't laugh. ok fine, not much. but richard laughed his head off. i bet the aunties at the ticket counter are laughing harder.
ahhh well, nothing much to say now.
i can't decide if life's good or if life sucks.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

lets just say i feel pissed off, insulted, humiliated.

if i'm lectured for a poor performance i can understand. but insulting me about my capabilities crossed the line.

v day's tmr. i've got a date! ok i've got dates with my church people.

i'm gonna go sleep and calm myself down.

i like sleeping. gets you away from everything. dreams let you be what you want to be.

not like reality.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

i have a sudden urge to run away somewhere, to live in seclusion, where no one knows me.
i have a sudden urge to run away to a beautiful house by the beach and live the rest of my life there with absolutely nothing to worry about.
i have a sudden urge to find someone to share the house with me.

i guess its the hormonal imbalance.
or maybe the fried brain.

in any case, i just don feel like going to school.

incoherent? perhaps.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

a lot of emotions this week.

wednesday was a nightmare. played sajc and was whooped. it was a horrible display. and i am guilty of being probably the worst player that day. it was humiliating when the sajc captain chipped the ball over me and scored a goal. it was embarrassing when my coach told me that i was making a fool of myself.

thursday was chem spa. it was quite complicated. the order of the experiments were important. at least i did pretty ok although i messed up the reliability part. quite a long story. haha.

friday! roadrun! hahaha. took cab with huiqi, john and nic to east coast park for the run. the cab cost $14. far more less than the predicted $30 from my parents. =/ anyway, the 5km was torturous yet fun. i pushed myself to the limit that day. managed about 21 to 22 mins. i wanna push myself further. it was horrible towards the end and it was really a mental battle. i managed to pull through. although i was quite disappointed with my timing.

then it was steamboat in the night. we ate and ate and ate. ok talked too, and we stayed at the place for almost 3 hours. walked around arab street for fun. hahaha. and well, john nic and i needed to toilet urgently and so there was a mad rush to lavender mrt station toilet.

ooo. did i say anything about my new phone. i quite like it!

alright, gotta go. byee!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

yes i know, i'm finally updating.

life's been pretty tiring. basically physically and mentally. physically because training's been taking a toll on me. its been frequent. 3 times a week. and we've got loads of matches coming up. sajc tmr, cjc on monday, mjc on thurs and vjc after CNY.

mentally because there's seriously so much to study and i realized consistent work is really important. but realizing is not the important thing. i haven't done anything about it. my past 2 weekends have been spent lazing around, playing, sleeping etc etc.

i realized ms khoo isn't that "unkhoo" anymore. actually i'm starting to think she's quite "khoo". and in retrospect, she's doing quite a lot for our class. not that mrs neo didn't. but i think she's a bit more thorough. although she isn't as nice as mrs neo.

my dieting isn't really working. i'm still having crispy chicken and bubble tea. but i guess, perhaps, i'm sort of controlling already. i shaved off about 30 seconds from my 2.4 run. i'm aiming for below 10 by the end of march.

we had ocip presentation for the j1s today. it really evoked a lot of emotions in me. i really really miss the place and the kids. but by thursday, ocip would have officially ended. sigh.

ok i don really know what else to say.

till the next time i find enough time, energy and inspiration to blog.
bye people.




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