Monday, January 28, 2008

and so the weekend has come and gone. although it didn't bear much significance to me, it did for many others as it was the first bookout for all those who enlisted in january. that included many of my friends and i was happy for them that after 2 weeks, they were back in civilisation.

met up with dom on saturday night. and like i thought, many army stories were shared and some of the time, it felt awkward as i didn't have stories of my own to tell. haha. to be honest, i can't wait to enlist now so i can get NS over and done with.

anyways, let me show you who has the ability to make me wake up at 10 in the morning to watch her play tennis. :D

too bad shes taller, great at tennis, 20, serbian and has accented english(which is rather cute).

i am actually going for a job interview tomorrow or rather should i say, later on today which is good cause even though i am still pretty darn lazy, i think getting a job beats staying at home rotting in front of the computer. hopefully i pass the interview, get the job and gain some working experience.

holyshit results are out in about 3 weeks! i have told myself not to think about it and all, but unfortunately, the more i tell myself not to do something somehow or rather, my brain gets around it and does the exact opposite. and so, i ended up thinking about it. i know/hope more or less that i probably won't do VERY VERY BADLY. afterall, i did sacrifice many weekends and started pretty damn early for it. but i'm not expecting great results either. i know where i stand, especially after doing the papers and all. well, more or less.

i know i cannot judge or stereotype people easily but seriously, i get very irritated whenever my friends/acquaintances from better jcs (read top 5 jcs) tell me how they have bombed their alevels or in their words "wah lao, gg lah.". i think i'm a more cynical person than i was in the past and i can't help but feel irritated when these people say, crap i dont know how i'll do. i think i'm not gonna make it. it just irks me. maybe its just me but really, if you're in the top 5 jcs in singapore, there isn't much for you to worry about. unless of course you got in there through DSA or some stupid scheme the MOE introduced, then maybe perhaps you have a case. but come on, seriously? how bad can it be? its not like they got jilted 2 days before alevels or partied like mad prior to it.

if you studied for it, like all of us did, im pretty damn sure you're all gonna get your freaking As. i mean, since you are in the top 5 jcs.

so quit fretting and telling people oh man shit i think i'm gonna fail and all that stuff. because if anyone needs to worry, its people who are in the bottom half of the ladder who should. and i'm not saying that success only comes to those who are at the top, sure they can go to anyone.

okay at this point, i'm lost in my thoughts and absolutely no idea what i'm blabbering about. if you do, kudos to your wonderful inferential/reading abilities. you, my friend, are gonna get your A for gp so quit worrying.

in the meantime, don't pee in your pants. its embarrassing. toodles. xoxo

Friday, January 25, 2008

so ivan finally made a good recommendation (ooo touche) and recommended the movie juno. at first, wasn't very impressed by it but i gotta say what a performance by ellen page. i like her portrayal of juno. she made her so cute and lovable in the show. hahaha. plus, she got a nomination for the show! awesome stuff!

i like the australian open. :D only because ana ivanovic is in the finals. i think she's gorgeous. she's like my dream girl. but she's too tall (oh the cruelty of life) plus she's playing professional tennis and serbian so you know, djokovic kinda has the upper hand. cos he is the handsome fellows also. oh well. so i guess its 3-1 to djokovic.

she's 1.86m ok so don't come and chide me about my height unless you're taller than her you insensitive bastards. haha.

its 4am, take care everyone. sleep well, eat well. don't be a sleepaholic like me.

Monday, January 21, 2008

But if i built you a city
would you let me?
would you tear it down?

But there you go for the last time
i finally know now what i should have known then
And i could still be ruthless, if you let me
Well, there you go when i'm not done
You're waving goodbye well at least you're having fun
The rising tide won't let you forget me, forget me.

this is my favourite song by something corporate at the moment. i just watched something corporate live at ventura theatre (the perks of not having to wake up early on a monday morning) and its seriously some awesome stuff. awesomest band ever mannnnnnnnnnn.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

it has been a somewhat painful week. i have been perpetually rotting at home the entire week and thank goodness for the weekend, if not it would be an entire week of staying in at home.

i've had a lot of time to think lately no thanks to my very clean schedule for the week. and its not like i can watch movies, shows and play games the entire day (actually i think i can) so therefore i've had loads of time where i just basically sit down, listen to some music and let my mind run free (wild).

it has been quite a journey to get to where i am in life at the moment. many lessons learnt, many memories, many experiences. and while, some if not many were/are unpleasant, i guess in some odd way or another, everything that i've gone through has played a part in making me the person i am today. yes. in saying that, i acknowledge that i'm no longer the person i once was. and i believe i've changed for the better, and not for worse.

that said, i know i'm not great in every aspect and stuff like that and maybe not everyone can embrace the changes i've had. but i'm happy with who i am today. and i guess at the end of the day, thats what matters the most.

anyhoo, i played my first 11v11 match in a long time today. and while i managed to score one, i was at fault for the opposing team's equaliser. i felt bad letting the team down but that's football for you.

right, its time for me to go. g'night. take care. stay healthy, eat your greens.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


yes i know the guy above is something like the hamsum fellows. he is very smart too graduating from princeton. but girls, sorry to burst your bubble, he is attached to another hamsum fellows ( not me i know i'm quite hamsum too)

yes wentworth miller is going out with the doc from grey's anatomy. how nice.

"i'll break out to perform CPR on you."
"on the other hand, i'll go through cardiac arrest for you."

before an influx of gay rights enthusiasts flood my blog, im sorry but i'm homophobic. partially.

ok this is a highly himbotic post but i'm sorry. its 12.51pm and i don't function at this timing anymore since i usually wake up past 2pm these days.


Monday, January 14, 2008

we need more 18 year olds like this please thank you very much. nevermind the fact i'm not a heroes fan. gossip girl all the way! xoxo

so the days of army enlistment are now over. 3 quarters of my friends are bald and running their asses off while i am slacking my ass off at home. its not fun having nothing to do. its going to be a bittersweet experience when they all book out and we hang out during the weekend cos they will have loads of stories of the army to share (and they are all bald) and i'll have nothing to say except maybe yeah, i've been out and about, mostly doing nothing. nonetheless, it would be great to see them again.

meanwhile, i've gotta find a job so that i can stop waking up at 2pm and sitting in front of the computer. and i need to start working out because in all honesty, i've gained weight. and while i'm complaining about it, i've been practically doing nothing to rectify the growing problem (waistline).

thats about it. see you guys in a few days or so. toodles.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

it feels weird that half the world is enlisting in january while i'm stuck till april. i wanted to enlist in april but somehow by some cruel twist of fate, many of those whom i'm close to ended up enlisting in january. so now i'm left with a few friends but they are busy most of the time so basically i'm left to rot for the next three months.


preferably something exciting, pays well and has good perks. :D but of course, its near impossible considering i have close to zero working experience. i think i'm a pretty good bullshitter so maybe i should you know, consider being some sort of motivational speaker and earn a million in threemonths and be the next adam khoo or something (just that i'm more hamsum).

or maybe i could join "are you smarter than a 5th grader?" and win a million bucks. :D easier.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

seems like the first post of 2008 was my 500th post. i think it has been quite an achievement personally to keep this blog up, faithfully posting about random stuff that may or may not concern anyone. sometimes i find it a joy to pen (type) down my thoughts which are mostly incoherent and weird and at times it has been somewhat a chore.

but of course this is not the point.

somehow, my brain goes into overdrive whenever i'm past the zonked out stage and i passed that stage when i alighted from the train at sengkang while i was on the way home. and of course, weird and incoherent thoughts started entering my head.

and one of those thoughts that entered my head was maybe perhaps, i've been rushed into religion or rather christianity. i shall make things clear right now. christianity is fascinating. i've always had somewhat of an interest since young having been in mission schools up till 2 years ago when MOE somehow decided enough was enough (kidding). but at this point in time, i feel no drive whatsoever to get to know God better. its not a dry spell because if it is, i'll probably be something like a sub-saharan christian with absolutely no end in sight to my current drought. i don't know how to rediscover the passion or maybe perhaps to discover it. maybe i never had it all along. whatever it is, its not coming now.

i'll give everyone the truth. yes, i've been running away from church. i admit i've been making excuses to skip church on sundays. but i'm sorry. if i continued going to church all this while, i would be nothing more than a hypocrite. i would have been going to church more to socialize than to worship and know God. its great meeting friends in church and having lunch and all after sunday school and everything but if i had done that, i would have missed the point, the main point in going to church. it is a place to worship and know more about God. meeting friends and all should merely be an added incentive not my drive to wake up at 8 in the morning to go to church.

so danieltay, i'm sorry but maybe i won't be able to be there in church to pray with you along with everyone else, but nevertheless, i'll have you in my mind as you begin a new chapter in your life. wish you all the best and please stay alive in there.

as for me, if any of you are willing perhaps you can keep me in your prayers that maybe one day i'll get a spiritual EPIPHANY (a big word thrown about too many times in 2007 omg).

hopefully sooner rather than later.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

other than the fact that this greets me at the time when i'm going to sleep nowadays (nocturnal, vampire, owl, whatever nonsense yes i'm that now), this pretty much symbolizes everything about the timing of this post. the beginning of 2008, first entry of the new year.

i don't really believe in making new year resolutions because when i start thinking from an objective point of view, i know i never keep them anyway so what's the point? besides, i procrastinate so much i don't know which resolution i should set as THE new year resolution. maybe not procrastinating should be my new year resolution. hmmm.

it felt good (yes in a rather perverse and sadistic way) seeing schoolchildren waking up at insane hours to get to school just as i am about to go to bed at the same insane hours. but i guess the downside of being 18 (and school-less) is the stupid adult fare which is soo incredibly annoying. bus fares have tripled and taxis are now the way to travel despite the stupid fare hike as well. other than that, being 18 is all good.

suddenly, enlisting in april seems more of a bad thing. most of my friends are enlisting in january and that leaves me with not a lot of company for the next three months.

yes these are all random ramblings. pardon me. im doing this without sleep for the entire night.

speaking of sleep, that's what i'm gonna do now.

g'day mates. stay in school (for those unlucky chaps still stuck within the clutches of the MOE) play hard.




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