Tuesday, March 28, 2006

my mum went on a shopping spree awhile back and came back with 2 pairs of shoes for me and a new bag. something something. i think she should go on shopping sprees more often.

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something something. this pair of shoes is damn light. haha. helped me burn some fellow today during relay heats. HAHAHA.

mk burns. that's new.

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and my new street soccer shoes.

dom says its the ashok one. hahaha. can you imagine me dribbling up and down, left and right on the court. possessed by the ashoks.

and when i miss, "nehmind nehmind."

ok. i can't find the pic of my bag. hahaha. its black, made of plastic and its huge. can throw lots of things in it.

fine. i'm kidding.
haha. no i'm mingkiat. HURRR.

i finished my chinese essay today and i think its the worst chinese crap i've ever excreted onto a piece of paper.

i'm some grumpy old man who's a postman. i have to carry a heavy bag full of letters and when i came to my first house, the stupid building had no lift so i was damn pissed. i saw that the unit i wanted to go to had this hot girl standing at the balcony so i asked her to come down. she took a long time, i pmsed then i realised that she was lame. as in really lame. she had crutches. so i was like, guilty for making her come down.

wah. that's ultimate bullshit man.

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no, i'm not as lucky as postman pat. i don have my own mini van and i'm far more grumpy than he is.

so there we go, i need to sleep now. before i hit anyone with my mailbag.

Monday, March 27, 2006

manchester united 3-0 birmingham
giggs 3', 15'
rooney 83'

jus as liverpool do not need their talismanic skipper, STEVIE G (dom you are not needed), manchester united do not need their number 1 target man, ruud.

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i'm not saying he's not good. he's miles better than SAHA. jus that when you put two pms-sy people together (fergie and ruud), it does not breed harmony.

jus like when you put two people that REALLY pms once a month, they can't breed.

anyways, back to action on MY front.

went to bishan to play soccer yesterday. played against some act pro but not pro people. there's this guy wearing a singapore jersey with the number 13. ok lah jus the shorts. i looked at him and i knew why singapore din make it to the world cup.

he confirm fail his beep test
run for 10 mins in a game and he will die
can't fake for nuts
he'll pick up his phone and ask for people to go to party after the game

m-o-r-o-n man. can't play for nuts. only spoiling the game for others. haha. but i couldn't help laughing everytime he did his trick. HAHAHA.

he stops, turns, pretends to look the other way and flicks the ball the other way. all that in about, say..... a minute? hahaha.

stop, turn, take a look around! of all the lights and sounds.

stupid ben siow beagle ben. i still remember your dog statement.

mk:"wah shit, yellowcard's drummer is damn good."
beagle:"woof woof woof?"

-translation:you mean it took you two years to realise?-

as i was saying, the stupid fat no. 13 was on the phone while playing. because we were owning his team so badly, i thought he called for backup, i thought he called mr cristiano ronaldo.

because after a while, i thought i was playing against RONALDO. whoa. check out those quick stepovers. check out those moves. WHOA.

bloody hell, ronaldo came to bishan to play against me! i'm so honoured!

ok. i'm bullshitting. if that was really ronaldo, united should jus go buy anjan. he'll do a better job. he wasn't even able to get past me the whole bloody game. DAMN LOUSY LAH. i stand in front of him and he did 4 stepovers in quick succession but the ball din even move. wah. i wanted to laugh so badly. HAHAHA.

even his behaviour off the ball is like ronaldo! he runs like he's tiptoeing, he gives the exact same look as ronaldo when he loses the ball which is 95% of the time he gets on to the ball.

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sorry bro. your singapore lookalike is pathetic. PATHETIC.

school today was quite ok. it wasn't such a drag like last week. i'm actually starting to work already. jc life is really no joke. the 'myth' of it being an extremely busy lifestyle is true. i already have 4 projects on my to-do list and plus the tutorials and everything. wah killer man.

thank goodness for bus 27. i can reach home in 40 mins.

sry daschund daniel. HAHA. you still take an hour and a half. =P
shuddup mouth dalmation dom, i know ok. you take only 15 mins.

ok. i think this post is long enough. ciao.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

yes the weekend is here! hohoho. check out my new badge.

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from this

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to this.


from the shield thingamajig shape to 'adidas'. ok fine. it looks like some fake adidas brand you can find along the streets of thailand.

oh. i forgot to mention something about tpjc that is damn funky. tpjc has this intranet system and there's actually a betting system going on! for epl 2005/06! HAHAHAHA. but of course, no real money is involved here.

10 points on bolton beating boro.
40 points on blackburn beating sunderland.

richard sees 40 points flying out of the window.

philosophy:"something has to be going on. if not espn will not show a live game featuring sunderland."

for your info, sunderland hasn't won a SINGLE game at home yet. pathetic.

keith's wedding tmr! haha. first church wedding that i'm gonna witness. =/ hahaha. oh well. then i think i'll go for punggol soccer after that. weee! haha. then i shall go for tpjc soccer training on tuesday and break into the first team. HAHAHA.

they are in need of a decent left winger who can cross.

i think i fit the bill.

170cm long to be exact. HAHAHA.

ok. i think its time to sleep. i've been sleeping A LOT this past few days. afternoon come home, sleep. at night eat dinner, sleep. during lecture, sleep. during bio prac, sleep. GOSH. i'm becoming a pig.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

HAHAHA. jose's team talk is DAMN FUNNY. get dom to send it to you or you can get it from me. its HILARIOUS.

school's been ok. like jus OK. haha. the lessons are jus nice. its not exactly boring but its not exactly fun either. the tutorials are 1 hour 20 mins long and that's quite draggy. haha. the timetable planned isn't exactly that good. still prefer ac timetable. hahaha. =) with those long breaks here and there.

the breaks in tpjc are only half an hour! hardly have enough time to have a decent meal. to be honest, it doesn't really matter whether we eat or not. cos either way, we don get a decent meal.

chem lecture was fun today. haah. the teacher was damn weird! she can't pronounce her words properly and she laughs at her own jokes and keeps reminding us to be fast at everything cos we are the faster lecture batch. HAHA. talk about ego.

had height and weight for PE yesterday. I AM OFFICIALLY 170CM TALL. hahaha. ok. i know you all are laughing. shutup mouth dom chen and richard.

ugh. i haven't played soccer since last sat. but it already seems like ages. haha. oh well. i need to play!

well that's about it. hahaha.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

"oh look, its oldham lane. WE OWN IT."

"errr. mk. you're not in ac anymore."

-moment of silence-

a sudden realization hits everyone. out of the 5 (minus i-dog ivan who's a smelly rafflesian), only andrew is the last man standing in an ac uniform.

how time flies i must say.
no more water wars, no more taupoks or strips. hahaha. i miss the times. i seem to have lost my identity now. no longer an acsian.

i was rummaging through my stack of clothes jus now. was about to go out. and then i saw my stack of ac shirts. the polo tee which i dreaded to wear, the gay pe attire, the lab coat and the npcc shirts. hahaha. sigh. i don give a shit about acjc. cos frankly, i don give two hoots about them anymore even though i must admit i still want to go back.

i'm no longer an acsian.
i'm no longer an acsian.
i'm no longer an acsian.
i'm no longer an acsian.
i'm no longer an acsian.

mk. wake up. you're NO LONGER AN ACSIAN.

hahaha. ok on an aside, my life's a wreck now. i know some things can't be brought back but why am i starting to hope about it again? and my mum is nagging constantly and pissing me off. i havent been able to speak to her in a calm tone in ages. gosh. and my form is heading downhill. ah well. at least i scored 2 today. hahaha.

ok. time to go and buy food. the hunger bug jus bit me.

Friday, March 17, 2006


that pretty much sums up the whole day. visit www.domataprom.blogspot.com for the full details of gastronomical journey 2!

anyways, went to sentosa yesterday. hot girls everywhere. giggedy giggedy oh right. hahaha. volleyball and kayaking. i swear i can't kayak to save my life. and volleyball is actually quite fun afterall. hahaha.

worked for my uncle today. stood at the 3M stall for NINE HOURS without rest. my gosh, my legs are killing me. or isit the other way round? oh well. who cares. hahahaha. it was a nice experience.

i'm beat.


Tuesday, March 14, 2006

gastronomical journey part 2 begins tmr.

start point: toa payoh lorong 1 blk 127
finish point: geylang

dress code: casual

main people: dom,ben,richard,chen,mk,xin and maybe dt.

pls call domataprom if keen to join us for the dream journey around singapore to play and eat. preferably if you have a car and can drive so we don have to take public transport.

today has been a very very boring day to say the least. woke up at 12 plus. i watched stupid animal planet for 3 whole hours. hahaha. and stupid ea server kept screwing up. couldn't play a single decent fifa game online.

i was in a terribly bad mood for a large part of the day. i have no idea why.

ok. i forgot what i wanted to blog about.

my 235th post.

the francis flowers' journey has come to an end after a dismal performance yesterday.

the dream journey for the famous four (richard, ben, mk and dom) has apparently fizzled out. all four players played horrendously yesterday evening which was the final trial before the selection began.

richard was most of the time seen gesturing to random teammates and cursing to himself on the pitch, ben was kicking imaginary soccer balls, mk was like a clothed streaker on the pitch, running around aimlessly and dom was jus simply playing the wrong game.

several new players were seen before the game and one was particularly outstanding. most of them couldn't make it but a few left an impression on player/manager francis.

and then there was the one outstanding player who left an impression on everyone playing in the game. he cleared, he tugged, he fouled, he tripped. as can be seen, the player was most of the time committing illegal moves in the game and should have been sent home to a particular station on the NEL as early as the 10th min for tugging away at richard's shirt after a rare (and i mean rare) ball was floated into the area by mk.

if that wasn't a clear red card offence, that particularly outstanding player should have been sent packing after he came from behind to trip mk at the edge of the area. however play continued and that very same player ole'd mk a few seconds later after mk got up from the initial trip to hound him. richard was also seen exchanging a few words with the "blue guy" during the incident.

and if that isn't enough to convince all you critics out there, he really should have gone home after he tripped richard from behind again, this time in retaliation. richard, in fairness, controlled himself fairly well in the aftermath considering his outrageous temper, only to be seen cursing and swearing at the top of his voice after the game.

an ill tempered match to say the least with one particular player who should have been sent off 3 times. the final score was 1-1 but it did not really matter. all four players failed to make their mark and are most likely going to be dropped for the upcoming game this sunday by francis the man.

well, that was the story of yesterday's game.

stoned the day away today. wow. it rhymed.

i'm left with a sprained ankle now and can't play for at least 3 days. not like it matters. hahaha.

i'm uttering nonsense now. i'm off. byee.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

today hasn't been a very good day for me.

school was boring as usual. tpjc has this "slack aura" according to samantha. haha. something which i agree on. its like, when you step in there, you jus tend to sit back and relax.

had some stupid mass dance. it was really hot and stuffy in the hall and cramming 800+ students in that small space is no joke. gave up after about half an hour. so i went to the foyer and jus lazed around with pak and the MI people.

decided to call acjc. those idiots. i tell you, they can take me in, but they jus dowan to.

"oh. we only take in outstanding students."

i say to hell with you. my teachers are pushing like hell for me and you tell me i'm not outstanding enough? so you are trying to say my teachers' efforts are not justified?

there was really a limit to how much one can take and how much one can swallow their pride. so what if you're a branded school? in 2 years time, i'm gonna strut in with my a level result slip and make you guys regret not taking me in. not outstanding enough? i'll show you how outstanding i can be. then you guys will regret taking in all those cca people. oh wait, maybe you won't. cos if they get retained you get to use their services for one more year. not bad having the star players getting retained so you all can use them for one more year. brilliant plan.

and so, my effort, my father's effort, my mum's effort all went down the drain. its ok. i get your msg acjc. if you think i'm not good enough for you, i'll prove you wrong in 2 years time.

back to happier things and steering away from the very unpleasant experience that i had with acjc, i met up with richard, dom and ben today. went for dinner first at burger king. hahaha. then the usual, we played pool! hahaha. yes! dom and i beat richard and ben! we came back from 3-1 down to win 4-3. COME ON!!! -mourinho's fist pump-

then we decided to WALK to esplanade, glutton's bay. but we somehow got split up. me and dom, richard and ben. so richard called me and i gave the most stupid suggestion ever.

"ehhh. we play amazing race! see who can reach glutton's bay earlier!"

and so, we ran and ran and ran. we ran past orchard road presbyterian church, ran past st andrew's cathedral and ran into esplanade (free aircon). but we still couldn't beat richard and ben. what to do? dogs have the natural ability to keep running and running. human's don't. so we lost. =/

din really do much there. there was this dj contest with shiekh haikel as the host. he's damn funny. there was this chinese against this malay. so they were only allowed to reply through the scratching of their discs. which is what djs do. scratch discs. and so, the chinese guy scratched his disc, and sheikh haikel told the malay, "he's scolding you in chinese." shit. that was damn funny. i am so gonna watch him in army daze. confirm laugh till stomachache.

and so, took 162 to yio chu kang mrt station.

then the amazing merc cab episode begins. i look to the heavens and said, "God, we want a merc cab." and then, lo and behold, a merc cab came from nowhere and turned into the taxi stand at yio chu kang! oh man! richard and i were sooo shocked! something something. must be the sent from the above.

hahaha. and so my eventful and not so pleasant day is gonna end. i jus lost 3-0 to psv and had 2 players sent off in a fifa match. HAHAHA. oh well.

and though my heart is torn,
i'll praise You in this storm

Thursday, March 09, 2006

I was sure by now
That You would have reached down
And wiped our tears away
Stepped in and saved the day
But once again, I say "Amen",
and it's still raining
As the thunder rolls
I barely hear Your whisper through the rain"I'm with you"
And as Your mercy falls
I raise my hands and praise the God who gives
And takes away
I'll praise You in this storm
And I will lift my hands
For You are who You are
No matter where I am
Every tear I've cried
You hold in Your hand
You never left my side
And though my heart is torn
I will praise You in this storm
I remember when
I stumbled in the wind
You heard my cry
You raised me up again
My strength is almost gone
How can I carry on
If I can't find You
As the thunder rolls
I barely hear You whisper through the rain"I'm with you"
And as Your mercy falls
I raise my hands and praise the God who gives
And takes away
I lift my eyes unto the hills
Where does my help come from?
My help comes from the Lord
The Maker of Heaven and Earth

thanks to those who have encouraged me and kept me going through this period of time. especially to michelle for that wonderful email. =) thanks. i really appreciate it.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

gosh. please ac please. call me please.

what's an acsian doing in tpjc.

i'm waiting man. hoping. keeping my fingers crossed.

but yes, i can only trust the Lord now. nothing much i can do.

please. phone please ring. please call me ac and tell me, welcome back tan ming kiat.


Monday, March 06, 2006

you can take an acsian out of acs.

but you can never take the acs out of an acsian.

for the best is yet to be.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

as you guys have probably known by now, i've been posted to tampines jc.

acjc probably won't take me in.

i'm stuck at tpjc for two years.

and to tell you guys the truth, even though everyone keeps telling me its ok and that maybe God has a plan for me, i'm really very upset and i'm really very angry.

i need to chill. badly.

so therefore, i shall excuse myself now and go to my fridge.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

i'm gonna die. i keep telling myself to remain calm but i can't. its so hard. knowing that my chances of staying in acjc is soo slim.

hearing stories of cut-off points of 8/9/10 scares the living hell out of me.

gosh. and it has to be a friday again.

i hope it will be a GOOD friday.




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