Saturday, April 28, 2007

the epitome of relief + euphoria.

2-1 down at halftime on tuesday night. scraped back with a last gasp goal by wayne rooney. 3-2.

2-0 down after 50 mins at everton, final score 4-2. yes element of luck in the game, but who said champions aren't supposed to be lucky?

perhaps not luck. but grace.

sometimes i wish i was them. getting that lucky break when things are down. ok, not to say things are down now, but i just wish that things would be easier. ok that's unlike them. AIYAH YOU GET THE POINT. standing at the top of the world feels soo good.

anyway! i'm going out on monday! :D finally. i haven't been going out and i feel sooo dead going to sch, studying and coming home and stuff.

ah well, when days were happier. i wanna smile like that everyday!
to hell with you a levels. seriously. once you're over, i think i'll be a much much happier person. :D

Friday, April 27, 2007

i haven't blogged for a long time. well, i haven't been in the mood to blog. and i'm still not now. hahaha. i shall blog again! :D

Saturday, April 21, 2007

wah shit man i'm feeling damn emo now.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

hello all! the weekend's coming soon. and i'm so excited! cause i can get to rest, relax and play football! :D but i also have to study for bio test, do my sgc and a few other things which i have forgotten.

i liked this week because i've been on task. i've completed whatever i am or was supposed to be complete.

i think i'm doing relatively well in school. i've been doing quite ok for my tests thus far. but i guess the common tests would be a better gauge. now that i've got nothing else to look forward to in school, i guess its like a place where i come to study and go home that kind of thing. and there's pros and cons. well, i hope i get into the high achievers programme through my common tests.

oh yes, i'm so happy! i finally broke the 30-mark barrier for my GP test! :D i've always scored either 29 or 30 without fail for all my essays but for my gp test i got 32! :D

on a err, more serious note, i think i'm pretty volatile these few weeks. i donno what's been getting to me but im quick to anger nowadays. anyway, i know many people think i'm damn happy-go-lucky. well yeah, that's true to a certain extent. but i can't be happy-go-lucky the whole time. i have my ups and my downs. i can't absorb everything that is being thrown at me all the time and pass it off as some laughing matter. even a sponge reaches a point where it cannot absorb anymore. i think i'm reaching that point. and no, i'm not spongebob.

yes, i'm happy-go-lucky. but i'm not a pushover either.

oh no, mk is turning an angsty boy.

Monday, April 16, 2007

im in a rather bloggish mood now so i'll update.

well, i feel kinda disappointed with myself for not pushing myself harder during training sessions. perhaps if i did, i would have been able to be in the squad. but well, what's done is done. so instead of playing against rjc tmr, i'll be having make-up math lecture.

had soccer on sunday though. haha. had a good weekend. two goals in two games.

sometimes i wonder if i'm good enough. on days like sunday, i feel so damn bloody good about myself after a good game. on some days, i just feel a sense of inferiority. i think i have mood swings.

as you can see, soccer is pretty much a determinant of some sorts in my life. it determines my mood and stuff. hahaha.

i've got chem equilibria test tmr! i hope i do well. :D

dom, don worry about not being able to jio hot girls. there's probably some more out there not taken so yeah. and hot girls can get dumped too. so the supply is like, pretty much there. its ok. one day, we will jio hot girls. HAHAHA. meanwhile we can dream about scarlett and jessica (alba or simpson or biel up to you).

but better don dream too long. study lah ehhh. must mug.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

and so, the pics for the steamboat.

i know you guys would kill to be in my seat. hahaha.
a group photo! or kind of.

the chickens who took chicken soup. NOT GAME ENOUGH FOR TOM YAM!
i think i'm on more guys' hit lists.

zhiliang likes taiwanese girls. WE ALL KNOW THAT.

andy damn unglam. lift leg and dig nose some more.

i was supposed to be a pig.

i spoilt the whole fierce mood with my smile.

and i tried to do the whole fierce thing but obviously, it didn't work.

all in all a great outing. although the food wasn't so good but hell yeah, it was fun. haha. took my mind off the whole pw nonsense.

damnit. it had to be friday the 13th.

pw results came out today. i got a cocked-up grade. having slogged it out for 7 to 8 months, i expected better. receiving comments from teachers boosted the morale of my group. but it turned it was not to be. i'm pissed off.

i'm upset about the inequality. how can more than 50% of MJC get an A and only 26 students get an A from our school? besides, my group did well consistently.

i was afraid of talking about singapore's education system. but i'm past the point of caring now. i mean seriously, there's no transparency in the marking scheme? AND $168 TO RELOOK THE PAPER?! HELLO! its clearly a deterrence more than anything else. all that talk about where the money goes is some nonsense thought up. ever since the o's, i've thoroughly lost faith in the singapore education system. i believe i did much better than my grade suggested for my o's.

the chinese a's and the pw grade doubly, triply confirmed that.

it makes me feel that no matter what i do now, nothing can really change what i'll get for my a's. i feel that my results are already set. i feel that the results of each schools are given based on reputation. if you have a reputation of having good students, your results are better.

i don't know. there's just such a lack of transparency. if i ever have a kid, i'm not subjecting him/her to the singapore education system, the present one that is. i don't want a kid who comes home at 9pm with undone homework, tons of tests to study for and for what if he/she is in an average school and average school students cannot do better than what others think they can get.

went out for steamboat with cell today. pics soon!

Monday, April 09, 2007


i'm soo pissed now.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

life doesn't seem so good now.
life doesn't seem so good in the future.

its ok lets face them like SPARTANS!

as you can see, i've been infected by the 300 disease as well. its seriously gung-ho shit. raises your testosterone level. king leonardis is damn good. he's super motivational. and his speeches are damn good.



yes, the army of the thousand shitty things life can throw on you can descend upon you. their arrows might blot out the sun.
the only thing we can't learn from them is to lose right at the death.
then you'll feel like that loser team bayern munich from 1999.
it'll probably hurt much more than a kick in the nuts.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

im sick
and i got 2-day mc

hip hip hooray? hahaha.

Monday, April 02, 2007


yesterday night was good. i was happy. i saw many many people i know! :D
today's not so good. im sad. i saw many many people i know too! :( but sch makes everything sad. :(
chem kinetics test was ok. quite easy. I DON LIKE STUDYING!
yay! my class got first for 12x100m. we owned the other class by like 40m.
i saw a cute rafflesian girl on the bus today! :D
on days like today, when its been tough physically and mentally, i feel the need for someone to ask me, how's my day been and just give some LOVEEEEEE.

i'm hungry.




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