Thursday, August 30, 2007

seems like manchester city isn't the only thing thaksin wants.

i always wanted to take this picture and i finally got the chance to. hahaha. weekend mugging has been rather fruitful. i mean, there's nothing else to do but study there so you know, it allows me to focus on my books.

speaking of weekend mugging, i saw a bunch of acsi boys wearing their sch uniform on a sunday morning at bugis. now, coming from that school (blatant advertisement. girls if you dig single acs guys, there's one right here), i know that since it is a mission school, sundays are pretty much off-limits so i'm thinking, why in the world would they be in their uniform? this is pretty much irrelevant but you know, you can wear the sch uniform but treat it with a bit of respect please. wear the berms a bit lower, tuck the shirt out more. don't wear it like some chinaman if you want to please go to the other school in bukit timah facing nanyang girls high and national jc.


2 months or so to the big A's. i guess i'm in a better position now than i was 2 years ago. i know more stuff and i seriously hope to get those damn As. i know i've been saying i want to do economics when i'm done with my a levels but the thing is im not even 100% sure i do. i mean, at this moment in time, yes i think econs is something i can do well in. but i don't think i wanna face negative externalities my whole life.

speaking of negative externalities, let me present to you my own theory aptly named the "mingkiat" theory. according to my theory, the world will never be socially efficient simply because there's a negative externality in every thing that we do. when we consume, lets say, a burger from macdonalds or whatever you like to eat quarterpounder and whatnot, we produce negative externality in the sense that the plastic bags used to hold our food are thrown away after that. the plastic can't be degraded and hence it has to be burnt, producing harmful gases to the environment.

yes, even if you don't eat and don't do anything, the very fact that you're alive produces a negative externality. when you breathe, you're depriving someone who isn't involved in the production of your atp and energy and consumption of your atp and energy of oxygen.

most importantly, when you fart, you produce methane gas that adds to the amount of greenhouse gases in the environment. imagine the amount of methane produced by 6 billion people.

okay i'm rambling. take care everyone, study hard, a's are coming.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

hello my frisky little penguins.

its a great day for chelsea and liverpool fans. not such a great day for manchester united fans and footballing fans around the world. and i'll tell you why.,17033,8699_2690297,00.html

ole gunnar solskjaer is retiring. see, its written down it MUST be true. no no, i'm kidding. IT MUST BE TRUE. ok enough of my dumb impersonation of craig ferguson. it is indeed a very sad day for man utd fans but i bet the rest of the premiership are heaving a huge sigh of relief to see the back of the legendary 'baby-faced assassin'. bayern munich would want to play against us in the champions league final again now but of course, they can't play us because they can't qualify for it.

anyhoo, i am very sad that he is retiring because he's probably one of united's best strikers in a long while and his finishing is probably one of the best in the business. and of course, he scores goals for united unlike a certain argentinian. *cough* tevez *cough*

so it probably is goodbye to another legend at old trafford.

more to come from me. soon. i have found material to blog about.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

hello sexy people, yes if you think you're sexy i'm reaffirming it if you don't think so i'm telling you you are i have loads of love to share today. this is totally irrelevant and probably untrue.

anyhoo, i have a love-hate relationships with weekends nowadays. weekends give me time off from this dreaded place called school which is secretly run by dementors who suck the joy out of you hence i love it many many. however, weekends are mostly spent studying now with 2 weeks to prelims, i am sad to say that my chances of doing well are almost as good as you, yes you looking at your computer screen now, seeing the lochness monster in the next 5 seconds. i have no idea why i said lochness monster. i think weird mythlogical creatures are fascinating.

call me, bigfoot.
girls, you too.

i was just thinking to myself after desperately trying to find the post where i called someone a gay pompous british (and i don't see myself receiving death threats for it therefore its gay pompous MATURE british), at this time in 2005, i was you know, damn emo about leaving school, leaving my sec sch friends and stuff. but now, honestly, i don't feel a thing knowing that i might never walk into tpjc again or perhaps never see the people i share the classroom or walk past the corridors again. maybe 1 and a half years is difficult to establish any form of solid friendships or anything and i find that a bit sad. honest to God, the thought of not seeing most of the people in college sounds much less gloomy than the thought of never seeing my ac friends again. in fact, i don't wish to see some ever again. you know those kind of i-don't-like-you-you-don't-like-me kind of people in sch.

anyway, i had a strong urge to walk out of econs lesson today. not just walk out of the lesson but walk out on everything which is basically the a levels because the a levels is every 18 year-olds everything.

oh well. i hope i survive. o levels was a tough period of time for me. i'd rather do badly for o's than a's so lets hope tharman pulls out my name from the 'success' hat.

yes, i sincerely believe luck plays a part in examinations and the whole singapore education system is a scam.

till next time, goodnight everybody. take care, be safe. don't scare people by challenging them to fights because that's very childish.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

hello my naughty little monkeys.

its been quite long since i last blogged. okay fine, maybe not quite long. prelims are in less than 3 weeks. i think i might take a little hiatus from blogging. anyhoo, my gd friend dom aka the other king dog has run into some sort of trouble because of his straight-forward tough talking ways.


okay fine dom may be occasionally an insensitively insulting dog. but you know, the best part is if you can find a good enough verbal retaliation. that's the joy in life. there is a difference between the present and the past. violence can solve things in the past, now it only serves to exacerbate things. only the dimwitted resort to violence. because they simply cannot outdo someone through their words.

don't worry dom, i assure you that as insensitive as you are, as rude as you are, there are still people who like you the way you are.

and its disheartening to know that this world is filled with two-faced bastards/bitches.

anyhoo, i stumbled across the fact that life is like my ipod. to benefit those who do not frequent my blog, my ipod has suffered a severe head injury, causing the LED screen to crack. which basically means, i can't see what song its playing.

its like a bigger version of ipod shuffle.
wait, i thought nano's suppose to be smaller than shuffle.
ah what the heck.

anyways, life is like my ipod. along with john, i have came to the conclusion that in life, we never know when it will end, just like how i don't know when my ipod will stop playing cos i can't see the damn battery life nehneh. what matters is if it has played nice songs or not, just like what matters in our life is if we've done good things that kind of thing ok i'm bullshitting now.

nah i'm not emo. i'm too busy to be emo. goddamn a levels and prelims. and the funny thing is i'm not even studying that hard.

oh yes, i cut my hair today. its like shorter now. it feels more comfortable. haha.

take care everyone esp you dom, study hard don't become dimwitted and resort to violence.

dom: AQ sucks balls. shut your face. even if its meaningful and yes, beef balls noodles on sat.
zee: AQ sucks balls. but the 1000 word thingy for ki, that sucks more balls. HAHA.
josh: AQ SUCKS BALLS. for the third time. HAHAHA.
brendaaaa: hello brendoooo. shamsul maidin? why would i be jealous? HAHAHA. but okay fine, i'll be jealous to not disappoint you. in a weird way. =/
bert: don't influence me to be emo you doggy. seeyou on sat afternoon. i got econs test in the morning. nehneh.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

sir alex ferguson can seriously pucker up and kiss my perky ass. piss off united. its the goddamn cherry and the goddamn cake for me.

and no i'm not disowning my team i'm just VERY ticked off at the moment. there's a difference between being critical and blindly supporting a team. today, man utd were just pure shit in front of goal. pure SHIT.

what a fantastic way to start off the week. brilliant. just brilliant.

in other news, yours truly has dawned upon the not so startling fact that God is indeed starting to become unfair as can be seen by the influx of hot guys/girls who are very smart and very rich as well. then again, these people can attached to not so hot guys/girls/its sooooo. maybe its still fair afterall.

ladies and gentlemen, we've dawned upon a new era. an era where being nerdy is the new cool, where being weird gets you the chicks and of course where supporting loser clubs like fulham and man city has become trendy.

oh the irony of life.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

i like gp. it is a very interesting topic.

BUT COMPREHENSIONS PISS ME OFF. the examination format is just plain stupid. what is the point of AQ? aren't we tested on our argumentative skills in our essays already? to me, the sole purpose of AQ is to make it more difficult to complete the paper in 1.5 hours. WTF MAN i am seriously ticked off. and seriously, who really gives a shit about my opinion on human rights and whatnot. does it really matter?

comprehensions should be interesting. HUMAN RIGHTS PASSAGES ARE NOT INTERESTING.



the education system is flawed. mankind is flawed. AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

-this is concrete evidence that i've officially gone mad and i do not wish to speak on human rights EVER again-

Monday, August 13, 2007

so i'm conforming to the ways of female blogging where you put that cutesy "-edit-" to signal the start of random ramblings that you feel are gonna burst out of you if you don't type it out now.

you know world, sometimes i wonder why you're so screwed up. genuinely good people who offer goodwill and aid end up getting kidnapped by bad guys, get their heads chopped off in the name of politics and stuff. the bastards in life are the successful people yet those with a nuance of morality and righteousness are left behind. the ones who work their socks off experience "negative supercoiling" if you get my drift while the ones who do the bare minimum experience "positive supercoiling". maybe you know, this whole shit makes the world unpredictable. nothing beats a great story than a little twist here and there, ain't that right Big Man?

"come to me." and so he did, answering the call that seemed so near, yet so distant. he knew what was to come. he knew what was expected of him. people told him that he did the right thing. afterall, many before him walked in his footsteps and turned out for the better. optimism filled him to the brim on that fateful night.

slowly but surely, he grew into his new role, his new character. he was expected to be a different person now, someone with unspoken, unseen responsibilities. he fulfilled them with gusto initially but as time passed, the voice that he answered seemed to grow faint, it almost seemed as if the source was further away than before. no, it was in fact further away. now, the voice is almost non-existent.

he no longer fulfills the responsibilities placed upon his shoulders. the voice doesn't seem to be bothered one bit. the voice rarely speaks out now, even if the voice is bothered. no, it can't be. he wasn't fantastic to begin with. he knew hypocrisy was his biggest enemy. so did the voice. maybe that was why it left.

or did the voice really leave? who knows? he doesn't thats for sure. for now, he walks the land free. his new-found freedom seems bitter-sweet. he's unsure of many things now. but one thing's for certain. he is awaiting the day the voice returns. or rather, he is awaiting the day he returns to the voice.

holy jabroni, its 4 weeks to prelims. i think i'm in good stead for prelims and a levels. those whole-day mugging sessions on sat have done me some good. but not for my wallet. bloody hans sucks my money.

played soccer for the first time in a long while yesterday. played decently. hard to say that for man utd though. horrible finishing against reading.

lets go late-night singing along orchard rd after a's. hahaha.

oh yes, only accomplished my mission once today. :( that's considered a failure. NOOOOOOOOOOO.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

remember i told you about the most brutal, violent 2v2 soccer match ever played in the classrooms of acs independent.


i can't wait for tmr's game.

Monday, August 06, 2007

if you people are wondering why this is my 2nd post in 2 days, its because procrastination has returned to haunt me. nevertheless, i WILL go ahead and start on my kinetics right after this.

saturday was spent mugging my ass off at national library with dom. i think it might become a regular fixture anyhoo, yes we sat at hans for like 7 hours, studying, eating and of course talking cock. in between those activities, i save enough time to look out for eye candies and to troop off to the toilet for the same reason.

and from my observations, it is no good to be handsome/pretty in this era. yes yes, character's more important but seriously, how many of us would want to spend most of our time with someone who isn't easy-going on the eye. give it to me.

back to what i was saying, its no good to be a handsome boy/pretty girl. pretty boy/handsome girl not my problem because i don't see a trend in how lesbians and gays choose their respective partners. my reason being, 9/10 times, the handsome boy is with a fugly girl and the pretty girl is with a fugly boy.

which leaves wondering,

where's my pretty girl in black?

there she is. :)

Sunday, August 05, 2007

well first off apologies to the people who are currently studying at the national library without me. i truly apologize. i'll buy fat-free icecream to compensate you guys. one scoop you all share ok. HAHA.

anyhoo, sony ericsson is pissing me off. after taking 3 bleeding days to fix my phone, i realized they screwed something up in the process of fixing it. i can't hear anything on the receiver which goes to show they probably forgot to put something back in.


i never had any problems with nokia the quality of their products are probably unparalleled. which is why the next phone i'll get would be nokia.

anyhoo, i took a day off from studying on fri. otherwise, studying plan seems to be going fine. greater gooooood.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

hello human beings i've been so cooped up with work i can't even begin to describe how life is. everyday it has been school, home, revision, cm. i think i have to cut cm out soon. although manchester united managed by me is doing fine. i think i'm cut out to be the next sir alex ferguson. not so much the pain in the ass part but you get what i mean.

it just occurred to me that i still have majorexamolevelphobia. i cant find the confidence to do well in major exams. and i cannot believe i'm preparing this early for my a levels. okay fine, it may be late already but its still early in my books.

anyhoo, temptation to lift my ban has appeared. nevertheless, i shall persevere and stick to my no-soccer rule.

school has been pretty much a bitch. collapsed time table meant to make us collapse in stress and tiredness.

thankfully, i've found a new eyecandy. :)

if life hands you a lemon, make lemonade
alternatively, you can piss in the bottle and pretend it is lemonade




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