Sunday, August 27, 2006

how wonderful life would be if we can do things at our own pace and timing.

to hell with deadlines and dates.

i'm really irritated as hell now with studying. i know i need to study. but i donno what the hell for. i mean why is it that children from other countries do not face as much as we do? they learn at a comfortable pace while ours is probably going at 400km/h.

the common tests end in the beginning of term 3 and by the end of term 3, we're back to studying our butts off for something known as promos. you know what the problem is here? we have about 8 weeks where we just need consistent work BUT this is freaking term 3. term 3 is the term where homework starts to pile up.

term 3 is also the term of multiple projects.

so think about it. we never have a so-called break. weekends are spent studying as well. what difference is there to working?

the problem i have now is, why do western countries allow their children to learn at a much more comfortable pace than ours? you see all those western children enjoying their childhood, hanging out at the playground, watching movies and they actually really have a BREAK from school (summer break). what about Singapore? our vacations are spent studying, studying and studying. we're studying all the time cos its just so hard to keep up with the pace.

and teachers are not helping too. when we do not understand, its always 'oh you didn't revise your work'

'why are you asking me such a simple question"

why? i'll tell you why. its cause we're freaking learning everything as fast as lightning so much so that we hardly remember anything that is being taught.

what is education? isit a system where a certain amount of knowledge (syllabus) has to be imparted to the next generation? or isit equipping them with the essential skills to live life to the fullest.

from what i see, singapore's education system is all about completing the syllabus.

yes i may be bitching because i've taken shit from MOE or you can just say i'm biased. but i'm positive a large number of people actually agree with my viewpoint no?

think about it. how many times have your teacher told you, oh we need to finish the syllabus.

how many times they rush through lectures just to complete the syllabus.

how many times our understanding has been compromised to complete the syllabus.

seriously, think about it.

Friday, August 25, 2006

i don like the way how time flies so fast. (i realised time is some kind of insect. it can crawl and fly. pretty interesting)

i have exactly 5 weeks left to my first paper (chinese paper not counted). i don feel prepared. and i don feel motivated to study. i realise i have very sudden mood swings. i can go 'oh my goodness im gonna go home and study for like 5 hours' and the next moment i'll go like, 'aiyah, so late already, study tmr lah'.

but seriously, i do not have a lot to study for. especially for bio and chem. math is pretty okay considering i do my tutorials diligently and all.

gp project early in the morning tmr. i can't believe im sacrificing soccer time for projects. funny how work has taken top position in life. its hard to shove work aside nowadays. because the consequences are dire. not because we'll get into trouble. but because we won't be able to catch up.

i mean, you wouldn't catch me alive in a school library borrowing some huge 900 page biology textbook but that was what i did on monday. and i lugged it home on my own, trying my best to ignore the glances that pass me by. hey, being a mugger is pretty cool too don you think? no? hahaha.

and so, im looking forward to church on sunday. i believe i do need some help from the spiritual dept of my life.

yeah. for now, dinner time.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

im a happy man this weekend. (ok fine, some of you may argue that i'm not a man YET)

first off, i know i didn't do quite well for my econs essay but i did reasonably well for my BE insights. it wasn't very difficult. so after that, went to george's house. supposed to help them with their pw, but ended up playing. haha. photohunt was so damn fun! now my class owns the top 3 scores for photohunt.

and waifang is scary when she plays carrom. destructive monster. i can sit 5m away and still get hit by the seed. yeah. and thanks george for the pizzas! right, so i passed punggol and stayed at home to watch the premiership's opening games. liverpool were hopeless in their first half and they better send a bouquet of roses to rob styles because he gave them a penalty that never should have been given. and liverpool is fast becoming a stevie g team. they even need him to dive for them. okay kidding. but seriously speaking, if liverpool play to their potential, they can play a whole lot better.

didn't go to church today. too tired. i think i've been skipping church too often. i really must start getting my butt there every week. and so, i woke up and did my work. read through dna and genomics and did a few questions for tutorial 4 of differentiation.

went for punggol today. played rather well i guess. scored a penalty but overall did rather well. but i don think i want leonard on my team from next week onwards.


sometimes all we have to do is keep things simple and naturally we'll be happy.

Friday, August 18, 2006

i just remembered i haven't done my gp commentary for this week. i shall do it tmr lest i get reprimanded for having a 'stinking attitude', right george? hahaha.

i think i need to rant. about economics. okay, first off, its not the toughest of subjects. the only things you need to memorise are definitions and graphs. the rest are just concepts that can be grasped and it does not matter how you phrase them, unlike bio where there's a certain way of doing things. i used to sit on the fence when asked about my feelings on econs.


okay, its not that i don like the subject. i believe i can do well in it. i believe its an easy subject. but the econs dept of my school is making the subject a living hell. firstly, i have no idea what the heck they are teaching in class. its almost as if we haven't learnt any new topics since term 2. all we did this term was essays!

secondly, ONLY econs makes us stay back after school to complete this and complete that. and the dept always choose inappriopriate days. like fridays and SATURDAYS.


so now, i'm left fuming but i can't do anything but accept the fact that i have to wake up at 6-freaking-45 am to do not one but TWO essays in 3 hours. one essay and one newspaper commentary. i don see the rationale behind this. okay, maybe i do for essay. but absolutely not for the commentary. firstly, they let us bring in our notes and articles. WHAT THE HELL FOR? i mean if its a serious test, then why give us an opportunity where we can 'legally' cheat? and this bloody thing is worth 20% of the overall econs grade!

i really do not understand what the econs dept is doing.

in other news, english premier league is back this weekend. something to look forward to i guess. hahaha. finally get to see man utd in action.

and oh, a happy birthday to richard and a 2-days-in-advance happy birthday to michelle lee!

another thing that has piqued me is singapore idol. ok fine, i DO watch singapore idol. but its just so infuriating how a certain, ok maybe two, singers actually stay in the competition week after week. yes, i know im not 'qualified to judge' in the eyes of many, no thanks to my duets with dom (its okay i still love you), but i mean we all have the ears to listen. we can differentiate good music and bad music. we know darlene zschech is good music and grace kwee is not.

yeah ok you get the idea.

and yet a certain J***** and not one but two hills are still in the competition. okay. lets name j***** as j. j cannot sing to save his damn life. he transforms a rock song into a candy pop song. sweeter than mandy moore and jessica simpson combined. he's got good looks nonetheless but this is a singing competition. if you wanna vote for j, go vote for him when he joins some teenage model search or something. BECAUSE OPEN UP YOUR EARS, HE CANNOT SING FOR NUTS.
how can we let someone who is clearly off the pace in the competition to remain when other more talented singers are getting kicked out?

then there are the two hills. sure, they are popular. they are hairy hills. but they cannot sing. his voice is too whiny and soft and yet he keeps picking rock songs. enough said. either two hills turns into a pretty boy and sing teen pop or quit the competition because the voice and image do not match. and i'm not saying the voice is good. its just... whiny.

i realise i can actually bitch about a lot of other stuff. but this session shall end here because, as i have mentioned, i have to wake up at 6-freaking-45 am tmr.

so goodnight people.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


im in this im-panicking-but-i-do-not-want-to-do-anything-cause-7-weeks-seem-like-a-long-time kind of mood.

oh brother, what can i do start studying?

rachel lee has just flown off to the states about 6 hours ago. IM SO SORRY I COULDN'T GO SEND YOU OFF! stupid econs teacher had to give us an extra lesson. so irritating.

I PROMISE YOU ICECREAM NEXT YEAR!!! hahahaha. oh crap, this has dragged onto the 3rd year.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

punggol park soccer's good.

amazing first time pass. woohoo.

i'm too lazy to talk about anything else.


i still can't get over the super sweet ballad. something's wrong with me. HAHAHA.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

10:42:50 PM
.Dominatrix Brutal honesty
ohmyson he's a freaking filipino.
10:44:08 PM
.Dominatrix Brutal honesty
10:44:16 PM
.Dominatrix Brutal honesty

this was our reaction after finding who the amazing singer who sang this amazingly soppy ballad was.

No one ever saw me like you do
All the things that I could add up too
I never knew just what a smile was worth
But your eyes see everything without a single word

'Cause there's somethin' in the way you look at me
It's as if my heart knows you're the missing piece
You make me believe that there's nothing in this world I can't be
I never know what you see
But there's somethin' in the way you look at me

If I could freeze a moment in my mind
It'll be the second that you touch your lips to mine
I'd like to stop the clock, make time stands still
'Cause, baby, this is just the way I always wanna feel

[Repeat CHORUS]

I don't know how or why I feel different in your eyes
All I know is it happens every time

[Repeat CHORUS]

The way you look at me

yes, this is the song i've been wanting for ages. ever since i heard it on the radio.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
and this is the singer.

okay before any of you sadistic people, who wants to see poor mk going to court and defending himself for anti-filipino comments on my blog or being mobbed at lucky plaza, report me to the authorities, i have nothing against them.

absolutely nothing. (ok if you push me more at this point i might tell you)

and i shall not deny the fact that soppy ballads are nice. i mean, its this kind of songs you sing in the toilet when you're shitting or bathing right? you don attempt to freaking sing 'sweet child of mine' by guns and roses while bathing or shitting. and imitating the guitar solo smack in the middle of that song in the bathroom, strumming your ribs, pressing imaginary strings and making the guitar sound with your vocals.

that will freak out your neighbours.

its just nice to sing ballads in the shower you know. i mean its soothing. it calms you down. you don want to start jumping and shaking your head as if you took ecstacy in the shower.

it will be even nicer if you actually sing it to your significant other. can you imagine the look on that person's face?

okay i shall go sing it to the dude in my mirror now.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
and so my poor phone's dead and buried. well at least someone does something to rescue it. i think i'll be using one of my dad's spare phones (he has 3 freaking phones) for awhile.

went back to acsi to collect my o lvl cert today. played soccer there for quite awhile. and i got kneed by dhanesh in the thigh. its gonna freaking kill me in the morning.

went to watch fireworks at marina. i mean its quite nice lah, but nothing compared to what other countries can offer.

it was nice catching up with chen, xin and bert. hardly see them anymore. and chen was like telling us freaky stories on the way home. and thanks for the drinks. hahahaha.

ok i'm going off now. i'm very lazy to blog about serious matters.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

i think i want to change my phone. the one i have now is going looney tunes.

so i was typing a msg one day, and all of a sudden my phone shows an alert that goes

'database corrupted. some data may have been lost.'

why thank you very much. and then i can't send messages all of a sudden. and today, i realised i cannot bluetooth anything. and so i believe it is about time to change my phone. actually, i kinda like my current phone but i'm desperately trying to fulfil my fantasy of having a flip phone. its like some stupid weird fetish.

i realise i need to sleep cos i have school tmr.

i'll be back.

Friday, August 04, 2006

i noticed something about my new blogskin. IF YOU MOVE YOUR CURSOR AROUND, THE EYES OF THE FOREMOST PENGUIN MOVES TOO! =))))

ok despite the complaints of the lousy navigations and a copyright dispute over a famous line, i'm sticking with my current blogskin. ok, i admit its a bit small but its still like cute right?

ok so today was a short day. but friday is like sleeping day. i just cannot seem to stay awake during lessons. especially during chinese. today was an exception cos we had to do some shit paper.

but the highlight of today was after school. so george and nic were doing their written report and john and i decided to tag along. then we went to buy bubble tea and waffle at some nearby shop named budget cafe. i think its hip to use the word budget now. its like, first you have budget hotels, then you have the cool tiger airways shit budget airlines and then now you have budget cafe.

its slogan reads where friends meet. DAMN CHEAPSKATE LAH. AND I DON WANNA MEET FRIENDS THERE. THEY ARE NOT MY KIND OF PEOPLE. ok i'm being mean.

anyway, we saw an epic battle between a stray cat (it was the same stray which we caught humping the ground on tuesday) and a lizard. the cat threw punches at the lizard but the lizard refused to give up, biting the cat in retaliation. the battle continued leaving the rivals exhausted. (the bloody cat was panting like mad and started resting) in the end, the cat prevailed, BITING THE LIZARD IN THE HEAD AND RUNNING AWAY WITH IT IN ITS MOUTH.

then there was ocip meeting after that. I'M GROUP LEADER. =D i can boss john around. HAHAHAHAHA. and well ok, there aren't many pretty girls. but at least there's one in my team! =D oh yeah, i'm in donations team. damn slack. our job is done even before we leave for cambodia.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

looks familiar? its our all time favourite chem teacher. man, those were the days. her crazy heck care attitude, her spicy tuna with jacobs' biscuit recipe. she was one great teacher.

anyway, its time to start studying! promos are coming up!

oh and i borrowed kite runner from the library. heard its a good book. OMG I'M BECOMING A NERD.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

yes! new blogskin! in other news, mk has to start studying soon.


Tuesday, August 01, 2006

cos there's something in the way you look at me.
its as if my heart knows,
you're the missing piece.

if anyone knows the song that contains the above lyrics pls tell me! hahaha.




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