Sunday, January 28, 2007

been a long week. tuesday was killer. i woke up and felt my nose twitching. my nose has a habit of running whenever i have a lack of sleep. and so it did, it ran a marathon. (i know its very lame ok) took a pink form and came home after that to rest. it was madness. trying to sleep and sniff at the same time. flu sucks.

well, the week kinda flew by. i made a few important decisions this week.

firstly, i seriously do not like my chem teacher. she's the most annoying teacher in the world. more annoying than everyone's "favourite" econs teacher. she metes out punishment fit for those in primary sch, not jc students. which jc teacher would ask a student to stand because he/she (better not be sexist) didn't do the tutorial questions? somehow, her face reminds me of the witch in hansen and gretel. weird. haha.

secondly, i must lose weight. yes, i'm determined now to lose at least 5kg. after my run on friday, i realized how much easier it would have been if i had been 5kg lighter. so therefore, i'm gonna eat little during lunch in sch nowadays. no more bubble tea and crispy chicken. (george, you better don ask me to go and eat crispy chicken anymore)

lastly, a promise i made today. i promise that i'll start to let Jesus be in control of everything in my life. i know, easier said than done. but im really sick and tired of my own empty preaching. it sucks sometimes when i realize i'm telling someone how he/she should go about his life when my own life isn't that fantastically led either. therefore, i'm gonna constantly remind myself that if i let go, God will take over.

i guess that's about it for today. and dom, i'm gonna join your singles club. the members can all go for dinner on 14th feb. hahaha.

sometimes, i don even know what i truly feel.

njc match on friday! =)

Monday, January 22, 2007


stupid idiot is gonna buy drinks at every given opportunity. he's gonna be like dead drunk constantly. indulge in alcohol and stuff.

DAMN SAD IM GONNA BE SPENDING VALENTINE'S ALONE AGAIN THIS YEAR. sigh sad life. anyone who's as sad as me and has no date on 14 feb pls call me. preferably hot chicks. if not, don call. hahaha. ok kidding. i'll probably end up going out with dom, bobo and co.

i skipped 6km run today cos i was really really tired. my muscles are aching like nobody's business and i ran like a lot yesterday. plus, i had 2.4 today. which added to the aching. i donno how i'm gonna convince nordin tmr about this. ok i'm tired. i'd better go sleep now.


Wednesday, January 17, 2007

i've never been so busy (or at least i think and feel i'm busy) before. i am seriously motivated to study now and presently, i feel very very scared and inadequate. i just attempted writing a gp essay on poverty and i'm sad to say that i might have written it out of point.

john asked me a few days (ok maybe weeks) back what motivated me to study.

i told him fast cars, hot babes and big houses. (its so obvious i was kidding). but now i guess i can tell him what is motivating me to study is the fear of failure. fear of repeating what happened in march 2006. that is what is spurring me on.

thus far, i've failed my bio topical test. which wasn't much of a surprise. i know that i know my bio stuff just that i didn't study for it, which resulted in me failing.

trainings so far have been good. i feel good at leftback even though i still don really like playing there. at least i don have to run that much.

so much to do this few days. i wonder how long i can keep things up. and i realized one thing, emotional support is very important.

that's about all the energy i have left to blog. i'm gonna go watch singapore vs indonesia to recharge now.

till then, peace out! :D (ok that's damn corny lah pls)

Friday, January 12, 2007

the week has FINALLY ended.

after a week full of trainings, chionging of homework (24 newspaper articles, compre), topical tests and donno whatnot, it has finally come to the end.

talking about training, nordin said that i should play leftback from now on and by saying that, it means i MUST play leftback now.

which sucks because i don like playing as leftback. he was like,"mingkiat, there's imran and mahadi on the left now, do you want to play or sit on the bench?"

although that felt like a threat, i knew that i wanted to play much much more than i wanted to warm the goddamn bench. and really, with those two people, i won't get much playing time because, sad to say, they are really better than me.

anyways, i feel really motivated to study nowadays. check this out.

mk -so what if i never hold you:
then why are you studying?

° ÇhäямӘď± drty:

° ÇhäямӘď± drty:
A level?

mk -so what if i never hold you:
OHMYSON! so early?!
9:55:31 PM
° ÇhäямӘď± drty:
u call this early?

° ÇhäямӘď± drty:

here i am, thinking that its still early days. when people are like studying away. i'm gonna start studying soon.

i hate that phrase. i really wish i can say i'm gonna start studying now. but the heart is willing while the flesh is damn bloody weak.

i wanted to go play winning eleven but now even my xbox doesn't want to give me face. i donno what else to say. goodbye. haha.

Monday, January 08, 2007

im really really really really tired but i'm forcing myself to blog in a bid to save my blog from dying.

so people, you know what to do.

anyways, orientation 2007 was a blast. barbossa rocked the house! we won the best cheer! although i thought we did not really deserve it. but at least our cheers are nice! :D

had a whole lot of fun during orientation and made a couple of new friends in the same batch as me as well as from my OG. BARBOSSA 30! WOOHOO!

soccer training 3 times a week nowadays. must stop ponning alr. j1s are coming in. cannot let them take my position in the team.

i realize i'm uttering nonsense now. and i realize i like hot girls. gee, ok i'd better stop before i reveal anymore dirty linen.


-pardon me, mk has gone kuku after attempting to chiong his holiday homework-

kuku kuku kuku kuku kuku


procrastination is a bitch.
and i'm falling deeper, into the cauldron of affection.

please do not take anything that i'm saying serious because i am really kuku-ed at the moment.

ok stop mk, just stop.

Monday, January 01, 2007

and a new year is upon us. 2006 held more ups and downs than magic mountain in orlando, disneyland. (wah i say until like i've been there before)

2006 started off on a positive note. new school (acjc), same old pals, new friends. what more can i say.

new school, new and old friends. seemed a perfect start to a new chapter in my life.

then, like all good books, there came a twist. o levels was a disaster for me and soon, i found myself in a new environment, on my own.

i had to settle in quick and thank God for the good friends i made in Tampines Junior College.

despite being placed in a faraway (yes east is far because 3/4 of my friends live in the west) college, my friends didn't forget me. the initial stages of fitting in Tampines JC was tough. and i have a lot to thank my acs friends for. for pulling me through, for the comfort and encouragement. you know who you are.

as the year went on, i became more and more involved in my new school. from may till oct, it was a madcap time of soccer on weekends, crazy fun in school on weekdays.

uh-huh. school was fun. hahaha. the exams came and went. and i soon found myself in cambodia with a bunch of school people i've never seen before. and some old friends.

lessons were learnt. new friendships made. Cambodia OCIP 2006 turned out to be one of the highlights of my life.

i also joined soccer as my cca in Tampines JC and after a long while, i finally feel i'm a part of the team.

needless to say, i'm the shortest in the picture. 2006 has been a rollercoaster for me. but i'm thankful for how it has ended. 2007's upon us and yes, i face detention because i haven't done any of my holiday homework.

its mingkiat signing off with a few more pics. good bye, see you folks soon.




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