Saturday, April 30, 2005

yes. im blogging again. din really wanna get down to it cause of all the stress and work to do.

its been a hectic 2 weeks or something liddat. haha. yay. im gonna go for retreat tmr!

went to chen's house yesterday to "study". well we tried to at least. poh seng and chen kept playing the darn guitar. we gave up on studying. we went to play footie at his frontyard and filmed crazy soccer vids.

1st stunt
pohseng held the ball between his knees. i flicked it up and chen bicycle kicked it into the net. with 1 take!

2nd stunt
chen throws ball to me, i head it nicely toward pohseng and he heads it into the basketball net! the ball nvr touched the ground!

3rd stunt
chen heads ball to pohseng, he heads the ball to me and i head it into the net! the ball nvr touched the ground!

4th stunt
it was a failure. but it was too ambitious. pohseng and i took turns to try. basically, i threw the ball toward chen, he chested it and flicked it up and i tried to head it into the basketball net. i hit the board but pohseng went closer to head it onto the rim!

yepp. din get studying done but still great fun. managed to do some history in the night though. heh.

played soccer again today in the morning. played rather well. scored a goal. i dribbled past 4 defenders before hitting the ball straight at the keeper. i was absolutely furious. it would have been a super nice goal! oh well.

ok. must mug later. RETREAT TMR!! WOO!

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

time is running out!

its like less than 2 weeks to mid years and i haven't started yet. i am destined for con camp. haha.

anyway, yepp. on sat, went to play soccer. did i? oh wait. i forgot. oh yarr. i did. haha. it was raining quite badly and only a few played. richard got into some small argument with this dude who was pretty sore cos we beat his team 11-3 or something liddat. i bagged 4 goals i think. he was pissed cos of something small. i mean c'mon. its just a game. oh yeah. watched man utd game. great game. ruud's back! woo! im so happy. 4-1. next opponent, arsenal. watch out. we gonna get your back.

sunday played soccer again. haha. nothing much really.

monday was like the best day. during chapel, we shouted "JOYCEEE" for the whole school to hear and now everyone knows dom, the one who is joyce's soulmate or something liddat.
went for tuition after that. gee, i donno whether i can handle a math. its like i seem to know, and yet i donno whether i know.

i seriously need to start mugging and stuff! ARGH. help. chinese oral tomorrow. help. i think i won't survive the month of may. please pray for me.

Friday, April 15, 2005

ok. so we lost x-country. and we lost in rugby becos of some oscar-winning actors.

but every single one of the people representing the school is a winner.

just imagine, being picked to represent the school out of 1900++ students. that's a winner.
so no matter what medal we got, every single one of them are champions.

yes ok. im suddenly patriotic and stuff. haha. the saints are like oscar-winning actors. 5 people fall down when we could have scored a try. ohmygosh. bloody actors. cheaters. this was the school i was supposed to come from. no way am i gonna relate to a bunch of morons like them.

sa people are bengs. and cheaters.
watch out, we're getting you next year. either on the field. or at the bus stop.

x-country people must be the most disciplined people. they have a diet that consists of tofu and minimal sugar. ok that was random.

and 10 people ponned school today. like my gosh. can't they like stop ponning school?! ok school's a waste of time but its like. 10 people! unheard of!

i realised regretting is a waste of time. it won't help anything. it does not matter. so why not just chill and see how it goes?

im so gonna fail my midyears.
liverpool will meet milan in finals of champions league and lose 4-0.

ok whatever. my mind's feeling messy and disorganized and stuff.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

ok. i can't keep my hands off my comp. must... use... internet...

ok whatever.

i haven't studied for midyears.
im gonna fail midyears.
im confused.
im contradicted.

ok. that does not make sense.

10.50 for 2.4km run. PB for the year. and it was during the run. what a time to turn it on.
thot i was gonna run outta gas. did like 1.32 for 400m. that's like damn fast for me already. especially when i was consistently doing 2mins for my previous runs.

well, i was super burned out. mental resilience kept me going. 10.50 im so happy. my brain was screaming STOP!!! but i just kept going. i was like God. push me to the finishing line. and my arms were like aching. i was actually panting when i came in. panting and breathless at that. for the first time in ages.

everyone's talkin bout lee wei kong's accident. sad ain't it. his life was turned upside down in a split second. sigh. that's how fragile life is. just makes you cherish what you don have. just like my english teacher said,"give up ur 11th pair of adidas shoes and donate to help him". ok that was rather irrelevant but its like. well yeah. u get the idea. i think.

signing off. need to mug.

[my worst pains are words i cannot say] - gifts and curses

Sunday, April 10, 2005

this is probably my last entry. till after exams. probably.

anyway, played soccer yesterday. haha. richard and pak are officially addicted to punggol park soccer. i scored 1 goal. not bad. oh well. then went home to watch footie.

norwich 2-0 man utd. i got nothing to say. im so gonna get suaned on monday. its like NORWICH. and they haven't kept a clean sheet for 7 months. fergie needs to learn how not to underestimate other teams.

went church today. sermon was good. i learnt quite a lot. played captain's ball till quite late. my mum was pretty pissed. ok. very pissed. haha. yupp. so now im like stoning.

jeremiah 29:11

one go at it, will i have a second try?

Friday, April 08, 2005

did i say i absolutely love my blog skin to death? haha.

anyway, 4.4 were interclass champs. i really do not like them. as in like don like the people in the class. maybe except for greg ho. the rest are like the biggest assholes anyone can find. pardon me for saying that. but im feeling blunt today. i was actually cheering for 4.16. hahaha. i think 4.4 were everyone's "favourite". even 4.15 cheered for 4.16. hahaha. its so like chelsea. they win medals but they don win over people/supporters.

darren's harping on the dumb match-fixing scandal again. can't he just quit it. its over. get over it for crying out loud. he deprived us of our win in the first place. so much for cheating and all that stuff. like whatever man. its spelt w-h-a-t-e-v-e-r.

hmmm. the 40 DOP thingy is like quite cool. haha. interesting la. yupp. made me realise like i really totally haven't been living for Him. really, its easier said than done. at least i know im not alone trying to live for Him. everyone's struggling. im not being sadistic but yeah, at least i know im not the only person struggling to live my life for God.

we're so gonna jam let me go by 3 doors down. its ultimate coolness. and jack black is a funny dude. ok that was random.

ahh. midyears are in like 3 weeks! must start studyin!

my middle finger looks rotten. HELP! damn bunsen burner.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

ok. im gonna blog properly now.

basically, its the mid-week again. time is like passing so quickly. n i haven't started studying for midyears yet. i am so gonna fail man. better start revising.

monday was a stone day. chapel was rather enlightening. as in like cleared my doubts a bit. haha. anyway, NAFTA test after that. it was like super perfect condition to run. it was so darn cooling but majority of the class din wanna run. so of course we started on the other 5 items.

standing broad jump - 209cm. its like so darn bad! i can't jump to save my life that's for sure. i did like 3 pull-ups. im already amazed. woO! like man, i thought i couldn't even do like 1. i never know how i mustered enough strength to get 3. i could have like done more though. =P
then well sit-ups. ultimate cheating part of the test. azman doesn't count. so cuthbert told him i got 43 and i told him cuthbert got 43 as well. haha. well, ok i actually could have done 43. i think.

then tuesday. OHMYGOSH. ultimateboringday. andrewtanjianming was like absent again. so i nestled into his comfy seat at the corner of class with cuthbert and played fifa on his n-gage the entire day, doodled nonsense on chen's table and i slept for like half an hour during physics lesson. kenneth seah's lesson has some kind of sleeping spell. i can never stay awake during his class. sigh. oh yeah and i finished digital fortress. its like super drama ending but yet anti-climax. it was a very "dur-h" ending.

anyway, wednesday being today. it was a rather slack day. i sat at andrewtanjianming's seat again. he din come again. doh. errr, it was rather slackish as usual. hmmm. i think i really really need to start studying man. anyway, i got 10 flat for shuttle run! im so happy! that's another A!

i love my new blogskin. its soooo nice. anjan's got leesuanyew speaker of the year thingy tmr. im in two minds. donno whether should cheer him on so he will win or screw him up and see him jakk himself. haha.

that's bout it.

what if i fall, then where would i go? would she know?

i adore my new skin. woo hoo. the layout is super nice. the pic is super nice. and the music is super nice. magnifico.

haha. nothing else to say. ehh, tag la. its an unspoken rule to tag after visiting unless of course, u don read my blog la. =/

Sunday, April 03, 2005

i need a new blog skin. my skin sucks. daniel's blog skin rocks. ownage.

anyway, i donno why im blogging now. dumb blogskins is down. can't search for new skins.

i seriously need to start studying and revising. mid-years are in 4 weeks and chinese o'lvls are in 6 weeks.

haha. oh well. its amazing how other people can be so talented. some people can study for a much shorter period of time and yet own my butt in the exams. some people seem to be able to play music effortlessly as i struggle with my drumming. some people just get everything. while i get none.

haha. guess that's the way life works ain't it? i ain't blaming God for giving lesser stuff to me. but well, haha. im just stating facts.

ok i donno wad im saying.

i still need a new blog skin.

evan and jaron's "crazy for this girl" is soooo nice.

Saturday, April 02, 2005

jerk it out.
haha. its officially my fav song for the moment.

anyway lets kick start this entry with the happenings of monday. well, it was basically slack. it was REW. haha. neivelle tan's life story is like super interesting. i actually din fall asleep during his talk. oh well. then PE. omg. i realise my fitness is like super duper low. 4km and 21 mins. im gonna die for x-country this year.
anyway, on tuesday, we ponned bio and chem remedial after school to play football. hahaha. damn funny. srijith saw quek parking the car and waved hi while we were just deciding to pon chem remedial. one word for his action. suicidal. thank goodness she din see us. i think. oh well. anyway, nothing happened to us. =)
on wed. inter-class. drew with 4.2 by a freak goal! that dumb goal should have never been allowed. i donno whether the referee's eye behind his head or his butt. the keeper threw it while climbing up the drain. he wasn't on the field. so that was a goal kick that went in for crying out loud!
and if u put the wackiest class in sec 4 express and the wackiest class in sec 4 IB together and make them play a footie game, the result will be 5-5 and a controversy that will not die down for the next 30 days. oh well. =)
thursday. well, nothing much. played soccer in the rain. maybe that's why im having flu now. hehe. but wat the heck. i scored 4. im happy. time well spent. maybe not.
well friday! the most anticipated day of the week. class outing!
well, we were supposed to meet at 5.45pm at seoul garden, taka. only like me, ivan, andrew, aaron, anjan, ashok, nic chia and nic lai were punctual. the rest were like late.
then the famous KARI came. the look on ashok's face was absolutely priceless. worth the $22++ i paid. the food was not bad. i hope i don get diarrhoea tho.
then went to watch miss congeniality 2. utter stupidity. it was so boring. but well, it was an absolutely fun day. my class rocks! oh well.
yepp. that's bout it. going to play soccer tomorrow.




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