Monday, May 29, 2006

DOMINIC NEO SOCK HOON. my new skin isn't gay. its just... colourful. hahaha.

oh whatever. i felt like i needed some colour in my life. hahaha.

i'm gonna start bitching about the stupid SBS service. THEY DO NOT SUPPLY ENOUGH BUSES DURING PEAK HOURS.
i waited 20 mins for some stupid bus 27 which i can't even get on cos it was packed like mad this morning. causing me to be 40 mins late for my lecture. not that i'm complaining but the thing is, there isn't enough buses that are operating during the peak hours! maybe i should draw a demand and supply curve and fax it to the SBS or something.

anyway, yes. today's lessons are rather uneventful. i didn't really work my brain much. and our dearest SUNSHINE didn't come to school. YESSSSSS. hahaha. you know what? volleyball is actually quite fun! hahahaha.

church yesterday was fun too! sally's class isn't really that bad. oh but zhiliang was teaching yesterday. taught us about the tabernacle and stuff. quite interesting. slacked at the bay before going home. THE CHICKEN CURRY WAS AWESOME.

my grandmother fell yesterday and broke a bone in her arm and had 8 stitches on her head. thank goodness nothing serious happened to her. i was like sooo freaking afraid when my mum broke the news to me cos she was unconscious for awhile.

chicken rice is nice! =)

yes, i need to work on my fitness. fitness is the key to footballing success.

gotta start studying soon.

OH YES. wait, this was what i saw outside an indian stall at a coffeeshop somewhere in the JUNGLES of tampines.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

yes the sauce is damn cold.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

hohoho. i'm so damn shacked today. double dosage of soccer.

morning woke up, went to meet richard for breakfast first. economy noodles was first class. hahahha. no chance. soccer was first class too. haha. the thing about bedok court is, they are physical. but they don't pick fights. maybe that's because they are all friends. compared to ulu pandan and punggol, its much more challenging there.

anyway, it was scorching today. the bloody noodles acted up, started twisting and turning in my stomach. oh well. managed to score one goal. =/

yes, and so i came home after that to rest for awhile before going to punggol. it was awful. maybe i was tired or maybe i wasn't up to it, i donno. but we played badly. oh well. and dinner was not fulfilling. hahahaha.

you know what, i'm damn tired.


someone! anyone?

Thursday, May 25, 2006

and so, today passed like a gentle morning breeze.

morning came in the blink of an eye.
econs and chi paper were staring straight at me.

i'm proud to say i overpowered them relatively well.


badminton tmr! soccer!

oh yes, this was what my gp teacher wrote on the board yesterday.

5.DO WEEKS 9-12 OF 1100 WORDS

the above did not go through any form of editing.

i believe 4, 5 and 6 are optional. =D therefore i shall dutifully fulfil my obligations as a student by completing assignments 1 to 3.

and when norman new (my gp teacher who dreams to be the abbott of shaolin temple) asks me why i haven't done 4 to 6, i'll do THIS. (look below)

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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

maybe i'm to blame.
you shouldn't have known.

oh well. econs and chi tmr! HOPE I PASS CHI!



let's go soul patrol!
taylor hicks is gonna win AMERICAN IDOL! WOOOO!

ok, this may come as a joke to many, but i actually got 26/30 for my chinese oral! omg. i'm so happy. i thought i'd just barely passed but i didn't! hahahaha. surprise surprise. now, i think i might just fail my listening compre. hahaha. it was horrible!

right, so, i have econs and chi tmr. i hope i do well. i'm quite confident of passing. but doing well is another matter. hahaha. and for the first time in my life, i just hope to pass my chinese. hahaha.

man utd needs to buy more players. chelsea's got ballack, arsenal's got rosicky, i don give a shit about liverpool cos they have an all-star central midfield already but united has scholes and fletcher/o'shea.

right. world-class midfield. one a 31-year old warrior who's going blind (hope he still can shoot from 40 yards), the other two hopeless players who should be playing for bradford or smth.


the scary thing is, if chelsea get ruud/shevchenko, that's the end of the world. they should go play in the chelsea league or something.

(opportunity cost here is the time spent on studying econs)

ok. i shall continue.
i think its just hilariously stupid for friends to argue over stupid stuff like name calling. to add to the fact that both are good friends for a number of years shows the sheer stupidity of it all. yes, sometimes one party might have gone too far but certainly forgiveness is part and parcel of friendship. and besides, the chiding and name-calling is just on the surface level. it was never meant as a direct insult.

yes, we might have gone too far with the name-calling and everything. i'm not shirking my responsibilities or playing down the part i played. in fact, sometimes i really think we've gone too far. but the fact of the matter is, don you chide us as well? i don want us to be pointing fingers at each other. i'd rather very much have my good frens by my side, calling names and chiding each other all in the name of fun. you might think that we really mean it, but maybe you've thought wrong. and maybe, we should just go and reflect (give us mirrors) on our actions.

ok. i'm done. study time.

out of sorts?
i'm here.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

and today, i overslept. hahaha. it was like, my alarm clock rang at 630. (my alarm clock is my phone. it plays the spongebob theme song when it rings.) THEN, i decided to take like 5 more mins of sleep and guess what, when i woke up, it was like 710.

well, i didn't really rush cos i knew the dog, richard would be fashionably late AS USUAL. true enough, i still had to wait when i got to buona mrt station. on the way, i was playing my LOVELY SUDOKU MACHINE. i'm in love with sudoku. =) but i was totally embarrassed when a group of chij girls and sji guys plopped their butts like 1m away from me and started flirting with each other. BECAUSE MY LOVELY SUDOKU MACHINE LOOKS LIKE THOSE 90'S TETRIS MACHINE. (those your ah ma's buy for you when you're damn young)

ok. so we went to some coffeeshop for breakfast first. roti prata and chicken feet. hahaha. weird combination but it was not bad. so timothy chee. omg, he's like haggard dog. and i saw tay suat kwan! hahaha. my sec 1 science teacher. she's damn old now. oh well, people grow old. (like duh)

soccer was great. scored 5-6 goals. haha. can't really remember. but, i scored a hat-trick in one game. NO CHANCE. i think i should play sudoku before every game. stimulates the brain. allows me to play better. HAHAHAHA. warped theory. but yet, it may be true.

ok so, after that, we headed to njc funfair. it was decent lah. i mean, its stupid to compare it to fun-o-rama because fun-o-rama is like bloody advertised in churches and all the posers will go but njc's "funtasia" wasn' that bad either. hahaha. and there were like free coupons lying all over the ground! i think we spent all our money on drinks and SOE-BA noodles. oh well. then we started playing soccer after that. HAHAHA. soccer's like an integral part of our lives. can't live without it. hahahaha. and well, i still owe dom and richard a drink each cos i sucked at taking penalties. DAMMIT. its not fair.

dom was "in trouble" with his mum (according to his dad) so he had to rush home. ben, richard and i headed to like orchard. OMG. and i made the smartest suggestion to go to pepper lunch! (bloody besturd ben and richard don ask why not pepper dinner i donno also!) the food was good but i was like broke after that. still managed to eat like 7 sushis and drink like 1 litre of iced milk tea. omg. my stomach almost burst open.

a satisfying day. hahaha. i'm damn tired now. so i shall go to sleep. you know what, i haven't studied today i better study tmr. HAHAHAHA. good bye people.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

ohmygoodness, i've got chem SPA tmr. and i'm seriously freaking out because i'm damn afraid of getting inaccurate results! i failed my trial because of that. and i don want it to happen again. the problem is, i cannot prepare for that part in any particular way! which is shitty.

ok. lets think, there's summary, colour change and ANOMALY COMMENT.

i'm in the mugging mood today! hahahaha. i studied econs! =)

but i wanna play soccer! hahahaha.

ok i'm getting random. byebye!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

sometimes i wish it would explode out of me,
but the oh so dire consequences and predictable outcome,
keeps everything in.

hohoho. i think i like hockey. its quite fun! =)

i should be sleeping now. well, actually i did. for like 15 mins. and then i woke up all of a sudden. and so i'm here to post a really short entry.

i'm freaking out with the common tests coming. I NEED TO START STUDYING AND BEING SO LAZY!

ok. motivation. everyone! lets motivate each other to study. weeeeee.

Monday, May 15, 2006

just let me say,
how much i love You.
let me speak of Your mercy and grace.
just let me live
in the shadow of Your beauty
let me see You face to face.
and the earth may shake
as Your word goes forth
and the heavens will tremble and fall
but let me say
how much i love You.
oh my Saviour, my Lord and friend.
just let me hear,
Your finest whispers.
as You gently call my name.
and let me see Your power and Your glory.
let me feel Your spirit's flame
that we find You in the desert
till this sand is holy ground
and i am found completely surrendered
to you my Lord and friend.
so let me say how much i love You
with all my heart, i long for You.
for i am caught in this passion of knowing
this endless love i've found in You.
and the depths of grace
the forgiveness found,
to be called a child of God.
just makes me say,
how much i love You.
oh my saviour, my Lord and friend.

oh so meaningful.

ohmyholymothercowofbengali today was such a slack day. i like sea sports carnival. hahaha.

but first things first, gp was terribly disappointing. 18/40. hahaha. but well, at least i din fail that badly. george, don be so happy. hahaha. 19/40 only lah you!

and pe. stupid nicholas had to sprint the last 200m. and then ho yin and i had to follow. hahaha. ended up tiring ourselves up.

well, bio prac was kinda slack. econs was slack. math was well, spent sleeping. THEN! sea sports carnival. =)

dragon boating was fun. tiring but it was fun. we showed quite a bit of unity. hahahaha. canoeing was fun too! although we din do very well, i felt that george and i rowed quite fast. hahahaha. i like canoeing! with people that knows how to canoe. HAHAHAHA. cos all i do is jus row like some mad viking.

hahaha. ended up super freaking tired. went to tampines to buy bubble tea. hahaha. and yes, God answered my prayers. ok it might seem insignificant but it was like, i knew He would answer my prayer.

"I tell you the truth, if anyone says to this mountain, "go throw yourself into the sea," and does not doubt it in his heart but believes that what he says will happen, it will be done for him." Mark 11:23


well, the situation was like this. one 27 came and it was packed. humans packed like sardines on the bus. and i was wondering how in the world i was gonna get home. well, the thing is, i had 2 classmates with me who weren't christians. and yes, i prayed for an empty bus with a driver. but one 27 went by packed like hell. but i knew He would answer. and true enough, He did. it was not packed. and we had seats for the 3 of us. amen. i like the feeling of having my prayers answered. =)

just let me say, how much i love You.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

get ready. this post will be full of liverpool vs west ham pictures. i don believe i'm actually doing this but yeah. liverpool din really deserve to win it. but one man, STEVIE G pulled the team up by the scruff of their necks and led them to victory.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

carragher's at it again as he puts one into the back of his own net. (think manutd 3-2 liverpool where he scored 2 own goals.)

then west ham got one more goal thanks to PEPE reina.

you know something's wrong when THIS happens.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

cisse the ultimate dog of liverpool scores with a terrific first time volley.

then gerrard equalised.

before konchesky scores with a cross.

then gerrard with a 91st minute 35m screamer equaliser.

istanbul 2005 all over again. all liverpool fans better go check your hearts. i scared you all might get heart failure or something.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

utter jubilation.

ah well. that's about it. interesting game. ffw was awesome last night. Jesus loves you, you, you and you.

Jesus loves me this i know,
for the bible tells me so.

my mother liked the bag! hahaha! oh well. and to address the person with the name "CB" on my tagboard, it doesn't mean THAT, but its an acronym for crazy bitch, errr. yeah. name for our econs teacher. hahaha. don get offended.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
slackers of 06 S 01.

we really are. HAHAHA.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

my desire to get back to shape is burning. i really wanna go for a run now. hahaha. to keep fit and to improve on my fitness so i can last a full 90 mins in a football game. then again, maybe its cos i want to get some stuff outta my head.

darn econs is in like a week's time. so dead, so so dead. i'm aiming for at least 1 or 2 as for my midyears. and most certainly, econs isn't one of them. i really hope i don fail any of my subjects. it would be a terrible disaster and morale-sapping.

maybe the june holidays is a blessing in disguise.

but there's like outings, world cup, 3 projects to complete in the 4 weeks of 'holiday'. adding to the pile of work and revision i've to do, i need 48 hours a day.

and theo walcott is named in the england side. what the shit. he's like my age and he gets to play in the biggest stage of football. but well, who said life was fair?

rarh. i don like econs. i think its super irritating. but physics is still more irritating.

i want a good 2.4 timing! ok that was random.

maybe i'm not as important or significant as i think i am.

claude makelele and dietmar hamann must have had this thought going through their heads a million times in their lives so far.

but then again, who ever said you get what you deserve? hahahaha.
back to irritating econs.

Friday, May 12, 2006

ohmyson. my first proper 11-a-side match. no chance, managed to win 2-1. hahaha. with goals from richard and aravind. hahaha.

well, it was a good experience. my fitness needs to be slightly improved. din really struggle through the match but was rather tired towards the end. oh well. at least i managed to ole someone and smack the post. HAHAHA. oh well.

went to marina square to makan, pig out. at yuki yaki. ten million times better than soe-garden. (sorry ben, it was too tempting)

ate till i almost burst.

then went to buy mother's day present. omg. and we played the stupid bishi bashi machine! hahahaha. imagine 6 guys playing that stupid machine. tsk tsk. hahaha. but it was damn funny.

ok. i'm damn freaking tired now.

to hell with math lecture tmr.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

ohmyson. i'm sweating (literally) over mitosis and meiosis.

i know shit about it. i'm like dying (figuratively) after like 5 mcq questions. out of which i think i've gotten like 4 wrong. ohmyholymothercowofbengali.

ok. i'm gonna go off now. incredible tales! =)

Monday, May 08, 2006

i suddenly turned pms-sy. i think my mood is entirely dependent on the weather. so i shall start bitching now.

oh you stupid weather. some days you freeze the shit outta me. some days you jus bake the crap outta me. some days you're jus plain irritating. want to rain don rain. spoil my plans for the day.

stupid stupid foolish weather. you piss me off.

ok. i'm done bitching about the weather.

now lets bitch about something else.

i think my application form for attachment to the a-star institutes is overdue. it states that it must reach MOE (stupid shit that turned my life upside down. like once again.) by 9th may. which is tmr.

and i'm only gonna hand it up to my science HOD tmr.

oh why oh why din i hand up to him on friday. dammit dammit dammit.

argh. damn you weather. its all your fault. you pissed me off.
damn you moe. you screwed my life again.

and i've got a chem test tmr. i totally don feel like studying. but at the same time, i feel guilty not studying.

mk, stop procrastinating and start being decisive for once.

i think the weather has caused me to become insane. i'm talking to myself.

i must destroy the weather once and for all. RARH.

argh. ok. i must stop bitching and do smth.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

WEEE. i dialled 999 for the first time today in all my 16 years of existence. =)))))

ok. that was super bimbotic.

witnesssed some stupid car accident today. hahahaha. the driver was damn lucky to have survived. doh. the fragility of life.

i got a miss call after that. maybe the police wants to reward me for calling them.

"oh errr we wanna give you a PSP for your commendable effort for informing us."

dream on mk. well at least soccer today was good. 8 games in a row. no chance. we were too good. until we lost. HAHAHAH. oh well. scored about 3 goals today i think.

and wz! both our phones are screwed up! HAHAHAHA! we need to change phones. =x

ok. time to go. byebye.

Friday, May 05, 2006

dom. our version of kiss goodbye is so not disgusting.

its unbeatable.

hahahah. oh well. i jus came back from PAP. i think they are damn cool. they got their own fan club.

even politicians have dogfights. its quite funny to see how one party slams another and how the other one reacts to the slamming. its quite fun! hahaha. beats watching 'days of our lives'.

especially when the opposition start yelling about how they are gonna sue a certain lee family. and how they won't apologise.

HAHAHA. its good humour i tell you.

ok. anyways, soccer training on tues was tough. physically. i need to burn my lipids.

what else is there to say? hahahaha.


Wednesday, May 03, 2006

you know you miss acs when: start thinking that there's a time for you to sleep (chapel) every monday morning during school. start singing the acs anthem when someone says 'let us sing the school anthem'. rush to the canteen on wednesdays hoping to find fried food and xiaoji. start missing after-school soccer. start thinking that maybe grace kwee's singing isn't that bad afterall. feel that those donations you made are more worthwhile than you thought. feel the insatiable desire to taupok/strip someone in class.
8.look forward to going to school to chide a certain b'ham supporter.
9.look forward to going to school in the first place. =/

if you fall into any of these categories (esp 5), you are SERIOUSLY missing acs.

God save our land and heaven bless,
our acs forever.

ok. i'm tired. time to go to bed. hahahahhaa.




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