Wednesday, June 29, 2005

yay. its mid week. haha. its wednesday!

weee. there was PE today. before that we had a NSW english competition. its like something every student in Singapore has to take part in. it has almost become a compulsory thingy. haha.

we had to write a brochure bout 2 products. one is this safety vest thingy that protects you by inflating itself up when you get flung off your bike. the other is this personalised identity card. haha. i did the safety vest thingy. super funny. i wrote that you gotta press this green button on the vest to inflate it. and its on either side so it doesn't matter if you're right or left handed. shucks. i feel bimbotic.

ok. during PE. we played soccer. again. cos the basketball court wasn't ready. -take that jerome- i probably played one of the best games i've ever played in the school. hee. i din dribble as much. managed to put in good crosses. for yousheng and clement. clement's goal was DAMN NICE. super header. from my cross! wee! oh well. dom was like controlling the midfield. ben was marshalling the defence.

CHEN. THE SHOES DON MAKE THE PLAYER. he slipped with his TOTAL 90 NIKE SHOES. hahahaha. and shot straight at SAMUEL. weee. yes yes. we'll wait till we play at the court. hahaha. but for now, i gloat at your miss.

the rest of the day was pretty slack. chinese came in 2o mins late. we were talking the entire period. we paid attention during chem. like we always do. english was pretty much a lesson where i drifted in and out of consciousness.

that's bout it. im tired. haha.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

things are not good y'all.

9 weeks to prelim.

add 1 month to that you get o'levels.

better start working hard. or i might become jc-less. poly-less or ite-less.

i have 2 math tests tmr!

dead y'all.

nevermind. im feeling happy again.

call me counsellor tan. pleased to meet you. =)

life somehow seems a lot more carefree. maybe its cos im back with my frens again! yay. frens rock.

pig family! we rock! caution to all who go out with the pig family. we might eat your food up. ok. not might. we will.

agree pigs? =)

Sunday, June 26, 2005

maybe its time to let go.

its time to let go my friend. its time to let go.

there are more important things ahead.

my post works both ways if you get wad i mean, certain someone.

o levels!

my spiritual journey!

here i come!

if i don die before i reach my o levels, i will treat my pig family to ice cream!

Friday, June 24, 2005

the holidays are coming to an end. and so every end marks a beginning.

the beginning of endless mugging till the end of the year.

the beginning of school term.

the beginning of assignments, assignments and more assignments.

basically, the future looks bleak. i can't really see anything to look forward. except for public holidays. i don even wanna look toward the sept hols. they jus bring the prelims closer.

i'd do anything
jus to hold you in my arms
to try to make you laugh
cos somehow i can't put you in the past.


Thursday, June 23, 2005

im not okay. i promise.

God mus have put in a lot of effort when designing the female brain. that's why its so difficult to comprehend.

die la. mus mug bio.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

the past 24 hours had gone past in a flash. he doesn't know wad to say. he doesn't know wad to feel. he feels empty inside him all of a sudden. like, something, the thing that he has been longing for and not wanting ever to let go, had jus been robbed of. he feels numb.

there's nothing left to say. wad's done is done. he knows this time, its lost forever. he can't see a way of repossessing it. maybe its time he learnt to give it up. maybe it had jus been one of his daydreams or fairytales, which do not exist. too many maybes.

there's a deep longing for it. he can still sense it. how long will it take for that longing to go away? he will never know.

you leave me here,
with nothing at all.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

ehh. daniel. you think you're pig when you woke up at 10.50? haha. then im like pig of pigs or something. i slept at like 9+ yesterday and woke up at 12.30pm today. yes. i know. pig. haha.

well, yesterday, we played the day away. met wz, daniel and michelle at ps. watched ghost train. half the time was spent picking up stray popcorns thrown by wz. the other half was laughing at this korean dude in the movie. haha.

then after that was arcade arcade and more arcade. played the day away. bishi bashi. bishi bashi. super fun. dadida.

i need to study for re-exam. doh.

Saturday, June 18, 2005

ok. been quite awhile since i updated. was too lazy to get down to it. oh well. now, im ready to blog.

ok basically, after conc camp. i went for another camp. KUNGFU CAMP. no no no. i din go to shaolin temple or anything, its my church camp. well, i only went there for the second and third day. it was really fun. my group was GREAT. jiazhi, mr crappy was forever making lame remarks that never fails to make our entire group laugh. then there's joe and marcus. the two young boys in our group. joe accepted Christ! so happy for him. another soul saved into the kingdom of God.

then there's gabrielle and sandar. this camp gave me an opportunity to spend some time with them ever since the Christmas thingy. so yeah.

then there's the two group leaders! ben foo and huizhen! ahh well. this two also very cartoon. hee.

our group did great. 3rd overall! TIE TOU GONG!

then slacked at home for the next few days before helping out at children's camp. the children were so cute la. especially the little boy daniel. no no. not daniel tay. haha. its another daniel. so cute la he. but very naughty. haha.

yesterday was a fun day! after helping out at children's camp. went to sheryl's house. makan then played basketball before going for cell. haha. sally led cell. i realised that a lot of people from my group accepted Christ last year! like me! oh well.

on the way back, we went crazy basically. ben foo and wanzhen changed slippers and that ah poot started running away with ben's slippers! haha. then we all started to change our slippers. i changed with sebastian. daniel changed bags with pauline and stuff. then we had a relay. running with God knows who's slippers. then i got wedgied! sebastian la. haha. damn pain. and my undies got stuck. then went to compasspoint to get a drink before going home.

that's bout it.

o's are coming. i can feel it.

Friday, June 10, 2005

and so, con camp ends.

con camp was more of a bonding session rather than a torture study camp.

and yes, as dom says, somehow, through this period of time, friends have been strengthened and forged.

night prep has become discussion sessions. apparently. and sessions of bingo, truth or dare and hangman.

things i will remember from con camp 'o5

1. espionages to hall 1 vending machine to buy sour skittles during night prep.
2. the countless taupoks and strips initiated.
3. nike ko tournament. classsic matchup: mk and dom vs aaron and jithe. a match forever remembered for its brutality.
4. the videos recorded by me of dom, ernie and qian dancing to "are you gonna be my girl".
5. the two strippings i fell victim to.
6. howei going:"i must continue playing till i score a goal!"
7. shannon voted mr acs.
8. running away when jerome shouted bitch to some bitch.
9. owning liwei's high score in glamour pinball.
10. spending quality time with friends.

true friends are hard to come by.

ben, dom, cuthbert, jerome, xinwei, andrew. you guys can be such great pals and yet be idiots at the same time man.

qian, ernie, shannon, ivan, clement, keith. this people im not really close to but con camp really brought me jus that bit closer to them.

great bonding experience man. lets jus hope we will keep in contact after we leave acs. good grief, that will be in 6 months.

three cheers for gd frens.

oh yeah. unlike some people, i shall mention daniel tay. if this dude decides to sabotage me and let my secrets out, i will die a horrible death. but well, he's a great pal init?

Thursday, June 09, 2005

yes. and i pon the second last day of con camp.

cos mk is sick. yes. im mk. mk is sick. he's got flu.

con camp is fun. i stress my point again.

nike ko soccer tournament held in 2.4 classroom. dom and mk vs aaron and jithe. jus like dom said, that game shall be recorded in the history of soccer games played in acsi.

dom vs aaron. weird matchup. but somehow, it was a tough fight. it was a match unlike others. it was close to a full-fledged wrestling match. sadly we lost. but it was a great game. intensity was so high it was second to rugby according to mr. aaron cheo.

some unspoken and unwritten rules of con camp
1.check the corridors every 5 mins for signs of pat thong when playing badminton or soccer in classroom.
2.don bother to check if tim lim is the one doing the rounds.
3.always always bring extra clothing.
4.always always bring a jacket or you shall freeze to death during night prep.
5.conserve energy for night prep and recreation - sleep during lectures and free time.

wad's the worst that i could say,
things are better if i stay,
so long and good night.
so long not good night.
well if we carry on this way,
things are better if i stay,
so long and good night.
so long not good night. - helena "my chemical romance"

the mtv's damn nice. woo! my chemical romance is a damn gd band. helena is a damn gd song.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

con camp rocks. con camp kicks ass.

con camp's all about...

1. playing music in class with an ipod.
2. playing badminton and soccer in class.
3. playing glamour pinball on chen's phone.
4. doing 3 to 4 math questions in 2 hours.
5. keeping all the badminton stuff in god-like speed when pat thong's arrival is found out.
6. running down to sac to buy food up.
7. cuthbert's n-gage.
8. playing bingo and truth or dare during night prep.
9. stripping.

keith = destructo
dom = hum ji
jerome = huh?

why am i flirt tan? shannon is flirt tan. not me. im like how innocent please.

aaron snapped the string of my racket.

oh my. with shannon on your team in badminton, you CANNOT lose.

food sucks though.

ahh. con camp kicks serious ass. period. as in full stop. not period. take your mind outta the gutter.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

and yes. i blog again.

the past week has been crazy. haha.

monday was chinese o'levels. hmmm. confident of bagging an A. haha. DANIEL GOT 8/10 for cloze passage. that bugger. i got 10/10 for the ci yu. woo! all that studying paid of.

tuesday marked the start of con camp. well, apparently, i was a virgin con camper if you get wad i mean, so i din know my way about and stuff. realised that con camp was super slack.

for the next three days, we played badminton in class, occasionally looking out for pat thong and tim lim. played cuthbert's n-gage, listened to ipods, conducted daily strippings on innocent victims and catching it on tape and taping ruzaini make a somewhat horrible version of "she will be loved". con camp's fun. hahaha.

yesterday was bad karma day i tell you. from the start to the end.

morning, went to play xbox with ben, chard, daniel and andrew. i got owned in halo 2. 2 kills only. that's what con camp did to my gaming. gee. was quite disappointed la. but it was jus a game.
went to have lunch before going for DOTA. ok. i got owned by andrew. and its his first time playing. that sucks man. ahh! bad karma bad karma. must have been all the rules i broke during con camp. hee.

went home, i got taupoked. ahh well. wad's new. THEN, we went to punggol to play soccer. that dumb china dude was there. i mean, no offence, but the way he played was dangerous man. first game, he came in sliding. i mean, its sunday soccer, wad's the point of coming in so hard and risk a possibility of someone getting hurt. REAL BAD. =/

richard was losing it man. screaming at the china man. screaming at us! i was pissed off man. i coulda left there and then. then the china dude went in on daniel. daniel went berserk, screaming like crazy. but its ok man, i kneed his thigh. that dumbass china man, acting all innocent like he din do a thing.

wee. im supposed to be in church now. but i ponned service. haha. DON TELL ANYONE. wahahahaha.




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