Saturday, September 30, 2006

and so, i go into day 2 of the exam period. funny as it may sound, i'm already beginning to smell the sweet scent of freedom.

day 1 was alright. i thought i misread my essay question and i probably went out of point but hey, what's done is done. essay was pretty alright. i'm quite confident of my essay. and AQ. econs was quite funny. i mean, i wrote too much for parts that didn't require a lot but i wrote too little for parts that require a lot so we shall see what happens when i get back my grades.

chem's next up on monday. i feel well prepared for it. i feel this sense of hopelessness for math. now my hopes of getting promoted lies in the hands of bio. we'll see what happens then. since the cts, i nvr really dared to put my faith onto my bio paper/tests.

i'm feeling rather tired now. my eyes feel so dry. i feel good about myself cos i managed to do 2 out of 3 challenging questions for gaseous state! yay! =)

oh but i'm irritated with mozilla cos it can't load popcap and i can't play insaniquarium, dynomite and other fun and intriguing games. GRRR.

gosh i'm behaving like a kid. must be 1st oct madness.

and hi to everyone on the tagboard. esp wenjie. hahaha. old pals old pals.

i really cannot wait for 5th oct. THEN ITS JACKPOT AHH!

for now, its back to bali.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

your momma's so fat,
that when she fell to the ground,
i couldn't bear to laugh.


okay. enough of your momma jokes. hello readers who are still faithfully waiting for my blog entry. here it is. i thought i'd better update before it becomes a lifeless and unvisited blog.

well, i just had chinese paper yesterday. it was pretty easy and well, exams are in 8 days. holy shit, 8 days!

anyway, pls pray for me because i feel prepared even though i haven't studied much. HAHAHA.

i was just thinking that my sch (present one) has really shaped me into a brand new person. in both good and bad ways. i shall elaborate further when my promos end. IN EXACTLY 2 WEEKS TIME! WOOHOO!

my birthday is in 15 days. -hint hint-

Thursday, September 14, 2006

i was just checking my mail in the evening when i had this urge to read all of those messages daryl sent me during the time when i was growing a lot as a christian plus those little stories reminding people how powerful, how faithful, how gracious our God really is. its amazing how i just decided to read through all my read messages in my inbox.

here's one story that really really touched me deep.

COOPER: It bears repeating that each night, we've been moved by the stories of people, people who have literally reached out and saved strangers' lives. Daylan Sanders is a U.S. citizen who sold his townhouse near Washington D.C. 10 years ago, and moved back to his native Sri Lanka, to build an orphanage, the Samaritan Children's Home.
When the waves came on Sunday, he gathered all 28 children, put them in a boat, and raced the waves to safety. He joins me now on the phone from Batticaloa, Sri Lanka. Thanks very much for being with us, Daylan. You know, we talked to a lot of people, and when they first saw the waves, they instantly thought to run to higher ground, but not you. What made you think your best chances were at sea in a boat?

DAYLAN SANDERS, FOUNDER AND DIRECTOR, SAMARITAN CHILDREN'S HOME: Because there are no words in human speech to describe what we saw. It was a 30-foot wall of sea, just bearing down on us like an angry monster. And it was coming at us at such speed; I knew that there was no place on ground where we could be safe. So I knew -- there was something in me that told me that instantly, that we've got to get on top of this wave if -- to stay safe.

COOPER: So how quickly -- how quickly...

SANDERS: I came out, I called out for the children. They all came. We rushed. We had just 10 seconds to get into the boat, and that day the outboard motor stayed hooked to the boat. Usually, we take it off every night. And we got into the boat -- you know, it had rushed in. It has -- it just demolished everything that stood in its path. It came with such force. It just hit both of the garages. The garages just splintered in every direction. It lifted up my Toyota pickup vehicle, my Mitsubishi L-300. We had a three-wheeler, a motorbike. Everything -- it just pulverized. And then when we got into the boat, it was just a few -- I would say about 15 feet away, and we were eyeball to eyeball with the wave.

And immediately, a scripture verse popped into my mind. It said, "When the enemy comes in like a flood, the spirit of the Lord shall raise up a standard against it." And I know from there, I got the courage. I just stood up in the small boat, and I lifted both my hands and I said, I command you in the name of Jesus Christ, on the strength of the scriptures, that when the enemy comes in like a flood, the spirit of the Lord shall raise up a standard against him. I command you in the name of Jesus Christ to stand still. And I thought I was imagining at the time that the massive wall of water, it stood still. It -- I'm not one given to exaggeration. I saw, as if something was holding back, some invisible force or hand. It just stood. And -- this was confirmed, because later on, when I met some of the villagers who had climbed on top of palmara trees and coconut trees and had survived this onslaught. They told me (they called me father). They said, "Father, we didn't stand a chance because the sea, when it got down to the beach and it crushed into the village, it came with the same speed and the same furry, and it just wiped us all out".

"But when it got on your land, at one point, it stood still. It just slowed down. And that gave you the chance. What made it? Was it the density of the trees or the buildings"? I said, there was no power on Earth that could have held it back but the power of God. I said, I called upon God, and I commanded it in the name of Jesus, who 2,000 years ago He commanded the waves, and they obeyed. He commanded the sea, and they obeyed. And this very same God did the same to us and gave us those precious few seconds that we needed to stop at the first yank, at the start, the boat engine just sputtered into life.

COOPER: And Daylan, I know your gamble paid off. You were able to take your boat really directly through the wave and rescue all the children in your orphanage.

SANDERS: By the way, they came up to us, and I told them that, you know, it's going to catch up with us and if it caught up...

COOPER: It's a remarkable, remarkable story, Daylan. Able to save 28 of the children in the orphanage. The orphanage itself, the buildings, the structures destroyed. But it's a remarkable tale. Daylan Sanders, thanks for joining us.

amazing story.

yes, doubters can doubt the validity of this story. but its faith that sets believers and non-believers apart.

in other news, man utd has won 5 out of 5 and i am beginning to start mugging. I HOPE.

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keeping things light.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

i wonder how many people notice or even care about the fact that i have missed church for 3 continuous weeks.

okay, at this point, all non-christians who do not like the fact that i'm posting about my spiritual life, pls stop reading. or maybe you should then you guys will see how difficult it really is to be one.

first off, thank you sheryl. thanks for reminding me that i have indeed been missing from church. these weeks have passed so quickly that i barely remember what i have done. or not done in this case.

right. and so, i'll sunk to the lowest point of spirituality. gone is the positive outlook on life. gone is the faith that has pulled me through some low points in my life. gone is the belief that i need a God in my life. why? because He never seems to appear to me. or maybe, i'm just too blind to see. i prefer to think that its the latter.

i desperately want those back. i want to be able to tell people its God who has sustained me thus far. i want to tell people that there's a God in this world who really loves me despite my shortcomings. i really want to tell people that without God, i'm gone.

but i can't. because i would be lying. because at this point in my life. i do not feel any of the above.

being in a non-christian environment is just tough. you see people from all walks of life. you don get reminded of God that often. its just so difficult to constantly remind yourself because in a non-christian environment, no one's there to say hey, God's here. hey, God's watching. hey, God loves you. gone are the days of monday chapels. gone are the days of morning devotion. and Grace Kwee has been right all along. i do miss those chapels and devotions because i realise, subconsciously, it serves as a reminder, a post-it at the back of my mind, that God is truly working in our midst. but nope. i don see it anymore in my present school.

for all those in christian schools, enjoy your morning devotions. enjoy your chapels. because once God plants you somewhere else, it will be difficult to keep your eye on God.

pray for me people. if it works. i hope to encounter God this sunday. then maybe, my opinions would change and just maybe, i can tell people once again that i serve a living God.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

it has been said, men look at the bigger picture.
women look at the finer details.

okay. maybe i made that up BUT it sure is true as hell. you see, yesterday's trip to the supermarket was really an eye opener.

my mum bought shit loads of things and well, it amounted to about 46 bucks. her theory is well, since we have the 15 buck voucher, why not spend more? fine by me. but one incident highlighted the above statement. she bought one huge container of detergent.

wait, that's like nothing you might say. isn't that what everyone does when they go shopping? like grocery shopping? yes. but the thing is.

we have 2 more NEW containers at home.

her theory: its cheaper today so we must buy.

"how much cheaper?"

"oh, about 40 cents."


yes. 40 cents is important. without it you might not get your vending machine drink, you might not be able to take your bus blah blah blah.

but we're talking about a huge container here. and we only have 4 pairs of hands. AND we have shit loads of things to carry back home, not just the container. why can't we buy it some other time?

the irony lies here. 40 cents cheaper must buy. one would be forgiven to even think she's trying to save money. but then, she goes on a shopping spree spending hundreds.

OKAY. so you see, men get the big picture by looking at the hundreds women spend.

while women look at the finer details, saving 40 cents while missing out on the BIG PICTURE, the hundreds they spend on clothes, jewellery, whatnot which they probably don/adorn for no more than 10 times.

makes sense doesn't it?

you save 40 cents and then you go on a hundred dollar shopping spree.

okay. i'm not against my mum or any women out there. but can anyone explain this irony to me?

Monday, September 04, 2006

mourn all you animal planet fanatics.
rejoice all you anti-crocs-on-tv members.


no. i'm not kidding. that dude who goes around in khaki shirt and shorts pouncing on crocs thrice his size, untangling pythons from his neck and messing around with all kinds of creepy crawlies has passed on. SADLY.

apparently he was stung by a stingray while diving in the Great Barrier Reef. damn you stingrays. dom and i are gonna devour you on a regular basis, with sambal.

how fragile life is don you think? one moment you see the guy on tv and you wonder when he will ever stop catching crocs and the next thing you know, he's gone. sure, he's not one that's close to the heart but it just shows how fragile life is. who would expect someone so fearless, so daring, would succumb to a stingray while filming an underwater documentary without any warning. no one said that a stingray would sweep pass him and puncture his left chest.

so here's a tribute to steve irwin. yes i found you irritating at times. but you were the one who made my boring days a bit less boring with your overenthusiasm when you catch a crocodile. thank you my number 1 boredom reliever. you will always remain the number 1 crocodile hunter in my heart. at least you died doing what you lived for, your passion. good on ya mate.

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well, this really has taught me a lesson. God gives and takes away. do not ever take anything you have for granted. say thank you when your parents do something nice for you. tell your brother that he's funny even though he irritates you most of the time with his antics. tell your friends how bad life would be without them.

because you might never have a chance to tell them that. God gives and takes away. be content with what you have because one day, you might lose what you have.

the funny thing here is, i haven't been to church in 3 weeks. yes that's a pretty long time. but i somehow thought of this in a Godly context. as in, i thought that God told me something through this. maybe i've been drowning in discontent, grumbling over things that i can't seem to get. but hey, be content with what you have.

i long for Your grace and mercy once again

Saturday, September 02, 2006

and so it is. term 3 draws to a close.

i'm currently sick. i've fallen ill so many times this year i can't even count how many MCs i've taken or how many MCs i haven't.

chen's stayover was fun. great great time spent with great great people. shall update more next time. too sick to talk about anything at the moment.




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