Wednesday, November 30, 2005

i promise you (cos christians aren't suppose to swear), that being on the wrong end of "first blood" in your first dota game of the day approximately 5 mins after you have jus woken up screws up your mood.

cos i'm in a bloody bad mood now.

and i've pissed off my mum with my bloody bad mood.
and i don really care at the moment.

maybe 3 hours later when she decides not to make dinner for me.

but what the heck. i'm bloody moody now.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

i'm back with another blog entry.

ok. firstly, my parents are back. and so, no more unlimited freedom. something i'll dearly miss. but its ok. at least they are back and i won't be too lonely at night now. haha.

ok. so i went for service cos someone called me up at 8 o'clock. then SOMEONE never go service lah. ok. service was not bad. went for sunday school. but it was converted into a dialogue session instead cos some sunday school teachers din come. so yeah. spent almost the whole day in church. plus jamming. hahaha. i guess it wasn't very good. we played quite badly. i din really listen to the song dat often. and then, i wasn't very comfortable with the beat of the song. it was quite awkward.

then after jamming, i rushed down to punggol. richard's "gd fren" came along as well as you sheng. i guess we played well considering our team was short-handed. i scored one goal. hahaha. simple tap in. and well, i think i second whatever you sheng said about richard's fren. blames the team at almost any given opportunity. if he doesn't bother running back to defend, then he shouldn't blame us for not getting the ball or losing the ball.

ah well. whatever. i don really like playing with him.

went for carrolling yesterday. it was quite horrid. i'm starting to feel lazy now so i shall stop blogging now. hahahahahahaha.

oh ya. i have a bloody toe because i played soccer at the hall yesterday night and fell.

that's bout it.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

i was practically out the whole day today. and for the first time in a long time, my house has become a place for me to rest only. i actually woke up to my alarm this morning at 10.30am after sleeping at 4am the previous night. told myself to sleep for 5 more mins, and the next thing i knew, it was like almost 11am.

rushed down to meet daniel, brenda and joe, who was late. had some carrolling practice till about 4. slacked and slept in bay till FFW started.

first time i attended FFW. its a bit small scale. kind of disappointed with the attendance. i donno why. oh well. but it was some worship man. for a short period of time, i actually felt the holy spirit. and i actually felt it prompt me to respond to the altar call.

anyway, i suddenly feel that it is kind of scary when someone pretends to like you and be on good terms with you when actually he or she doesn't really feel that way. its like wearing a mask. im not saying im not guilty of it. everyone probably is. in one manner or another. but its jus freaky. it jus gives me a sense of insecurity. its like, the person whom i call good fren might actually be talking behind my back and not feel the same way i do about the person.

thank goodness not everyone is like that.

why can't everyone be simple-minded? look at things in a more innocent and simple way. the water analogy i heard was quite true. we get polluted easily. then within us, there like so many stuff that are polluting our life and we become less and less transparent. so much so that the water becomes more and more less like itself. - pardon the wordplay- hence, people are unable to see through us as we change due to these outside influences which pollute us. in a sense.

and to "distill" water to make it pure isn't very cheap. its costly. it requires effort. same principle. it isn't gonna be easy for us to become "pure" again after being "polluted". it can cost you many things. and it requires a great deal of effort.

ok. i have no idea where im heading. i jus feel like being alone now. for now.

Friday, November 25, 2005



yes. you get the idea. and i've gotta be off to church now. i've gotta go to church like today, tmr and sunday.

did i say im starting to miss my family? ok. that's because ive been playing dota the whole day and haven't had a single decent game. SHITE. oh well. gotta go now.


Thursday, November 24, 2005

hohoho. im back people. from my stay at richard's place. i tell you. it was one of the most interesting nights EVER.

ok. so i left for school yesterday morning for PAE briefing. took some stuff and now, im pondering over my decisions. i think i'll choose acjc as first choice because if i do, i'll be given an additional 4 bonus points and that will allow me to get into the science stream. although my prelim score did not feature any grades for sciences, i simply do not like to study the arts. humanities and stuff. its jus very tedious and boring. and you have to keep writing and writing and writing for the exam. something i do not look forward to at all.

so after some consideration, i have decided to go to acjc for the first three months. after i get my results back, as in o' level results, i'll see whether it can take me to a better jc to do science. that way, its kind of like a win-win situation. hahaha.

so after school yesterday, went to watch harry potter and the goblet of fire. before that, went to dom's house for me to get his clothes and stuff for the stayover. so we made our way to plaza sing after that, and xboxed for awhile. hahaha. played winning eleven! and i beat dom and ben! 1-0. lalalala. before losing 2-0 in the next game. then andrew came over and we teamed up against dom and ben. we lost 2 and won 1. hahaha. the score was settled later on in the day.

ok. the movie was very very bare. as in, the details. they cut short on every scene. and viktor krum looks like an ang moh ah beng who sneaked out of the albatross or something. cedric diggory was like some goody-twoshoes kind of person but actually is an idiot who tried to kill harry potter. emma watson, cute and pretty as ever. cho chang, WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT. but nevertheless, not that bad. ron weasley, creating the badly needed humour to cover up the bare plot. and harry potter, being the good boy and hero once again. ALWAYS HIM. i'm sick of him. but oh well, he's the main character.

there were like eye candy everywhere. from start to finish. save for madame maxime. ewww.

Image hosted by
go ahead. tell me she's not pretty. i dare you.

Image hosted by
ok. not that bad lah huh? hahahaha.

Image hosted by
im sorry everyone. i couldn't find the one where she was in a swimsuit.

and so after the movie, had food from the riverside thingy at the food court. then went to settle some scores back at the xbox place. hahaha. chen and i beat dom and ben 3-1 this time. we beat them 3 games to 1. hahahaha. yes. we were good. we played good football with argentina. unlike the cheap brazilians who kept running like dogs and taking lucky pot shots that somehow creep into the corner. tsk tsk.

ok. then we played lan at paradiz. jerome, xin and richard against dom, ben, chen and me. it was not a bad game. not as bad as i thought. partly because xin was using a pushing hero instead of a hero-killing one. hahaha. magnataur. it took like 2 or 3 of us to take him out cos he had like almost 3000 life at the end of the game and he kept irritating the shit out of us cos he kept teleporting from one side of the map to another.

final score for me was 5-7 i think. ITS ALL JEROME'S FAULT LAH. take the stupid techie and killed me 5 times in a row during early game. idiot. hahaha. but we won in the end. had to win. we had nai'x on our side. hahaha.

ok. so we made for richard's place after that. lets jus say we were very surprised at the state of his house. REALLY. his room is horrendous. for those who think my room is messy, try imagining a room 100 times worse than mine. and im serious. his table has papers strewn all over. he has a full dustbin. he has empty bottles. plastic and glass. a rusty dumbbell. a layer of powder on top of his tv which i doubt is working. and tissue paper peppered around the floor. DUDE. YOU NEED A MAJOR SPRING CLEANING MAN.

after dropping our stuff at his place, we went to GEYLANG. nonono. we din go there to hook some hookers or anything. that is jus disgusting and revolting. but we went on a foodie trail. dom has the photos so jus go visit his blog like tmr or smth. we walked down the streets (or lorongs) of geylang and jus stopped at some places to eat. hahaha. and some chinese hookers tried to hook ben and dom. HAHAHA. they were like:

hooker 1: ni men yao bu yao ah? chuen tao fu wu.
hooker 2: bu ke yi. ta men tai nian qing le.

HAHAHA. it was hilarious. oh well. din survive for the liverpool game. anyway it was a BORING 0-0 draw. apparently peter crouch missed 10 times. benitez is trying very hard to justify his 7 million signing but you cannot force the lad. he's jus not good enough. hahaa.

and so, we woke up in the morning, or kind of for me cos i was the last to wake up. dom and ben started wrestling each other and in the end it was a free for all. hahaha. left richards place around 1 plus and came back home!

hohoho. might be watching emily rose tmr.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

gd morning people. i have no idea why i actually woke up to see man united play villareal. i must say i was mildly entertained for the first 5 mins. there were glimpses of sheer brilliance. the man united of old. but well, it ended in a 0-0 draw. much to my disappointment. i should have jus slept longer lah. wasted my time. but anyway, ferdinand seems to be playing himself into form and ronaldo is a bit more effective. hopefully things turn out right.

gee. im feeling hungry now. ok. that's beside the point.

i have no idea why i made the decision i made. i guess its a politically correct decision. i mean, it cannot go on like that forever. and forcing the issue isn't gonna make it any better. so i guess, my decision will be the final one i'll make regarding this issue. no more twists and turns in the plot anymore.

actually, im blogging cos i have nothing to do as i have to go to school in about half an hour's time and im playing maple.

yeah. i guess.

and it has been resolved.
lets see where we go from here.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

morning people.

hahaha. nothing much has been happening. i've been pigging out. eating. sleeping. cos of the weather! the weather has been like, a sleepy kind of weather. its sooooo wet. sooooo cold. so you don feel like going out. and you feel sleepy at the same time! hahahaaha. oh well. what can i say? im pretty sure i've put on quite a few kilos already.

had meeting with sally today. i donno. i guess i expected what was coming so i was kind of prepared. actually, this meeting set me thinking. i really wonder whether i can cope with the things i have in church next year and school at the same time. im not that kind of person who thrives on a tight schedule. i hope i can make the right decision.

PAE tmr. how how how? which jc should i choose? njc? vjc? acjc? i have no idea. my options are pretty limited. i don wanna go to vjc cos no one is going. and i will stick out like a sore thumb there. but at the same time, i don wanna go to njc because of its atmosphere and all the rumours of people claiming that they regret going there. and i donno about acjc cos its like if i go there, its mostly play. and never work.

so i have no idea. boy, it will be one heck of a decision. on a brighter note, i think we will be going to watch harry potter. I WANNA WATCH. well, for the story and also for the. errr. *cough*emma *cough* watson. and well, i wanna see how voldemort looks like, and cedric diggory.

and i finally have some form of identification to prove that im not an illegal immigrant from vietnam and that im legal to watch nc-16 movies. MY EZ LINK CARD. and now, i don have to use coins to travel anymore. it has been sooooo troublesome. rarh.

and to all the rumour mongers or mongerers out there. ben siow is going to watch a movie with someone else. definitely not going to ring church bells. *cough* errr. well yeah. and well, yeah. there's nothing going on in my life. YES. NOTHING. ZILCH. hahahahaa. i know dom and ben are so disappointed because now they have one less reason to set up their redundant and totally nonsensical paparazzi blog.

okok. back to gaming. lalala.

Monday, November 21, 2005


hohoho. i actually went for service yesterday! im quite glad that i went too. the worship was quite good. and the speaker was hilarious with all his funny analogies and yeah. maybe its jus his charisma as a speaker.

had sunday school after that and jamming. jamming was fun. i felt a bit more at ease behind the sticks without someone constantly looking at me. im not saying that i do not like it when gabrielle stands at the side whenever i play, but its jus that it kinda gives me pressure and i can't really play properly. but oh well. must learn to cope with it. heh.

some kind of quarrel happened after that. i do not wish to talk bout it. anyway, went to play at punggol after that. before that, i actually went to hougang mall to treat some people icecream. =/ haha. ok. so went to play. there wasn't a lot of people and it wasn't very fun. ah well. kinda wasted the weekend away. and i wanna go make my ez link cos i lost my darn wallet. and my ic. i feel so stateless and identification-less. like those indian tamils who were not granted citizenship in sri lanka. my heart pours out for them.

oh well! im gonna go have dinner at tian tian huo guo with my mum later! yes! woo! food. mhmm. ahhaha.

meeting with sally tmr and PAE on wednesday. some big decisions to make, big choices as the speaker said, in the next few days.

Saturday, November 19, 2005


you know what. o stands for over. and the O LEVELS ARE OVER. WOOO.

as i've said before, freedom will take a whole new meaning. no more,"why haven't you started studying?" or "you shouldn't be playing or going out!" NONE. ZILCH. ZERO. NOTHING. its jus gonna go like this.

mk:"can i go out?"

simple and short. easy. hahahaha.

but the magnitude of it all hasn't exactly hit me yet. i still feel the same. hohoho.

anyway, i can't be bothered bout talking bout the papers anymore. jus leave it and hope for the best next march. instead, im looking forward to soccer later! time to own. its been a long time.

why do i keep smiling at the thought of you.

Monday, November 14, 2005

lit lit lit lit lit lit lit
twelfth night twelfth night

hohoho. character came out. viola character traits. i wrote quite a bit but since time was limited, i couldn't write as much as i would have liked to. then the passage based was from one of the scenes i din really do in depth. but i still managed to write quite a bit. it was pretty much a smooth sailing exam with no hiccups. or so i think.

the thing is, humanities has no fixed answer scheme and there is no direct yes or no, right or wrong kind of thing. and thats why its so unpredictable. i might think that it was smooth sailing but for all i know (touch wood), i might not have done that well.

anyway, the paper ended early today. came home and took a nap. then did some a math. i swear a math is out to irritate me. i almost puked blood doing the november 2002 paper. it was lethal. there were so many questions which i could only get after 2 or 3 tries. and if i din have the answer key, i wouldn't have been able to spot my mistake at all!

went for dinner and came back to do the june 2002 paper. it wasn't that bad. in fact, it was pretty morale boosting. it was so much better than the november paper i was actually enjoying myself while doing it. lets jus hope and pray that God will be gracious and merciful to give us this kind of paper tmr afternoon.

which means i can wake up later! YAY. ahhaa.

ok im feeling retarded now. ROAR.

and then, there's 4.

Sunday, November 13, 2005


how how how? that's my question. im freaking out as i do those a math papers. and they are from the tys and those are past year papers. sure, i can pass them but i can't get the A1. which is scary. i need the A1. i need it.

so near yet so far.


yesterday was a very messy day. we were supposed to go study at amk library but somehow everyone's timing seemed screwed up. some thought 1+, some thought 12. and i was in between. 12.30pm. met daryl at amk interchange first cos he din seem to know where the library was! DARYL CHIA. ehhh. you live so near to amk and you have no idea where the library is?

so we got there and cafe galilee was FULL. so andrew was right that if we wanted to get a table, JUST ONE, we had to be early. it'll be easier to strike the first prize of 4D to get 2 tables. especially since it was a saturday. but it was pissing off when you see jus 1 person taking 1 table with his books all spread out around the table. WE HAD TO SHARE A TABLE WITH 3 PEOPLE THE OTHER DAY. hahaha.

so we made our way to thomson plaza instead. went to burger king. had lunch there and studied there as well. daryl din find it productive. but i thought it wasn't that bad. i actually did 2 a math paper. and i think those 2 papers exposed my weaknesses and it was really a wake up call cos i will not be able to get an A1 at the rate im going. and i really do need an A1 for A math.

went home and tried to study again but it was a futile attempt. i jus couldn't concentrate. there so many thoughts going through my mind, mostly how i would party after the exams, and i was feeling exhausted. my mental stamina is very low. i jus cannot keep going on and on and on.

i really cannot wait for this to be over.

this examination is a BIG FAT STUMBLING BLOCK in my life.

Friday, November 11, 2005

dom. i think i know the answer to why ben's biting off jerome's head and jerome's chopping off ben and also why i'm pissing off ben with my usual statements of him being a super duper mugger who has a super power intellect and also a dog.


ok. so im sorry for calling ben a dog. im sorry for pissing him off. so lets be nice, innocent and harmless people from now on and stop going for each other throats from now on. =)

e math paper wasn't that bad. it was actually do-able. as in i could do every question. so far, i made a careless mistake, which cost me around 4 points or something like that. and with other careless mistakes peppered around, i hope i get an A1. im pretty hopeful for one.

lit went pretty smoothly. better than i expected. i went into the auditorium with only prelim's knowledge of KOC behind me and i must really thank God for providing me a way out with the passage based cos if not for the passage based, i think i wouldn't have been able to even start writing my essay. the prose was good cos i actually had things to write. YAY. hahaha.

its ok. it'll be over soon. ROAR.

1 week down. another to go. GOGOGO.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

ok. im feeling apprehensive now. firstly, i came up with this uber confusing plot for my compo. it was so confusing that i spent almost 20 to 25 mins trying to figure it out myself and put it on paper!

and throughout the whole process of writing my story, i was worrying bout my tense. cos my plot was confusing and so the tenses became confusing as well.

ok. anyway, its a very sadistic story about a bad marriage which ends when the psychotic wife decides that the husband (me) has an affair and then yada-yada and then kills the two children and herself.

those old ladies wearing wool cardigans marking the paper will be so traumatized they'll probably jump off the chair and give me either a 0 for an inhumane storyline or 30 for an absolutely riveting plot.

actually 20 to 25 will do great.

and i realised that i got 0/5 for my vocab questions. embellishment = decoration. relic = fragment. debility = weakness. voraciously = greedily. infernal = damned. SHIT. I GOT ALL OF THEM WRONG. WRONG WRONG WRONG. CROSS CROSS CROSS. X X X. oops. ok. that was a coincidence.

i hope the other questions and summary pull me up.

ahh. i need to sleep i need to sleep i need to sleep.

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how i wish for this nightmare to end.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

well, ok. my previous post was jus about manchester united beating chelsea. i shall return to that topic later.

as everyone knew, it was the e math and ss paper today. the e math paper was the easiest math paper i've ever taken in the premises of acs independent. how many times do you see a question asking you whats 10 - 7.56? and how many times do they ask you whats 0.105 X 0.2? you probably still can count it with your fingers even if you were left with one palm and had one or two fingers amputated due to some unknown sickness which infected you while you were in the midst of slogging your guts out for this stinking exam called the o'levels.

as AU PUI FUN put it, "ITS AN INTERNATIONAL EXAM!" how wonderfully described. oh. we din know that. oh we din know the papers were going to be sent to cambridge for old men and ladies to mark.

ok. she said that cos we were making a teeny weeny bit of noise after the paper. ok. i know we were inconsiderate cos there were people taking the paper still but you don gain the respect of students by yelling at them, and to make it worse, make stupid remarks like that. try being terribly sarcastic. so much so that we cannot answer you back. then maybe, admiration and respect will start to set in. but wait, she isn't that clever. ok. i think im being very mean here.

i think the ss paper ruined my day. i chose the wrong question do. i looked at sri lanka and venice and after that my gut instinct was telling me sri lanka while my brain said venice. because, i had apparently spent more time on venice. and the rest was history because, i screwed up my essay for venice. i was actually clearing the whole load of junk on my study table when i came across an essay i had done on venice a few donkey months back and when i looked at it, i actually thought the essay i had written today was worse and i had gotten 10 out of 13 for my practice piece. gosh. i think im really dead for ss.

gonna study bio at amk library tmr with shannon, ivan and andrew. haha. i hope i can get things done tmr. as in really productive work cos i din study today. and i really hope i do well for bio. and i haven't started on KOC. i'll probably do some bio and KOC tmr as well. hopefully it'll be enough.

oh well. 11 days more to the end of it all. but is it really the end? its funny how we're so optimistic. we're not even past the half way mark of the exam period and we're thinking of what we're gonna do after the chem paper. play xbox at dhoby ghaut. catch harry potter. crash at chen's house. boy, its gonna be one hell of a celebration. and i really do mean one hell of a celebration.

i can't wait.

Monday, November 07, 2005


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ok. fine. i was an idiot for doubting man utd. call me unloyal and whatever. but it seriously looked glum for united. anyway, im happy that they won.

math paper 1 today. pretty easy. i have a feeling that i kinda messed up my ss. oh well. what's done is done.

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Saturday, November 05, 2005


that was jus a very random comment i decided to make.

united take on chelsea. win lose or draw. odds are stacked against them. i am in full agreement of keane's criticism and i do not think that its harsh at all. sure they have their pride, but can't they see that its because of their big heads and arrogance that are proving to be their downfall and united's downfall? and i think this wake up call from keane has been somewhat overdue. the players need to wake up. how many million people across the world dream about playing for united and there they are, earning disgusting amounts of money along with the fact that they are playing for one of the most famous clubs in football.

so as united prepare to take on chelsea, in an attempt to salvage their dismal season and to silence some of the critics out there, i am also preparing for a big big game. the o'levels. well, its not so much a game really. its pretty stressful and the thought of freedom being barely 2 weeks away is really too much for me to take that i end up studying half-heartedly.

i was in the car jus now, going for dinner when i started thinking about what life would be like in JC. i mean, it won't be such a comfortable environment anymore. there won't be any more strippings, taupoks or water fights. the introduction of girls. something jus flashed past my mind. i feel that with the introduction of girls now, it'll be hard to forge true friendship like those we made during secondary school days.

and yes, its 2 more days to the o's. i don feel too good actually.

Friday, November 04, 2005

ROAR. studied quite a bit today. finished 2 chpts of bio. proud of myself man. chpt 12 and chpt 14. and i also finished the first chpt of sec 4 ss!

proud proud proud.

anyway, its a sad night yesterday. i braved the howling winds blowing from the balcony to watch my beloved, now not-so-beloved manchester united take on lille. deep down, i felt that somehow. they MUST win. to silence all the critics. to put the fans at ease. but no, it din happen the way i thought it would.

i saw the team sheet and i went "what the hell?" there on the sheet was ferdinand, richardson, smith, o'shea and fletcher. ok. i have to say there was no choice but to play ferdinand, smith and o'shea cos of the horribly long injury list, but please. richardson and fletcher. hopeless cases. lousy players. richardson, lousy dribbler who always loses the ball. fletcher the hopeless beckham wanna-be.

the game was crappy and lille was owning basically. wes brown was like the best defender yesterday and that speaks volumes.

bah. im not talking about it. and i think im opening up a table for betting on when man united will go down jus like leeds.

anyway, played soccer today. scored a goal. played pretty well. glad i played cos i felt really good after the game after being cooped up all day for the past few days.

roar. someone's chasing me to blog faster so i'll cut it short. hahaha.

its almost over. almost.
lets finish this with a bang guys.

ohohohoh. leslie kwok's chinese name is the same acs' chinese name.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

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ok. lampard ain't that screwed up as the previous two. but i jus don like him.

ok. frank. lets be frank here. i don like you.
its ok. i don like you too.

ok. so its mutual. can you tell me why you're laughing your ass off when your team just LOST to betis 1-0? did i say LOST?
aye. you lousy people will never understand. its all part of a ploy son. watch us. chelsea never fails. by may next year, all of you will be eating your shoes for breakfast cos you lost all your money betting on manchester united and arsenal to win the premiership.

-mutter under my breath- right. ok. whatever frank. what's up with your surname. dude. its vulgar. like your face.
what's so vulgar about lampard?

ignorant chelsea himbo.

nothing. i was calling myself an ignorant himbo.
its like duh.

point proven.

nothing? so err. did mourinho call you the best player in the world?
ya. the gaffer's a genius man. he knows it along. how can ronaldinho be better than me? like sonny, ronaldinho's got a horse face to begin with. of course i'm the best in the world.

GOSH. $(!%*)!%)&^. this is getting nowhere. buzz off lampard. you jus piss me off.

ya. how can anyone afford another chelsea.

ok. there it is. interview with lampard. almost gave him a good beating. anyway, i've been studying for like 3 hours everyday. i hope its sufficient though. watched the chelsea and liverpool game yesterday. liverpool were hot hot hot. but crouch was of course, as usual, not not not.

Image hosted by

as usual. holding up play and not scoring.

it was really intriguing to see betis own chelsea. in a sense. it was funny watching the chelsea players complaining to the ref over every decision. and it was nice to have everything go against them for a change.

roar. 2 weeks and 2 days more. freedom will take a whole new meaning.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005


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hey sup cisse. looking cool today huh?
zat iz ze correct. cisse is always cool.

yeah. i dig your *cough* hairdos as well.
many ze liverpool fans say they like mi hairdo as well. it iz ze styled by ze many famous hairstylers in liverpool.

so. first things first, how does it feel to be back in ze, i mean THE liverpool first team once again?
fantastic. ze liverpool fans have been ze very gud to me. supporting me. like ze blackburn game. they chant "cisse! cisse!" cisse is ze very touched. thank you liverpool fans. now i must score the many many goals to repay liverpool fans. and mr benitez. he is ze very gud manager. give me many many chances.

how did you get through that traumatic experience last year after breaking your leg?
-starts tearing a bit- it is one of ze darkest moments of mi life. everyday i wonder if mi leg will recover and if i can kick ze ball once more and play for ze liverpool. luckily, ze liverpool fans have been ze very gud to me. send me engleesh get-well-soon cards but i iz not understand so i ask mi agent to translate. and also ze liverpool players always come my house and talk to me and ze encourage me. and i also muz thank my ze boyfriend *cough* i mean ze girlfriend. give me many many ze moral support.

ok. err. i think i'll let you chill. -freaks out and runs away-
thank you ze very much for interviewing me. au revoir monsieur.

ok. had chinese paper yesterday. the june paper was easier and of course, i was ill-prepared this time round. i sincerely hope that i'll do better this time round or i would have wasted $25 to sit in the stupid auditorium for 3 and a half hours to get the same grade. which is jus plain dumb.

i slacked away the day yesterday. feeling a bit guilty about that now. but i'ma do some work later. to kinda cover up for what i was supposed to do yesterday.

actually, i had something to address, but ah. forget it.

i don like the weather. its so darn frigging hot.

ahh. randomnation. oops. i mean randomness. ROAR. RANDOMNESS LAH.




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