Friday, January 28, 2005

I thot I saw the week fly by...

ok. that was a bit lame. but seriously. the week flew by. haha. school's becoming a tad bit funnier. the 3As make school life more light-hearted although it tends to disrupt the lesson. still a far cry frm 3.7 tho.

have been doing my work consistently. a math teachers have this prejudice against me. i got an exercise with all the right answers and she gives me B-. oh well.

our math teachers are horrible. a math somehow seeps the life outta me. after every lesson, i feel so exhausted i just wanna sleep. e math is ALSO very boring. but she's just an eyesore. so i guess it makes the whole thing more unbearable.

chinese is not much better. she's an eyesore too. but at least she doesn't pick on me like the a math teacher.

can't believe that this is my last year in acsi. suddenly, i just feel attached to the skool. somehow, going to skool and seeing all those familiar faces have become routine. standing outside listening to daily devotion while talking to frends. all these will be gone in 10 months. everything. no more recesses spent playing soccer. no more sitting together at the SAC commenting bout how the pork swims in oil in the kapao. no more jokes. no more taking lifts illegally.
i have this dreaded feeling in me. all i know is i better cherish all the moments i have in the skool. not so much the school but the ppl.

the idea of the class splitting up in 10 months is so real now. i dread it. i hope we all keep in contact. all 32 of us. just the very thought of not going to class and laughing at jerome makes my stomach churn. it will not be right. but i know we have to split up and go our different paths God has marked for us.

i have nothing else to say. like really. all these emotions welled up in me now is so overwhelming. i can't stand the idea of the class splitting up.

thank u 3.7 and 4.7. for all the fun and laughter u ppl brought me and will bring me in the coming months. cheers ppl.

-ok this entry is here cos i read ben siow's entry. that evoked all my emotions thus this entry-

Saturday, January 22, 2005

You know its not ur day when...
-u have 3 of ur shots cleared off the line by the same person.
-and have another shot hitting the crossbar.
-which eventually lands at the feet of an opponent.
-and when he dribbles past the defence and scores.
-when u wait for a taxi for an entire hour to no avail.
-when u want to eat jalan kayu's mee goreng and the shophouse beside the shop catches fire.

damn. murphy's law is really true.

Thursday, January 20, 2005

3rd week of jan 2005

this is the week when there is only the sec 1s and half of sec 4s in the school. this means that we own the sac cos no one's there. we own the field cos the sec1s don play footie. ok. we practically own everything. =P

haha. drong was not in school. the VPS were not in school. and phillip tieh was like the acting principal.

chapel. after that nothing much. went for PE. played footie. was horrendous on that day. haha. andrew tried to chip clement in 3 attempts and he failed in all 3. hahahahaha. crappy la. i tink i got tau-poked on the fateful day. oh well. and daryl sprayed water on my face while there's 150kg worth of human bodies on top of me.

frankly i dont really remember wad happened. hahaha.

oh! i remembered. 3km in 14minutes. which is DAMN sucky. doh. played footie after that. played ok i tink. scored 1 tho! wee~ first goal of the year. chinese test. then cos i finished early, ben and they all wanted to tau-pok me. doH.

which is today. hahaha. damn sian. tohsiewtee was like picking on me the whole time. blah blah blah. damn crappy la. n the topic was damn boring. can't blame me for not listening. oh well. played soccer again after school! hahaha. got 3 shots cleared off the line and 1 shot off the crossbar. AND we waited for an entire hour for a cab. supposed to go buy dinner at jalan kayu but the road was closed cos a shophouse was like on fire.

truly. wad i can go wrong has gone wrong for me today. haha.

Friday, January 14, 2005

2nd week of january 2005

err. well. frankly there's nothing much to talk bout for this week. it has been really routine and monotonous.
oh well. school's taking over my life. but im not gonna complain. just strive and work hard for this year. i've been playing for the past 3 years so i know its time to get down to business. oh yes! im so proud of myself. im completing all my homework on time! oh and b4 i forget. i better tell u ppl bout my teachers tho u all probably know bout them already.

chinese - mary lee
haha. omg her name is so ironic and is the contrary of how she looks. her chinese name is mei li. -pukes- she's so eccentric and she's got a pink powerpuff girls pencil case. and she calls me 'ban zhang' like omg. its chinese rep. not ban zhang.

english - chew kar wai
yes. she's a female teacher. tho her name doesn't sound like one. she's darn sarcastic but obviously on a light-hearted side. she likes to pick on me and ben for no reason. just becos i've got a blur look doesn't mean im not listening!

lit - steven ng and thiru
ok. first up. steven ng. steven ng's got a face thats very punchable. and he's really sarcastic. i don really hate him but he can get on ppl's nerves. then its thiru. she's very nice. i tink. well. she doesn't raise her voice for one. oh well.

history & ss - ranjee
we're supposed to call mrs siva not ranjee. but we don care. she's seriously a very nice teacher. she's also very sarcastic. she thinks we're paedophiles cos we look over to UWC. she likes to cut off ashok. she likes to shut ppl up.

bio - tohsiewtee
omg. i got her again. she's pretty useless. she can't use the laptop for nuts. so she uses the OHP. which i do not like. she thinks our class stinks. she doesn't bother when ppl skips her class to go play football. and she's slack. and i don like dat.

chem - quekyelik
when she first stepped into our class last year, i thot she was a super attitude teacher. but my opinion has changed. she's actually really kind and she's not dao. and she's a superb teacher. anytime better than the hobbit.

physics - kennethseah
gee. at first sgiht i thot he was a really nice person. but he's got an attitude prob. i tink. he's got a really short fuse i must say. but at least he's a gd teacher.

e math - gina ong
she sucks. she thinks she's great cos she has 10 years of teaching experience. lesson #1. no matter how many years of experience in teaching u have. when u come to acs, we give u a brand new experience. she looks like a zombie. she's got an attitude problem. she's so fussy. she can't speak proper english.

a math - dalwindar kaur
ok. she's a pretty nice teacher. but she has a knack for insulting ppl. rather, she derives pleasure out of insulting ppl. pretty sadistic in my opinion. but well. at least she's nice.

that's bout it. nobody else i tink. hahaha. played footie today. played like crap. oh well. hope i can start playing properly soon. heh. omg. i felt so foreign when i was sitting at the drumset. crap. i need to get used to it all over again. i'll stop now.

Saturday, January 08, 2005

I can do all things thru Christ who strengthens me.

im gonna live by this frm now on. im not gonna start whining bout school work. im not gonna start whining bout school hours. im not gonna start whining bout the teachers. and im not gonna start whining bout the incredulous amount of stress that each and everyone of us are gonna face this year. or at least i will try.

for the past few days. i've been thinking. -yes daryl, i THINK- i've been thinking bout everything that has been going on in my life. ok basically just school cos school is taking over my life. i realise if i don stop whining bout all those dumb things drong and the world is throwing at us, we're gonna lose. and i don wanna lose. but i will lose. unless God helps me.

so frm now, im gonna throw everything out of the window and start over again. or at least try to. im gonna let God run my life and let Him lead me. frankly, I AM SICK of everything that's going on but that doesn't mean im gonna give up. im gonna fight on with God leading me. i know its gonna be tough. i know i may break down anytime. i know its easier said than done. but im gonna try. it ain't gonna hurt. who knows, i may get smth out of it.

its been a hell of a week. i've had a roller-coaster of emotions. i've experienced both highs and lows. ive given up and picked myself up again. all in one week. but im not gonna give up anytime soon. or at least i will try not to. no matter wad im up against, im gonna face it and fight it with God at the helm. hopefully.

and i gotta thank God for something. my FRIENDS. yes. those in school and those i've barely known for a few weeks or months. these ppl were there for me when i was down and out. thx guys. i can't imagine wad a wreck i would be without all of them. i can't imagine wad life would be like without my friends. hopefully, we will all get thru this difficult year and chapter in our life and be able to say i've no regrets at all.

so God, if U're reading this, do help all of us thru the tough and uncertain times ahead so that after it all, we can say we've fought the gd fight. we've finished the race. we've kept the faith.

Thursday, January 06, 2005


sigh. life's starting to suck all over again. school days have become longer. teachers are becoming weirder by the minute. sigh. its starting to suck alot.

everyone's catching the flu bug. me included. sigh. life has totally lost its meaning. its bout studying now. nothing else. screw it.

i wonder why we even have to take those O level papers in the first place. sigh. i donno wad im saying. im getting increasingly frustrated as each minute passes me by. life's no more plain-sailin for me. and for everybody. u can see it in their eyes. every one of my classmates are struggling. u can see them crying out. DAMMIT.

4 days have gone since the school year started and already ppl are sick of school. im sick of school. im sick of everything that's going on in my life. im just feeling really really frustrated. my future looks so uncertain now. i wonder how in the world im gonna survive 2005.

i wonder why i was put on this earth. sometimes i wish i nvr existed. i wish someone would be there for me when i feel low. i wish someone would be there for me when im in need of comfort. i wish God would answer me when i called out. but no. no one's there for me when i feel low. no one's there for me when im in need for comfort. sigh. i hope things would be better as time passes. God. HELP each and everyone of us. we're pretty much dying.




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