Tuesday, January 31, 2006

first of all, happy cny to everyone out there.

i jus realised how important my father is to the family. usually, he makes sure we have breakfast in the morning. he helps us to do this and do that and all we ever do is take him for granted. haha. now that he's away in china, we realise that its actually quite terrible without him. no breakfast. no one to wake us up. no one to drive us around. hahaha. that kind of thing.

okie. so the red packet collection hasn't been fantastic. much lesser than what i expected. but i can't ask for more can i?

school's starting again. oh man. i don like waking up soo early anymore. sigh. and i haven't done my homework.

but i like to play pool. =)

Thursday, January 26, 2006

jc life is one hell of a life. i've never been so tired or/and so busy before in my life. school ends at 430 on two days. then there's the dreaded zero period at 4.30pm on tues, thurs and fri. then there's cca on wednesday till about 6+. effectively, i end school earliest at 4.30pm everyday. haha. thank goodness the zero period isn't activated everytime. i'll jus die or something.

on top of that, there's church commitments. its seriously no joke. i come home exhausted and soo damn shacked every night and all i wanna do is jus sleep. sleep and sleep and sleep.

i've been wanting to pon school on two separate days this week. somehow, i did not. i really have no idea why. i woke up this morning bent on ponning school. but dammit, i din! i went to bathe, change, had a cup of milo and watched a bit of tv. and all the while, i was fighting with myself. internal conflict.

united's through to the finals of the carling cup against wigan. i suppose that would be our first major trophy in almost 2 seasons. but whatever liverpool fans. we beat you, you lost your bragging rights. don rake up the OLD OLD OLD DUSTY PAST about winning countless trophies and winning the champs league 5 times. all those trophies were won when you weren't even born. so don talk about it. HAHAHA. at least, i was a man utd fan when they won the TREBLE.
i don see liverpool winning the treble, do i? x)

going back to ac tmr! haha. gonna go watch their cny concert. probably gonna be the usual stuff again. but what the heck, i miss acsi. gonna go back, have a ball of sang mee, play soccer with the 4.7 gang and then hang around with my group and then we're gonna have dinner at seoul garden!

haha. im enjoying life at the moment even if im also soo exhausted and always soo tired and always sooo busy.

i hope this enthusiasm doesn't fade.

Monday, January 23, 2006



ITS ONLY MANCHESTER UNITED! 1-0 1-0 1-0 1-0 1-0

all thanks to this bugger.

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from zero.

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to HERO.


Sunday, January 22, 2006

been a long while since i blogged. this week has been very very tiring. that is to say the least.

anyway, lessons officially start on monday. i've been given my class. 13 girls, 12 guys. haha. way better than IB. HAHAA. ahh. oh well. my classroom is in the east lodge. haha. its jus a nice term for "a room in a cabin". except the room has air-conditioning. i hope.

oh. and i realised that i only have two classes with air-conditioning for my lessons! after being pampered and spoilt in acsi, where everywhere seems to be air-conditioned, it'll take awhile before i get used to it. oh well.

dad's flying off to china in about 8 to 9 hours time. hope he has a safe trip! haha. gotta go send him off. then going for class outing later in the day! 1st class outing! haha.

soccer training commenced on thursday. it was really nice to have proper training. sooner or later, we're gonna become better players. hopefully, i can make it into the team. if not, i might jus join go-green club or smth.

AHHHH. the church event is killing me. its like, i suddenly have so many responsibilities, something which i'm not used to. have to complete my tasks.

i must complete my tasks on time.
i must complete my tasks on time.
i must complete my tasks on time.
i must complete my tasks on time.
i must complete my tasks on time.
i must complete my tasks on time.
i must complete my tasks on time.
i must complete my tasks on time.
i must complete my tasks on time.
i must complete my tasks on time.

oh damn, i havent done my econs tutorial.

Monday, January 16, 2006

roar. lessons officially begin today even though we are still "classless". haha. had three lectures today. chem, GP and bio.

before that was chapel. i thought chapel was great. the band that was playing was great. i really felt like i could worship God. after 4 years in acsi, chapel, to me, was a time of sleeping and chatting with friends. but in acjc, it truly was a time dedicated to worshipping God. unlike in acsi, where the message during chapel is more about self-improvement and self-discovery, which, according to srijith is fantastic, the pastor in acjc touches on more relevant topics like committing our plans to the Lord. for it is promised that He will make our plans succeed.

after weeks of spiritual dryness, i actually felt God's presence during chapel today. i stayed awake. i understood the sermon. and it was if God was telling me personally to hand all my hopes and plans to Him.

anyway, after that i had chem and GP lectures. it was the usual stuff. copy notes, do some questions that kind of thing. managed to stay awake throughout all my lectures today. then came bio. bio proved to be tougher than i thought. it was a lot more in depth. there are a lot more things to remember now. i hope i have enough brain power to remember all that there is to remember. hahaha.

i really hope to get into the soccer team. i have to play to impress on that day. i jus hope i play decently during the trials. that's why im working on my fitness now.

ah well. as i've learnt today, i shall commit my plans and hopes to the Lord.

how great thou art.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

roar. din go to school today. it was raining like mad and i haven't been feeling my best for the past few days. my throat is constantly itchy, my nose is constantly running, like the wen loong and the kenneth khing, and i've got lots of phlegm. anyway, i only have 2 lectures today and they end at 1050 so i don see the point of going all the way to school. hurr.

woke up to watch the united game. it was a good game. kept me awake. haha. both teams played well. but blackburn's a dog team. played dirty football. then like to act. stupid robbie savage. ahahaha. two good goals summed up the game.

it has been raining for the past few days. but the temperature has been relatively low. good for sleeping. X) yes. i know im such a pig. but i don like the rain. it spoils all my plans, it wets my shoes, my sandals. my beloved beetle bug sandals. and it floods fields and make them muddy and wet. HOW TO PLAY FOOTBALL? hahahaha.

oh well. at least i played on tuesday. despite the fact that it was raining like mad. played at hougang. it was really competitive and physical. its not like the football we're used to. hahaha. very challenging. i like it. gives me a sense of satisfaction if i play well. which is like often recently. haha. my form is coming. heh.

school has been a bore. except for some subjects, the lectures have been basically a time for your brain to switch off. i have been sleeping in most of my lectures. hahaha.

haven't had too much time free lately. im out for 3/4 of the day on average and by the time i get home, im so damn shacked all i wanna do is sleep. and the cycle jus keeps repeating itself. im jus gonna die one day.

hahahaha. o level results coming up mid feb. i hope i won't be disappointed but instead, feel extremely happy and satisfied with my results. hahaha. i think i will stay on in acjc even if i do get better results. we'll see where God leads me from there.

ahahaha. sigh. i donno whether i should take up acl. i mean, i really want to. im jus afraid that i won't be able to fulfil my responsibilities. and i donno whether i wanna continue with the jamming team. i feel not up to it in terms of skill and i know it'll take up a lot of my time. i really donno. and i don have anybody to discuss with. im having some kind of friendship problem with the one person i could have discussed with and now im like without any advisor regarding such issues. sigh.

what can i do? decide when the time comes. decide at the spur of the moment and hope that nothing goes wrong.

Monday, January 09, 2006

first proper day of school. or kind of.

had chapel in the morning. worship was led by teachers. that valerie wilson vp was like super good on the keyboard. i kinda forced myself to stay awake and try to listen to the message. managed to get snippets of it. kinda helpful. in some ways or another.

lectures were boring. jus introduced the syllabus (or syllabuses as the math teacher put it). fell asleep during chem.

left the school after our last lecture. went back to ac! haha. visited our teachers and all. had food at the sac and all. and i must say, the new IB building looks quite impressive. very state of the art and all.

i heard the toilets are like super clean but we gave it a month before it becomes stinky and dirty again.

lalala. i've got a new toilet door. nice and blue.

i hate it when people argue over the silliest things. name calling at all. friendship thrown out of the drain. nicknames are like meant to be names only meant to be called by gd frens.bah whatever.

why isit so hard to stay happy in a friendship? isit really that difficult? friendships are suppose to be full of laughter and everything nice. why do things keep becoming sour? friends are suppose to bring a smile, not a frown. sigh. i jus don get it. why is maintaining a friendship so difficult?

i hate those jue dui superstars. can't sing can't host can't dance. CANNOT MAKE IT LAH. hahaha.

ok that was a random thought.

ponning og outing tmr! ohmyson. they are like going sentosa. i hope it doesn't rain. then i'll be happy playing soccer at ccab. and they will have fun at sentosa dunking people and all!

oh well.

friends are meant to bring a smile to your face, not a frown.
and i'm not gay. like no. hahaha.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

boring speeches.
water bombs.
mass dance.
crazy forfeits.
wonderful og.
wonderful ogls.

acjc orientation 'o6.
it was a blast.

we're gonna send a probe to uranus. XD




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