Monday, July 31, 2006

some gay pics we took 2 sundays ago.

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and so i sorta messed up bio spa. not as bothered as i shuld be. partly because i know everything's within God's plan. its good to have your faith renewed once in a while. amazing what one sunday morning can do.

back to sch tmr! badminton for pe! =D

Sunday, July 30, 2006

i think coming back to the house of God is probably the best remedy for "depression".

todays service really touched me in the sense that i realised how ungodly my ways are, my thoughts are. so much for being a faithful servant. so much for thinking that i'm sooooo pure. maybe i thought wrong. well, i've handed my stuff to the Lord. so i'm feeling a lot better now. a lot happier.

ok. so i went for lunch with my parents. then i went for my debut game for francis flowers. scored their only goal. heard they lost 2-1. sigh. and richard got red-carded. HAHAHA. oh well. ok take it easy mans. it was coming. =x heard it got dirty after i left. oh well.

anyway, dinner was excellent. and next up is cake. seeyou people. i'll be back to blog soon.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

i think its time i stood up and be counted

for now, all i want to do is rant.

Friday, July 28, 2006

i have a sudden urge to bitch about everything under the sun.

does that mean i'm still undergoing puberty?

oh what the heck. i'm just so dissatisfied with everything in my life now that all i do is sit on my butt and sulk. the best part is, i'm not doing anything. am i too lazy? or have i just totally given up? ok shit. i'm not being emo here. i'm not gonna cry and cut my wrist with a penknife and blame the whole world except myself, sinking myself into oblivion as pain sets in before numbness.

NONONONO. i'm not emo. i think i just need to sleep.

then again, will sleeping solve anything?

its not good that i'm questioning why things are happening the way it is. i'm suppose to take it as it is because God has everything under control.

there's so many things i need to say, there's so many things i want to say. in other words, i need to bitch. funny, isn't that a woman's character? so i guess its true that men do have a feminine side to them.

ok im going offtrack here. i seriously need a form of release.

i'm going nuts. but i donno why. help? anyone?

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

i've been feeling restless this past few days. i have no reason or excuse to account for it.

anyways, on monday, lessons ended at 1210. we were suppose to go for some sea sports carnival at kallang. one whole group of us went to george's place to play table tennis and use the gym. the gym is quite huge. and its very comfortable. hahaha. we ended up arriving at the carnival about 45 mins late. took attendance and then we made a run for it. (no we didn't swim for it, canoe for it, kayak for it, row for it etc)

THEN THIS IDIOTIC TEACHER APPEARED FROM NOWHERE (actually he was standing about 50m away from me) AND STARTED SNAPPING PICTURES OF US COS WE WERE LEAVING EARLY. the best part was i was like 'who's this dude taking a photo of me'. he must have had so much time zooming into my face and taking a nice photo which is probably sitting in front of my principal's desk. not that i care very much.

ok tues was a bore. i was fighting hard to stay awake in most of the lessons. the only thing that i managed to find out was that i'm a visual learner. i can learn faster looking at animations than words.

today was spent doing chem. wed is traditionally a chem day with 4 damn periods of chem. its quite torturous. went to george's place after school to play table tennis and tennis. OMG TENNIS IS DAMN HARD. i thought that a lot of strength was required to like hit the ball but NOOOO. with my first shot, i sent the tennis ball flying.

i was like playing the wrong sport.

'mk hits 1st career homerun'

the ball flew out of the tennis court into some thorny bush. end of tennis ball's career.

shit that makes dom damn good since he's like tennis captain.

it was quite fun today. and i got selected for the OCIP. i won't say i'm very enthusiastic (maybe because i'm not feeling very happy now) about it. but it was good to get selected. at least 2 weeks of my holidays will be spent doing something meaningful instead of slacking, putting on the pounds and wasting electricity.

i'm feeling some kind of emptiness in me now. nonono, not the spiritual kind of emptiness even though that area is also messed up. the thing is, i can't do anything about it. its not like i can fix it. not that i can settle it. so until its filled, i'm not gonna be satisfied. yearning for something i can't find. that's life for you.

ok i'm starting to utter rubbish! time to play solitaire!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

ok to start things off, i've cut my hair short. on purpose.

well, i will miss my first official francis flowers match this sunday cos its my dad's birthday. quite disappointing considering we go for their training regularly. ok, QUITE regularly. oh well. there will be other times.

i donno why i was so tired today. i was sleeping in almost every lesson. went to seoul garden with nic, george and john for lunch and we had so much fun frying icecream, sago, watermelon and everything.


i think miss swan is just so hilarious although she's quite retarded. YA OK I TELL YOU EVERYTHING. HAHAHAHA. she's like damn funny LAHHHHHH.

george! can we like go your house weekly for the usage of the gym! =D

i realised my blog entry has no direction whatsoever. anyways, i feel quite empty inside me recently. i donno why.

AHH. ok. i donno what else to write.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

captain's ball competition today was a blast. woke up at like 730. packed stuff and managed to reach church at 730.

it was a madcap day of capt's ball. my team was pretty strong. michelle, ben foo, yunjie, olivia, angela, abygail and myself. the subs were pretty good too. played very well against telok ayer.

managed to beat amk 13-10. lost narrowly to hakka 12-10 due to some last sec throw. lost to telok ayer 10-7. sigh. well, it was fun. and there was eyecandy aplenty. =))))

right. anyway, my hair is super short now. i donno what to blog about so i'll see you guys soon. =)

how fitting that this is to be my 300th post.


last 2 weeks was boring. no computer. no internet. i almost died. i sunk into anonymity.


Thursday, July 13, 2006

George, I am indebted to you for life! Serious. Thank YOU!!!! =) This has to be made known to all so that I would not go back on my promise

1) I owe you lunch(ES)

2) I owe you drink(s)

Thank you George!!!!! You have no idea how grateful I am to you. Helping me in a time of crisis. Yes, you are amazing.

With this I shall end my post.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

oh man i lost my virginity to bio.

nono, i did not try to stick my bio textbook up my butt (i don have a textbook to begin with). rather i got a big fat F for my bio. I GOT F-ed by BIO. HAHAHA. okok. i'm not becoming vulgar or anything. the wordplay just cropped up somehow.

anyway, i'm pretty disappointed with the rest of my results. scraped passes for chem and math. was hoping to do much better for both though. oh well. gotta work harder for my chemical calculations i reckon. i lost like 16 marks on that. could have gotten a B instead.

ah well. that's about it. there's soccer training tmr!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

just when i thought i could meet up with an old friend, i was overcomed by illness. ah well. lets hope there will be other chances for us to meet up.

oh well. i think i screwed up chinese oral. i was stammering like mad. and i kept saying sorry to the invigilators. trying to gain sympathy marks. =P

right so i spent the whole day today sitting in front of the com. my com's being pretty nice to me now. it doesn't restart that often anymore.

my fever's gone but my stomach's still aching. pretty weird.

i'm starting to believe i'm a very random person who can be easily swayed. i was just asking myself, where was God in my life. where is He? i can't really tell at the moment.

Monday, July 03, 2006

dang i got tagged by brenda

Your 10 favourites
Favourite Colours: blue, white, silver
Favourite Food: edible and non-disgusting food
Favourite Songs: counting the stars, i am for you, artist in the ambulance
Favourite Movies: cars
Favourite Sports: the BEAUTIFUL GAME. football.
Favourite Day of the Week: friday! WEEKEND.
Favourite Ice Cream Flavour: cherry garcia
Favourite Countries: UK, aussieland
Favourite Things: MY NEW SOCCER BOOTS! =) my bed

Your 9 currents
Current Mood: unsatisfied
Current Clothes: white tee and board shorts, not forgetting underwear
Current Desktop: picture of dom, cuthbert, qian and i
Current Toe Nail colour: the normal colour
Current Time: 2231
Current Annoyance: my com that keeps restarting on its own, my school
Current Thoughts: ronaldo's leaving for real madrid, i should start saving money, i don really like school
Current Song: counting the stars
Current "Chatter": brenda, dom, chard

Our 8 Firsts
First Best Friend: some girl called charmaine from kindergarten.
First Crush: gd question.
First Movie: i don have such a good memory
First Piercing: none
First Lie: i didn't wet the bed
First Music: probably some nursery rhyme
First Car: i'm not born rich
First Cry: when i first came out on my mother's womb lah! THEN! hahahaha.

Your 7 lasts
Last Cigarette: i detest and despise smokers
Last Drink: Ice Lemon Tea
Last Car Ride: 3 hours ago
Last Crush: i crushed a piece of paper two days ago
Last Movie seen: cars?
Last Phone Call: 3 and a half hours ago
Last CD Played: OOPS! WHAT CD?

Your 6 Have you evers
Have you ever date one of your bestfriend: depends what date is defined as
Have you ever broken the laws: OH YES.
Have you ever been arrested: nope. i'm good.
Have you ever been on TV: i think so?
Have you ever kiss some one that u dont know: SIAO AH.

5 things that you are wearing: glasses, underwear, white tee and boardshorts. GOSH I DON EVEN HAVE 5 THINGS ON ME.
4 things you done today: finished gp compre, completed gpp, got 2 articles for pw, blogged
3 things you hear right now: TEEVEE, my mum ironing and my keyboard.
2 things you can't live without: Food, sleep
Things you do when u are bored: play com, sleep, watch tv, shit

5 peeps to do this quiz
you know who you are you don do i'll tag you.

the weekend was fun to say the least. but school's starting soon once again.

in a nutshell,
soccer at bishan
photohunt at plaza sing
watching world cup at m hotel
staying awake by playing asshole daidee till 630am
soccer at ulupandan
lunch at acsi
back home, slumped in bed at 2pm the next day.

sunday was a blast with francis flowers and the food after that. thai express. oh right. haha. after that, holding my bladder from bishan till home. i probably pissed for like 45 seconds or so.
had a nice talk with a friend. been a long time since we talked.

and to the fren on the tagboard, can you like add me on msn or something. i can't keep talking to people i don't know.

i'm dreading school. before you guys start ranting at me again, i'm not bitching over the whole damn saga bout being dumped there. i'm over it. its just that, school is not fun. its a very hostile place. i fear of people talking behind my back. its so different. maybe its the culture shock. in the past, going to school was so much fun. looking at familiar faces, talking to anybody and everybody was very easy. now, its so difficult to speak to anybody. its so hard to find people whom i can trust. somehow, making friends is difficult there.

i guess i've gotta live with it. i've tried looking at it from an optimistic point of view. its no use. school's no fun. and that's that. i don enjoy school. that's the bottomline. school was a haven for me in the past, contributing to so many of my memories which i will always hold on to.

school is nothing but a dull building where information is passed on to me now.

thank goodness for george, john and nicholas. if not, school would become a living hell.

anyways, photos coming up.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
being at shenton way at 2.3oam makes you mad enough to take a photo

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
3 stooges lying on a road along shenton way

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
2 more stooges doing the same thing

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
5 guys eating and having fun in a hotel room. SICK. haha.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
dom at the end of things

in other news, england has been knocked out, rooney stamped on someone's balls and ronaldo's leaving for real madrid.




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